Minecraft: Where To Find Copper And How To Use It?

    There are two updates to Minecraft that are available with new materials, first is the Netherite to amethyst and now Copper. It is not a new idea for old Minecraft players to play the game over the years. Moreover, many mod packs have available for the players with the idea of Copper as an essential crafting resource, but 1.17 is the official Copper.

    Currently, Copper is new in the market, and its uses in Minecraft are limited. However, it creates an interesting aspect to the game regarding your Minecraft world since copper ages visibly. Additionally, there are many cool block variations available to decorate your builds, as well as a few useful crafting recipes worth trying. Now, we will discuss the method to get Copper in Minecraft.

    How To Get Copper In Minecraft

    How To Get Copper In Minecraft

    The safe and genuine just two ways are available to get Copper in the game. First is the mining and the other is the killing drowned. These are not extremely rare resources. Generally, you do not struggle to find any. You can recognize its ore version from its turquoise and orange patterns. Now, we will explain the process of finding Copper.

    Where To Find Copper In Mines

    As you see, Copper ore generates almost anywhere between the Y=0 and Y=96. Also, it is in abundance somewhere around Y=47 or 48. It shows in clusters, most likely coal and iron. It requires to mine at least a stone pickaxe. If you mine the Copper, then it drops as raw Copper. Moreover, then turn into ingots used in a couple of crafting recipes.

    5 Best Uses of Copper in Minecraft

    5 Best Uses of Copper in Minecraft MobbiTech

    Some coppers are best for Minecraft. We will briefly discuss it in the below section.

    1. Copper ingots

    Suppose you want to start any crafting with Copper in Minecraft. In case players need to smelt the ore into ingots. Smelting copper can be done by a furnace or a blast furnace using something as a fuel source. Therefore, sources of fuel in which Minecraft can include coal, wood, lava, and charcoal.

    2. Copper block

    Once copper ore is smelt into ingots. Then, players can use it at a crafting table. Here, players trying to make a copper block need to place a copper ingot in four slots. It is very useful in creating a square on the crafting table.

    3. Cut copper block

    Generally, these types of blocks are used to craft stairs and slabs. The difference between a cut copper block and a copper block in Minecraft is to look for grid lines. The lines show the player that the copper block is used for crafting other items.

    4. Oxidizing Copper

    Sometimes, Copper is revealed to the components for a long period. Then, it starts to turn into a blue-green color. Copper continually changes color because of environmental exposure, and it is oxidizing. It shows in the Cliffs update and Minecraft Caves. This process does not happen overnight. There is Copper in Minecraft showing signs of oxidizing after several daylight cycles.

    5. Copper rods

    There are copper rods in Minecraft that are very helpful to control the lighting from lighting a player’s home on fire. The Players can also be used the copper rod at the top of their house in Minecraft. The copper rod will draw any lightning within the rod range.

    How does the Minecraft 1.17 Lightning Rod work?

    Minecraft 1.17 Lightning Rod work - Mobbitech

    A Minecraft Lightning Rod used to divert lightning strikes. The area covered by the Lightning Rod is 32x4x32 in the Minecraft Java Edition. On the other hand, 64x64x64 area covered in Bedrock edition. Generally, it is a lightning Rod that can do anything during normal rain or clear weather.

    Best Method get a Lightning Rod in Minecraft 1.17

    Its way is very simple. You need to place three Minecraft copper Ingots on top of each other. Sometimes, finding Copper Ore is a little bit difficult task. You can use the trick for smelting them in a furnace with the three Copper Ingots. It is a simple process to get a lightning rod Minecraft.

    Way to Use the Lightning Rod in Minecraft 1.17

    As we earlier discussed, it protects your wooden house from lightning strikes. There is some example of the Lightning Rod’s other functions:

    • Control mobs from transitioning into something riskier. For example, a villager, through lightning, turns into a witch.
    • To remove oxidation from copper blocks, you need to place the Lightning Rod just on top of the Copper.


    We have explained the simple and secure way to find the Copper and use it. You can know the different aspects of Copper used to decorate things. Also, you have learned the use of lightning rods in Minecraft 1.17. These five coppers are the best for you that we already discussed in this article.

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