Omegaverse Quiz Tiktok Explained

    The TikTok innocence test showed you that you were innocent, and the TikTok psychoanalysis test endeavored to get you to a microscopically small scale. The TikTok Omegaverse quiz is slightly different. In essence, it places you in three boxes, Alpha, Omega, or Beta, according to your answers to various questions designed to establish the extent to which your personality is dominant.

    The quiz can be somewhat odd at times. However, the result is well worth the waiting. Continue reading to learn how to complete your TikTok Omegaverse quiz.

    Which Is TikTok’s Omegaverse Test On TikTok?

    On the surface, it appears that the Omegaverse quiz looks like most other examinations have become viral on TikTok. It was made by a user on Uquiz, which tells the user if they are an Alpha, Beta or Omega.

    The test comprises 15 questions like “what is your top emoticon?” and “did you attend the art institute?” Notably, the test asks you if you have read fanfiction before determining your level of interest.

    What Are Alpha And Omega?

    The Omegaverse is an alternative universe and subculture of erotic fanfiction. Women can become pregnant as well as there exist werewolves within the Omegaverse. There’s also a tier system with three primary roles: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

    The Alphas are the most prestigious level of the Omegaverse. Their personalities are powerful, and they’re incredibly secure. Beta’s are neutral, like your typical Joe. The Omega’s, however, are submissive.

    The first step is to fill in your name before answering the 15 questions. The questions range from selecting the emoji you like best did you attend an art school?’ to reading fanfiction.

    After completing all the questions, you’ll be informed if you’re Alpha, Omega or Omega, but what exactly does this mean?

    Omegaverse Manga

    They are classified as Omegaverse, a genre set inside an alternate world where you can find six different genders. Apart from being male or female, you’re also alpha, beta, or Omega distinction based on specific physical and behavioral traits. The classifications are usually a social hierarchy in which alphas are regarded as superior to betas, alphas, and omegas controlled by omegas, and alphas are considered inferior to everyone else. The most common Omegaverse themes include omegas entering hot, attracting mates through Pheromones and Fatal Lovers, and male pregnancies.

    Omegaverse Quiz Explained

    The Omegaverse test will reveal which Omega you are: Alpha Omega, Beta, or Alpha. The test includes 15 questions that are which include both serious and fun ones. After you’ve answered all the questions correctly, the quiz will inform you of your rank within the Omegaverse. A few Omegaverse questions include:

    Different Omegaverse Ranks

    Below, we will discuss our three Omegaverse ranks as well as their significations:


    People who belong to those in the Alpha category are the most affluent in society. They have the highest testosterone levels. They are strong and have incredible abilities to lead. A fascinating fact about the Alpha group is that every person with an Alpha level has a penis and no vagina.

    Females who belong to the Alpha rank are likely to have curly breasts, smoother skin, and curlier bodies. These are the signs which indicate you are in an Alpha ranking:

    • It usually looks attractive.
    • These people know their position.
    • They are influential leaders and are at the highest levels of rank.
    • These are very outgoing and not afraid of conflict.


    Betas are those who are at the mid-range of scale and are satisfied. Both genders have significant testosterone and estrogen levels. This rank is the closest to humans. Men with this rank have vaginas, while females have penises. But, things could be altered for those in the Beta rank immediately. Vagina-born women can carry a child no differently than an omega. Here are some indications of beta:

    • Betas are likable.
    • It takes a moderate way of life.
    • They are not as aggressive.
    • Extremely sensitive.
    • Good collaboration skills.


    It is the Omega level that lies at the lowest level in the order of hierarchy. They have the highest estrogen levels; they are loving and caring people. In addition to the scent, both genders have, females and males of the Omega rank don’t have a vagina or penis.

    The males in the omega rank cannot form breasts and are exceptionally straight in body shape. Since the body of males is straight, pregnancy and birth are not uncommon and are very hazardous. In the omega position, men have weak hips.

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