How to Get Unova Stone in Pokemon Go?

    As part of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon GO is a popular augmented reality game aiming for players to use GPS location-based settings to capture and train Pokémon characters. Various Pokemon species appear as you go, depending on your location and the time of day. The purpose is to get you to go out and capture Pokemon in the real world.

    It’s free to download and it’s a great app for Pokemon fans to play together, based on the popular Pokemon series from the late 1990s. And because of that, the game is also popular with fans of original adult Pokemon as it provides nostalgia. For kids, the game is popular because of its interactive augmented reality nature, which is a great way to get them moving rather than traditionally sitting in front of their devices.

    Now you have a question, basically, this is the main question for beginners how to get Unova stone in pokemon go. Read below!

    Getting the Unova stone pokemon go is not an easy task. The free augmented reality game, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), allows you to capture and collect Pokemon of different types, sizes and colors. The game also lets some species evolve, according to the Candies you collect in captures.

    For some types of monsters, in addition to the sweets, it is necessary to have special items, including the pokemon go Unova stone – a black and white stone- which is not always easy to find, although it is common in some moments of the adventure. 

    What is the Unova Stone for?

    what is Unova Stone

    The Unova Stone is an oval-shaped stone in black and white. It serves to evolve some Pokemon found in the Unova PokeDex, such as exclusive forms, and third forms, among others

    The following Pokemon evolve only with the Unova Stone: Lampent, Eelektrik, Minccino, Munna, Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. It is worth remembering that the last three mentioned are regional, so they are not common to be found on the map. 

    How to get the Unova Stone?

    The Unova Stone is a reward that can come on several occasions in the game, especially after fighting against other trainers. However, the surest way to obtain it is by performing the Weekly Surveys.

    They are special Researches, which in turn are obtained in PokeStops, with varied missions, day after day. Players can complete seven of them and, in the end, receive a large box, containing a special Pokemon and a few more items, among them, possibly, the Unova Stone.

    This method is not guaranteed to get the Unova Stone, but neither is. Weekly Surveys are just one of the most effective ways to get the item. If not, repeat the missions for seven days and try again.

    It’s worth remembering that once used, the Unova Stone is spent, so there are no limits on how many you can have in your inventory.

    Unova stone evolutions pokemon go

    Unova stone evolutions Pokémon go

    Seven little monsters need the Unova Stone to evolve, they are: Minccino, Eelektrik, Lampent, Panpour, Pansear and Pansage. However, as these last three are regional exclusives, they can be even harder to obtain.

    In other Pokémon GO news, Niantic recently added a new section titled “Play from home”. This novelty informs players of all available features that can be enjoyed without leaving home and thus protecting themselves from the pandemic.

    We have to catch

    “Pokémon Go” uses augmented reality and GPS to bring Nintendo’s little monsters into the real world. With the GPS function, players are warned when they are close to the location of a little monster. The app then processes a virtual image of the Pokemon over the signal obtained via the device’s camera.

    Pokémon GO is available for free on Android and iOS.

    Pokemon Go: why is it so successful?

    Since the mid-nineties, animated characters have been created to represent the faces of children and adults. In this cartoon, you could see the exploits of masters who participated in contests to determine who the best was. As a result, this served as the foundation for Pokémon, a Japanese design that draws inspiration from video games and alludes to an entire generation. In keeping with this, Pokémon GO, a game in the series that combines augmented reality, recently shattered sales records and continues to win new fans daily.

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