How To Insert Signature In Microsoft Word Explained?

    Since Microsoft Word is so readily accessible, it’s not surprising that many firms use it as a one-stop shop for drafting proposals, bids, contracts, and other sales documents. They would like to sign papers without having to print them, write on them by hand, or scan them. How to insert a signature in Microsoft word file is very curtail to know. 

    How To Insert A Signature In Microsoft Word File?

    • The first step to insert signature to word is to move the pointer to the desired location.
    • If you wish to add anything, step 2 is to choose the Insert tab from the menu.
    • Third, access the Signature Lines menu by selecting anything from the Text category.
    • A new window named Signature Setup will display when you choose Microsoft Office Signature Line from the drop-down option.
    •  Enter the signer’s name, title, email address, and any further instructions or remarks in the relevant boxes (if you are signing, these will be your details). It would help if you chose the OK option.
    • You may input your name or upload a picture of your signature if you right-click the signature section.

    However, remember that you must create a digital certificate and signature to utilise it. There are significant variations between electronic and digital signatures, so proceed with caution before relying on this. Digital signatures are highly secure and encrypted digital signs. To use them, both the sender and the receiver must have specific software and a digital certificate. If you desire a certificate, you must purchase one from the certifying body. So one must pay attention while inserting signature to word.

    On the other hand how to insert a signature in Microsoft word file is nothing more than a digital stamp placed on a document. Typically, this signature resembles a signer’s handwriting or handwritten text photograph. Electronic signatures may include additional security features such as timestamps and the date the signature was created, depending on the programme used to sign. This is the kind of information that might be included in an electronic signature.

    Because electronic signature functions in the same way as a handwritten signature, many governments throughout the globe now recognise electronic signatures as having the same legal weight as handwritten signatures (such as the USA, the UK, Canada, and Ireland, among many other countries). They are not acknowledged in nations such as North Korea, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Fiji. So it is very important to learn how to insert a signature in Microsoft word file.

    What Steps Must Take To Add A Digital Signature To A Microsoft Word Document?

    Even though digital signatures are growing more widespread, the great majority of people still utilise electronic signatures on official documents since they are more convenient and secure. After you have everything set up, it will take a few clicks to complete.

    Here’s how to insert signature to word in the form of a photo of your signature to a Microsoft Word document:

    • First, write your name in black ink in the centre of a blank white piece of paper.
    • To produce a digital copy, scan the signature and save it as an a.bmp,.gif,.png, or.jpg file.
    • In Microsoft Word, go to the Insert menu, then Pictures, and choose the picture file you wish to utilise.
    • Pick the picture you wish to modify by clicking on it, then select Format > Picture Tools from the display menu.
    • When you’re through editing the photo, right-click it and choose “Save as Picture” from the drop-down menu.
    •  Select Insert and Pictures to add a digital signature to a document. Then, go to the modified picture file and drag it to where you want it. Everything will be over after this is completed.

    How To Insert Signature Line In Word?

    If prospective customers can’t see where to sign, the papers will most likely be returned to you unsigned. To put it another way, it should be evident that without a signature line, a signature is incomplete. So learning how to insert signature lines in word is important.  To include a signature line in a document, do the following:

    • Left-click on the paper where you want the signature line to appear.
    • Select Signature Line from the Insert menu’s submenu. There should be a spot where people can leave their thoughts on this.
    • To confirm your selection, click the OK button.
    • If you’re using a Mac or a PC, follow the instructions above to add a signature to Word. Some aspects of the app’s operation may change somewhat depending on the device you’re using.


    Because electronic signatures are so ubiquitous, firms and individuals have had to adapt their business practices. The first thing to consider is if Word offers enough functions to meet your requirements. If you want a wider variety of functionality, “smart” signature software is the best option. We hope that the reader don’t have any problems regarding how to insert a signature in Microsoft word file and how to insert signature lines in word.

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