How To Find Your iPhone & Samsung Phone’s IMEI Number?

    Knowing where to check for the IMEI number on your phone might be convenient. You’ll need this information when it comes time to sell or trade your phone to a manufacturer or service provider. This website offer solutions that work with both iOS and Android Mobile Phone like iPhone & Samsung Phone, so you don’t have to worry about whatever phone you have. Follow the instructions. It will not take long, and you don’t need to do anything.

    All That You Need To Know About IMEI Number

    The acronym “IMEI” stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity.” It’s a one-of-a-kind code that a cellular network may use to distinguish one device from another. It’s identical to your phone’s SSN so you may use it as a reference. Every GSM phone comes with an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, a string of 15 digits. For CDMA phones, the corresponding string is the Mobile Equipment Identity (MEID). IMEI number on Samsung Phone should be the first information that a customer checks. 

    Keep this number handy in case you misplace or have your phone stolen. This implies that whoever discovers or takes it will be unable to utilize it. This will not force them to give up the phone, but it will prevent them from using it until you return it.  IMEI number phone number allows your carrier to request that other carriers do not list it and for your carrier to elect not to display it themselves. Even after inserting a new SIM card, the mobile device will no longer be able to connect to the cellular network or make or receive calls.

    How To Locate Your iPhone’s Unique IMEI Number?

    • Go to the Settings menu.
    • First, go to Settings and choose General.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen after clicking the “About” tab. You can see the option there.

    How Do You Discover Your Phone’s IMEI Number On An Android Smartphone?

    Because Android has many distinct brands and models, these guidelines may alter from device to device. However, in terms of how they function, at least one of these strategies is likely to be close to your model. Check the IMEI number on any of your mobile phones when you want. 

    Where Can You Discover Your Samsung Device’s IMEI Number?

    To begin, touch the gear icon to access the Settings menu. The About Phone menu is at the bottom of the first settings page. You can see your device’s IMEI number (or numbers) at the top of the screen. You can see the IMEI number on Samsung Phone by the following procedure. 

    Checking by Considering The Following Points 

    Like a vehicle, each mobile phone has its unique number (VIN). This number is abbreviated as IMEI, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Your phone’s IMEI may be linked to a particular network, making it less desirable to thieves. If you wish to transfer networks, report a lost or stolen phone, or sell your phone to Gazelle, you’ll need this information. A mobile phone’s unique IMEI number check is crucial in the battle against theft. If your phone is ever reported stolen or misplaced, your carrier may disable your IMEI number. Moreover, you may remotely switch off your misplaced phone, so no one else can use it.

    You can determine whether the phone is still under warranty by looking at the IMEI. Besides, you can identify whether your phone is on a GSM or CDMA network by looking at its unique number. If you wish to maintain the same phone but move networks, check the IMEI number to ensure it will function with the new network.

    After trading in your old phone at Gazelle, you may verify the IMEI number. As a result, you can be confident that trading an item will be quicker and more efficient. Here are some simple techniques to assist you in locating the IMEI number for your Apple iPhone, Google Android, or Google Chromebook.


    Even if you don’t have the original packaging and your Samsung phone won’t switch on, you may still get the IMEI number on your Samsung Phone and other numbers. You can often find the International Mobile Equipment Identifying Number on the back of Samsung phones. To discover the IMEI number, look on the back of your phone. You can find the inscription of IMEI numbers on the back of older Samsung phones with detachable batteries.

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