How To Clean Puffco Peak Pro

    You have come to the right spot searching for the most efficient and secure methods to maintain and clean a Puffco Peak One and Peak Pro. The friendly staff at Puffco explained the fundamentals of maintaining and cleaning their devices without damaging them or breaking the warranty. They also shared some helpful tips and techniques to keep the Puffco functioning at its best.

    Find out everything you need to be aware of to maintain your Puffco device in good form in this informative guide.

    What Is The Best Frequent To Wash My Puffco Peak Pro?

    Puffco suggests regular cleaning to ensure optimal user experience. The frequency of cleaning isn’t precise, as it depends on the amount of time utilized. We recommend a once-a-week clean for those who use it daily. You must conduct an extensive clean each time your battery is depleted and requires recharging. The atomizer should be soaked whenever you notice an increase in water or red-blue or blue signals on the unit.

    Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning Guide

    Cleaning the Peak Pro will only require the following items from your home.

    • The rub of alcohol
    • Small dish or bag to use for soaking


    It is said that the Peak Pro needs minor disassembly to allow for a thorough cleaning. The chamber is one unit, so remove it using a counterclockwise twist of the base, then set it aside. Remove the glass carb part from its rubber component, place it aside. After that, remove the bubbler by pulling it upwards off the bottom until the filthy water is released.

    Soak And Then Rinse

    Use a small container to put the chamber and cap in ruby alcohol for several hours. After that, you can take your bubbler and fill it up just under halfway with alcohol. Cover the top with one hand, and give it a vigorous shake to remove any gunk. The buildup can occur in your intake holes, so make sure to fill it with rubbing alcohol and give it a shake. Some tough messes will require more time to soak. After everything is clean, you can provide the bubbler with a complete wash and set the whole thing aside to air dry.


    After everything is completely dry, grab your bubbler and fill it with water until it is just above the air holes inside. After that, line the air hole at the bottom of the glass to the internal air path of the base. Push and lock it back in the ground. Place the rubber seal over the carb cap, remove the chamber, and screw it clockwise on the base until it’s snug and secure. It shouldn’t take more than one-quarter turn.

    Run A Burnoff

    In the days before your next session, do an off burnoff to clean any remaining residue. Turn on your Peak Pro and set the temperature to your desired level. Double-click and allow it to run for a whole session before loading.

    How Do You Clean Puffco Peak Pro Chamber/Atomizer

    Light Clean

    • Use a cotton swab or q-tip to put it in ISO Alcohol.
    • Swab the gold connections at the lower part of the chamber to remove any grime or remnants.
    • The section should be swabbed and clean of any remnants.

    Tips: We discovered that this method is best in the case of a chamber that has been just recently utilized and is slightly warm. It is recommended to allow it to cool before handling.

    Deep Clean

    • Make sure to fill a glass/beaker up with 90 per cent or more ISO alcohol
    • The chamber should be submerged for a minimum of 30 minutes.

    Beware: Do not make use of water to submerge the chamber. Exposure to water can cause damage to the component.

    How Do You Clean Your Puffco Peak Pro Glass

    • Fill a glass or beaker with ISO alcohol
    • Submerge the glass into the cup for 30 mins.
    • After soaking, remove it and thoroughly rinse it with clean water to eliminate any alcohol residue.
    • Allow the glass to dry completely before reattaching it to the base.

    A word of caution: Do not let water seep into the lower chamber at the glass’s bottom.

    How Do You Clean Your Puffco Peak Pro from Base

    • Use a cotton swab or q-tip to dip it into ISO Alcohol.
    • Make sure to rub the gold connection points in the center to guarantee a good connection.
    • Use your Q-tip.

    Beware the Following cleaning; allow all components to dry thoroughly before reassembling. Be careful not to let the base get wet as it’s electric, so this could cause damage to it.

    Final words

    We hope that you found this guide to cleaning useful. The best suggestion is to allow cleaning your Puffco Peak Pro to become a daily task. The most effective method is to keep it in your head so that you’ll clean it every time your battery goes out of charge. Alternatively, you can create a reminder on your calendar each month to be sure to take the time to clean your item thoroughly.

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