When Is The New Warzone Update: Gulag Adjustments, Bug Fixes, More

    On February 24th, a Warzone update was released, which mentioned some changes to the subtly improved PPSh. Gulag also received new gear and a few bugs fixed. Here are the full patch notes for the Warzone update. After release, the first update of Pacific Season 2 is finally here. Raven Software faces one of the biggest challenges since its season launch, with the PPSh becoming one of the most effective weapons in history.

    It is not a buff that is not claimed, but the SMG value has been developed by the developer who solved the problem at the end of greater damage. However, the gun balance is good with several buffs in the default statistics. They also fix the current game glitches and add new equipment in flexures such as gas grenades and incentives for two seasons. It is all in February 24th updates to know.

    Call-of-Duty-Warzone update

    PPSh dominated season 2 due to a secret buff, but the developers have promised a fix is ​​ready. Fixed an issue that caused weapons to have higher damage values. However, the SMG’s neck damage multiplier increased from 1.1 to 1.3. Pacific also suffered a bit of confusion early in the season. Stuns are no longer part of 1v1 gunfights. Instead, Gas grenades, Medical syringes, and Thermite have been added to the gear pool. To complete this patch, the developers have fixed many bugs, which you can check below.

    Warzone February 24 Full Patch Notes


    • Updated bounty distribution for Battle Royale, Royale’s Vanguard, and Loot to better prioritize rewards.
    • Camp Equipment Changes.
    • Remove stun grenade.
    • Added gas grenades, medical syringes, and termites.


    New Warzone Update
    • PPSh41 (VG)
    • The neck harm multiplier improved from 1.1 to 1.3
    • Please see additional notes about PPSh41 (VG) in the Error Correction section above.

    Top Perks to run with Warzone PPSH-41 class

    Perks 1: E.O.D.

    Perks 2: Overkill/Ghost

    Perks 3: Combat Scout

    If you want to get close to PPSH regularly in a war zone, EOD will help you get rid of termites, grenades, and other explosive obstructions. Even with the

    attachment, the best Warzone PPSH41 loadout still lacks the full range an assault rifle has to offer, so the Overkill lets you use long-range weapons like the STG44. After collecting both long-range and short-range weapons, you can turn them into Ghosts.

    Finally, it’s a good idea to equip your Combat Scouts to highlight all the enemies that are doing damage for the whole squad to see. You will be able to track them more easily in the jungles of the caldera.

    Method to unlock the PPSH

    Warzone PPSH

    Players can unlock this Cold War Black Ops submachine gun by reaching level 15 of the Season 3 Battle Pass. However, since this Battle Pass is no longer available, players now have two tasks to complete to unlock this weapon. You can find these unlocking challenges below.

    Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer/Warzone: Get three kills instantly after sprinting in 15 different completed matches using your submachine gun.

    Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Kill 50 Special or Elite enemies in Toxic Growth with a submachine gun.


    1. Fix the collision issues with different elements across Caldera, allowing players to peek/exploit/shoot through them.
    2. Fix the issue causing players to freeze during the early stages of a match.
    3. Fix the issue causing certain Weapon camos to unequip when backing out of the Weapons tab in the main menu.
    4. Fix the issue causing infinite nebula V rounds to be applied to primary Weapons.
    5. Fix the issue causing placeholder images and descriptions to appear in various store bundles.
    6. Fix the issue causing placeholder descriptions to appear in various Operator, Weapon, and Camo Unlock Challenges.
    7. Fix the rarity label on various blueprints, calling cards, and charms.
    8. Fix the issue causing visual inconsistencies with some dynamic Weapon icons.
    9. Fix the issue causing certain store bundles to unlock incorrect content.
    10. Fix the issue causing sleight of hand to shorten reload to animations on some Weapons.
    11. Fix the issue causing incorrect statistics and pros/cons to display for assault rifle alpha (VG) barrels.
    12. Fix the issue with incorrect spelling and space in morse code subtitles.

    These are some bugs and they are also fixed in the new warzone update. Now, you can get a better experience of gaming. Also, you have more options to choose from while playing the game.

    Final Words

    We have explained the new update of the warzone that comes on 24 February. The update is fixed more issues and provided some advanced options. Also, you can know the top perks to run with the Warzone PPSH-41 class.

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