How to Create An NFT: A Beginner’s Guide

    Want to know how to create an NFT artwork? Discover the best ways to produce NFTs in a simple and safe way, and how to sell virtual files.

    NFT is the acronym for “Non-fungible tokens”. These tokens represent, through a code registered on the Blockchain of the NFT trading network system, certificates of possession of digital assets. This is one of the reasons why these items cannot be replaced, as the digital asset cannot be owned by more than one person.

    In the NFT sector, possessions can be related to various items, from deed contracts, memes, recipes, and collectables, to works of art – the latter being a big and current highlight on the internet. The tokens represent the unique possession of the individual who purchased them.

    How to create an nFT marketplace?

    By quickly becoming a very expressive market in return, NFTs have attracted attention and attracted users who aim to earn a fixed profit, high or even both.

    That said, it is possible to build your own collection and put it up for sale. But although this process is not difficult. It is worth mentioning that it is also not possible to have guarantees that the return will be as expected.

    NFT marketplace

    What to use to create an NFT?

    In practice, you don’t need programs to create an NFT. For this, only 4 points will be needed:

    • Have an Ethereum digital wallet or another asset such as Solana (SOL) that carries out the transactions authorized by the sector.
    • Buy a small amount of Ethereum (Ether), Solana (SOL) or Ronin (RON) to be able to invest in creating the NFT.
    • Have the wallet connected to a Marketplace that trades NFTs.
    • Having an art file or other item, like the ones we mentioned earlier. After all, the NFT is the certificate of ownership, not the art itself.

    It is important to point out that owning the Ethereum wallet and the network’s cryptocurrencies allows the user to trade the NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain network, and having Solana cryptocurrencies allows the user to trade on the SOL Blockchain, and so on.

    One of the most famous and used Marketplaces is Open Sea, and its use is simple. Do you know how to create an nft on OpenSea?

    To open an account and create NFT, simply visit the Open Sea website and click on the “create” button that appears in the upper right corner.

    Then, select the “Create Collection” option. The user can select more than one file and transform the job into a collection of images and therefore a collection of NFTs.

    By creating these collections, folders are also created to store the produced NFTs. After that, loading the images into the new folders is only necessary. Finally, just valid c ate the operation within the Open Sea platform, and the NFT is created.

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    How much does it cost to create an nFT?

    How much does it cost to make an NFT

    The cost of creating NFT is around US$70 to US$200 on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is because the network fees tend to be high, due to the high demand: the fees grow as the number of operations increases and, at the moment, are happening at their capacity limit.

    Precisely in this sense, the upgrade from Ethereum to Ethereum 2.0 aims to accelerate and optimize the transaction process in speed, and thus fees could decrease dramatically.

    How to create an NFT by cell phone?

    An NFT consists of a code registered on the Blockchain, so it is possible to use only the mobile browser to create it.

    This can also be done by accessing the OpenSea website. Through the mobile browser, you should register the code through the platform and create the NFT free of charge through the app.

    How to make an NFT and sell it?

    Just as the creation of NFTs happens through mediation sites like Open Sea, the sale also happens through them. Trading within the platforms uses smart contracts for the operation, which are programmable digital contracts.

    Finally, the user can publicize their work as they wish. Strategies such as publicizing links on social networks can be used to form partnerships and display some images of their own authorship on the Internet.

    Is it worth investing in NFT?

    Anyone who starts trading NFT starts with the objective of earning extra income, and it is from this reasoning that the person may be surprised at the profit he obtains in the negotiations.

    So, as NFT trades are expanding, it is interesting for the user to follow their growth to know what their next steps will be when investing.

    In addition, it is important to note that the NFT market is just one aspect of the cryptocurrency universe. Therefore, if the objective is to invest in NFTs, it is interesting to understand tokens and another crypto for a portfolio composition.

    In this regard, the best way is to count on those who are experts in the subject to know how to make an nft for free.

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