How To Complete Anti-Raiden Shogun Training in Genshin Impact: Full Guide

    Get the information on anti-Raiden shogun training from here. The anti-Raiden shogun is situated in Inazuma between the region of Konda village and chinju forest. The anti-Raiden shogun is part of the anchor quest in Genshin Impact. In the prologue chapter, the Anchor quest Lisa, Kaeye and Amber obtained. Raiden shogun is one of the original Anchors. She has power just like her mates, archons Zhongli and Venti. Raiden shogun has a different name like the God of eternity, Baal, Raiden shogun, and the electro archons.

    How to beat Raiden shogun

    How to beat Raiden shogun

    In the first attack, You need to dodge a series of Electro attacks for one minute and 45 seconds to finish with the anti-Raidenshogun training challenge. To activate the challenge, see a small pillar in a grassy field. It is difficult to complete the training because the player will face the Raiden shogun twice in the boss battle.

    In the second attack, a player will be standing in a small area when initiating the attack. The player should use a dash when the area of effect indicator appears to avoid the lightning strike.

    Electro slash is the main attack; this is a shot in a set of two or three from the piller. Use dash and move quickly from the area. One final attack will need when the timer reaches between 15 and 10 seconds.

    Last attack

    In the last attack, a player has six-second to destroy the orbs. Destroy the orbs, then stand in the destroyed orbs’ place to avoid the other attack. The challenge will be complete when the player dodges the last attack and destroys the orbs. If the player gets hit by the orb, the player will fail in the training part.

    Suppose you want to beat the Raiden shogun. Firstly, you have to use at least one electro character at your party. Use food buff or washing buff. Make sure the electro on the ground is not hitting you. Keep attacking her in the last phase.

    How to defeat Raiden shogun

    defeat Raiden shogun

    Raiden shogun has two phases, the first phase is tough, and the second phase is easy. You can use a food buff to defeat easily. Just focus on her attack; she will take increased damage. To break the Raiden shogun shield, you need to use elemental attacks that react with electro. Survive for a long.

    Raiden shogun

    Raiden shogun is a 5-star electro character in Genshin Impact. She is a major antagonist turned supporting protagonist. Raiden shogun’s real name is Raiden Ei.

    1. Her total cost(0-6) is 420,000 mora.

    2. She has 1 Vajrada Amethyst silver, 9 vajrada Amethyst fragments, 9 Vajrada Amethyst chunks, and 6 vajradaAmethyst gemstones.

    3. Her storm Beads are 46, and Amakumo fruit is 168.

    4. 18 old handguards, 30 kageuchi handguards, and 36 famed handguards.

    A normal attack performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes. The charge attack consumes a certain amount of stamina to perform an upward slash. The plunging attack plunges from mid-air to strike the ground and damage the opponents along the path.

    Raiden shogun builds a guide that she will take a look at the best set-up to take advantage of energy recharge-scaling damage, passives, constellation, and the ascension material.

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    More about it

    Fortunately, she is very flexible about being the main DPS, sub-DPS, and support. Raiden shogun build Engulfing lightning. The finest Artifacts are Emblem of severed fate -Substats is CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate, Energy recharge, and ATK%.

    The replacement weapons are-

    1. Staff of Homa

    2. Wavebreaker fin

    3. The catch

    Following are the main stats-

    1. Sands: Energy recharge or ATK%.

    2. Goblet: ATK% or Electro DMG bonus.

    3. Circlet: CRIT rate or CRIT DMG.

    Raiden shogun’s elemental skills are transcendence, baleful light, and Eye of stormy judgment.

    Raiden shogun's elemental

    Transcendence baleful light is a skill in which Raiden shogun exhibits her Euthymia dealing electro damage to her opposition. And grant them to the Eye of stormy judgment. In Eye of stormy judgment, the characters use their buff attack on the opponent. Afterward, the Eye will unleash a coordinated attack that deals AoE electro damage at the opposition spot. The Eye can initiate one coordinated attack every 0.9s per party.

    The mora expands when ascending swords and polearms are decreased by 50%. Each 1% above 100% energy recharge. Raiden shogun possess grants her 0.6% greater energy restoration from Musou Isshin and a 0.4% Electro DMG bonus.

    Conclusion with Musou Isshin

    When Raiden shogun leaves the field, the effect of musou Isshin will clear. The time when musou Isshin is active, Raiden shogun charged, normal, and plunging attack DMG will be considered elemental burst DMG. In every 1 second, energy will be restored once, and this effect can be triggered 5 times all over the skill duration when Raiden shogun’s resistance to interruption will increase. She will be immune from electro-charged reaction DMG.

    Raiden shogun is a powerful character in Genshin Impact. It is hard to beat Raiden shogun. To experience the Raiden shogun goes with the Genshin impact.

    Hopefully, you find this article knowledgeable.

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