How To Beat Reshiram In Pokémon Go: Full Guide

    Reshiram is one of the best Legendary Dragon and fireplace-type Pokémon originally discovered within the Unova region. Per the Pokdex, Reshiram will scorch the planet with its Fire. Learn that Pokémon will be best in Raid Battles against Reshiram. Also, it is a way to catch Reshiram when winning a Raid Battle and the best way to use the Brobdingnagian White Pokémon after you’ve caught it. Here, we will be unveiling how to beat Reshiram in Pokémon Go.

    Reshiram includes a large CP cap. It’s the simplest Fire-type within the game outside of Shadow Pokemon and Mega Pokemon. Therefore, odds are you’ll wish to feature a minimum of one or 2 to your list this go-round. Also, it was not enough, and Shiny Reshiram has currently been unlocked.

    Method to Catch Reshiram in Pokémon GO

    Catch Reshiram in Pokemon GO

    Reshiram is often caught once a prospering Raid. It’s presently obtainable as a five-star Raid boss from Dec. one to Dec. sixteen at 10 a.m. native time. Moreover, we advocate grouping Golden Razzberries and active curveballs within the time between raids.

    Can Reshiram be Shiny in Pokémon GO

    Yes, Reshiram is often shiny in Pokémon GO.

    Its look aboard Zekrom as a five-star Raid star this month, December 2021, is its shiny debut. Moreover, Reshiram was originally free into Pokémon prolong could 26, 2020.

    Shiny Reshiram is perhaps troublesome to inform except its typical color palette. The sole distinction between the 2 is that shiny Reshiram’s bands around its neck and tail are gold.

    Effective Raid Counters for Reshiram in Pokémon GO

    Reshiram is powerful against bug, electric, and steel-types with double resistance to grass and different fire types as a twin dragon and fire-type. However, it’s liable to ground, rock, and other dragon types. So, we’ll be looking forward to these to bring it down.

    1. Rayquaza


    Beat out solely by Shadow Pokémon, the Legendary organism of Pokémon Emerald, Rayquaza is a superb selection for this Raid. Also, it takes magnified harm from Reshiram’s Rock and Dragon moves like a Dragon and Flying sort. Therefore, it resists fireplace-type damage. You’ll need your Rayquaza to understand Dragon Tail and Outrage rising against Reshiram.

    Key Points about Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying)

    • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
    • Charged Attack: Ancient Power (Rock), Outrage (Dragon)

    2. Rhyperior


    The Sinnoh Stone Evolution of info I’ Rhyhorn, Rhyperior is a wonderful counter for Reshiram. Rhyperior resists fireplace and Rock-type attacks as a Ground and Rock kind, with no relevant weaknesses. Because of its Community Day and being featured in alternative events. Most players have already got a minimum of one or two on their roster. Additionally, if you’re transportation Mud-Slap and Rock Wrecker are the moves, you’ll wish your Rhyperior to know.

    Key Points about Rhyperior (Ground/Rock)

    • Fast Attack: SmackDown (Rock)
    • Charged Attack: Rock Wrecker (Rock), (Elite Charged TM), Stone Edge (Rock)

    3. Rampardos


    A fossil Pokemon from the IV generation Sinnoh region, Rampardos makes for an excellent counter during this Raid. A pure Rock kind, it’s no weaknesses that Reshiram will exploit, and it’s also immune to fireplace-type damage. Cranidos has been featured in events and maybe a comparatively common egg hatch in its initial stage. SmackDown and Rock Slide is that the move set you’ll wish your Rampardos to know.

    Key Points about Rampardos (Rock)

    • Fast Attack: SmackDown (Rock)
    • Charged Attack: Outrage (Dragon), Rock Slide (Rock)

    4. Haxorus


    Originally encountered within the Unova region of info V, Haxorus performs well during this Raid. As a pure Dragon sort, it’s weak against Dragon-type moves and proof against Fire. Also, new is pretty rare; therefore, few players have enough Candy to evolve and power up Haxorus. 

    Key Points about Haxorus (Dragon)

    • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
    • Charged Attack: Dragon Claw (Dragon

    5. Dialga


    The Legendary Pokémon Diamond, Dialga, maybe a wonderful counter for Reshiram. As a Steel and Dragon sort, it’s also the Dragon-type in Pokémon Go that isn’t weak against Dragon-type moves, and it resists Rock-type damage. Moreover, Dialga has had a couple of runs in raids now. Most players have had the prospect to feature it on their roster. You’ll wish to grasp Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor for this Raid if you have Dialga.

    Key Points about Dialga (Steel/Dragon)

    • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon)
    • Charged Attack: Draco Meteor (Dragon)

    6. Salamence


    A pseudo-Legendary from info III, Salamence performs well against Reshiram. It had a community day and has been out there for an instant. Thus, most players have a minimum of one sturdy one already high-powered up. Like a Dragon and Flying sort, it’s weak to Dragon and Rock-type damage while immune to hearth-type attacks. You’ll need Dragon Tail for its quick move and Outrage for the charged attack.

    Key Points About Salamence/Shadow Salamence (Dragon/Flying)

    • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
    • Charged Attack: Draco Meteor (Dragon), Outrage (Dragon) (Elite Charged TM)

    7. Zekrom


    The Legendary mascot of Pokémon White, Zekrom, plays nicely on this Raid. An Electric and Dragon kind decreases harm from fire kind attacks. However, extended harm from Dragon kind. While Zekrom has had fantastically confined availability, its miles are presently being rerun along with Reshiram, so gamers who do not have one can, without difficulty, upload it to their roster proper now. If you’re bringing Zekrom, you will need to realize Dragon Breath and Outrage for this fight.

    Key Points About Zekrom (Dragon/Electric)

    • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon)
    • Charged Attack: Outrage (Dragon)

    Although it is quite hard to beat Reshiramin the game, but it is not impossible. We have explained in details how to beat Reshiram in Pokémon Go and hope after reading all the tips, you will be able to beat it.

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