Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa Statue – Interesting Facts You Should Know

    In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart is one of the playable characters. A significant portion of her journey throughout the plot of Final Fantasy VII was related to her covert romantic interest in Cloud Strife. It was compounded by the appearance and ultimate demise of Aerith Gainsborough.

    Tifa, like the rest of the cast of Final Fantasy VII, became a revered icon in the gaming industry. Many considered Tifa to be one of the first cyber pin-up ladies. Also, a Google image search for “Tifa Cosplay” reveals how famous she is among cosplayers worldwide.

    Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Statue

    Despite her lack of clothing, Tifa Lockhart is one of the most formidable warriors in the universe of Final Fantasy VII. Tifa’s training alone has made her strong enough to take on the Weapon monsters. Beside this, she does not require Mako or materia to smash her adversaries into oblivion.

    Tifa was also the leader of AVALANCHE in Cloud’s absence, and after Aerith’s death, she became the heart of the organisation. The Final Fantasy VII Compilation has a soft place for Tifa. Also, there are several spin-off games have incorporated her and portrayed her in the most positive manner imaginable.

    Today, we will explore the mysteries of the genuine leading woman of Final Fantasy VII, from the illness. It is very helpfull in making her stronger to the effort to replicate her style that resulted in a lawsuit.

    Figure of Tifa Lockhart

    Figure of Tifa Lockhart

    Sideshow and Square Enix introduce the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Lockhart Action Figure. As a PLAY ARTS KAI figure, Tifa Lockhart, a member of the anti-Shinra group, makes an appearance.

    Square Enix has carefully restored all the features that were updated and made more elaborate for REMAKE. In which includes her haircut, jewellery, and clothing, to achieve a very realistic design. We fitted her elbows and knees with modern joint components to allow for a wide range of motion.

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    Accessories include replaceable head and hand components and hairpieces with a windblown appearance. Therefore, it allows incredibly dynamic postures and a figure stand.

    This Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa statue price on the Buster Sword is available for $728.99. Certainly, you will want to conceal it if someone enters your room. That’s a lot of money for something that could be viewed online for free. However, you will be able to immortalise and share this famous piece of Final Fantasy memorabilia with future generations.

    Final Fantasy Tifa features

    Pre-orders for a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa statue are currently available. If the heroine’s daring “Jack-O” position and bare panties weren’t provocative enough, the authors also include a naked version. No, this is not an officially sanctioned Square Enix product, despite the promotional images being very authentic. This 1/4-scale Tifa statue is available for purchase at FavorGK. There is an online retailer that carries a range of anime and video game collectables. The position intentionally mimics that of the Guilty Gear character Jack-O, who is now a meme.

    Since her introduction in the PlayStation version of the first Final Fantasy 7 game. Therefore, Tifa has become one of the series’ most beloved characters. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, she fought with Cloud, Barrett, and Aerith with full might.

    However, what follows next? Having concluded on a cliffhanger, Remake received a DLC chapter featuring Yuffie. However, we have heard little regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake part two since its debut in 2021. There is still a substantial portion of the original game to adapt for a new generation of gamers. At the same time, but we assume Square is focused on Final Fantasy XVI for the time being.

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