Minecraft: How to Grow Pumpkins and Melons in Minecraft

    Minecraft is a video game that helps in developing skills. The initial release date is 18 November 2011. This game is playable on Java, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Android, and other platforms. Growing pumpkins and melons in Minecraft is not a difficult task. But some tips and tricks help in efficiently farming pumpkins and melons. Get all details on how to grow pumpkins and melons in Minecraft.

    Minecraft How to Grow Pumpkins and Melons

    farming Pumpkins and Melons in Minecraft - mobbitech

    These two ways help you to develop your pumpkin farming Minecraft efficiency.

    1. The first is using a setup that will give you the most pumpkins and melons in the shortest time.
    2. The other will help you generate the most pumpkins and melons on as small land as possible.

    Basics of Farming

    Before we start farming pumpkins in Minecraft, we first have some knowledge of how to do farming. Farming is an easy task in Minecraft. You have to till the land and plant a seed, like in real life. You need not perform any physical effort for all this.

    Materials that you need during farming are as follows:

    1. Buckets of water or a hole for water
    2. A hoed area
    3. Melon seeds for growing melons
    4. Pumpkin seeds for growing pumpkins
    5. Fence for protection
    6. Fence gate for protection against animals

    For pumpkin seed Minecraft, you have to follow these steps

    Pumpkins and Melons

    1. Firstly, you have to find a pumpkin for pumpkin seeds. You can use many distinct ways to find a pumpkin or pumpkin seeds.

    • You can go to take the pumpkin seeds from chest loot.
    • Raid some villages to find the pumpkins.
    • You can run into a pumpkin in a grassy biome for the pumpkin seeds.

    When you find a whole pumpkin from anywhere, you can use a crafting menu to convert that pumpkin into pumpkin seeds.

    2. Since you will get the pumpkin seeds through the method you used, you will initiate growing some pumpkins.

    • Here, you will consider the area where you would like to grow your pumpkin patch. It is worth observing that pumpkins and melons do not grow like the other crops.
    • Pumpkins will not grow on the same patch in which you plant the seeds while they will grow adjacent to the stem. You have to make sure that you have one open adjacent block of space for the pumpkin to grow and all the four empty adjacent blocks empty if you want to grow your pumpkins fastly.

    3. Nevertheless, when you decide on your plot of land, you will start tilling the farmland with your hoe. You have to right-click on your hoe equipped for creating farmland.

    4. Further, you will have to place a water source block near the patches for hydrating the farmland. However, this will ensure that the farmland does not degrade itself. It will help you grow as many pumpkins as you want and whenever you want to grow.

    5. Previously your water source was placed nearby your land plot. Now, you can easily plant your pumpkin seeds on the farmland. You have to right-click on your pumpkin seeds selected on the farmland to plant the pumpkins and melons. It is important to note that you need to have grass, coarse dirt on the farmland, or dirt blocks in the blocks where you want to grow the pumpkins.

    6. In case your pumpkin seeds are planted in the farmland, you have an option to use a bone meal to speed up the process. You can choose the bone meal from your hot bar and right-click on the pumpkin plants to increase the speed of their growth.

    7. Also, you can use fencing if you want to protect your melons and pumpkins from the monsters.

    8. As a result of this, your pumpkin stems are willfully cultivated. All you have to do is wait for their full maturity. You cannot use the bone meal when the pumpkin stems have reached the stage of full maturity. However, it will not increase the growth of the pumpkin. It is also important to note that pumpkins need a light level of 10 to generate themselves. For lightning, you have to place torches close nearby or some glowstone above the stems to make sure that you have sufficient light for the pumpkins to grow.

    Economical Time Farming

    Economical Time Farming

    In time-efficient farming, you will get many pumpkins in a short period. It is easy to set up all this. However, it requires a lot of input from the players regularly.

    Although we know a pumpkin or melon can grow on each adjacent block to their stalks whenever it is empty. It means seeds can grow in up to 4 blocks for every tail. We use this to our advantage because pumpkins and melons will cultivate faster when more space is available.

    Our farmland will be a simple rectangle where we plant seeds in rows. However, we have to make sure that we leave some space between each pumpkin seed for the pumpkins to spawn.

    However, it must be possible to leave two spaces between each seed that you plant in the space if you want to harvest the melons and pumpkins as fast as possible. All this means we don’t need that extra space and it will make our field a little too big.


    Clearly, we can say that this game is a popular farming game. In this, you have to make sure that your pumpkin has at least one empty adjacent space around the pumpkin stem. Also, make sure that there is sufficient light available for the pumpkins to grow in the first place.

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