Elden Ring: Millicent Quest Full Guide

    The Elden Ring Millicent quest takes you on a parallel path alongside the progression of the main game. After obtaining the Frenzied Flame, her quest is the only way to unlock the other Elden Ring endings. It requires you to beat several enemies. The quest traverses the whole of the Lands Between and delves into one of Elden Ring’s greatest mysteries: the nature of Scarlet Rot and Malenia.

    You may begin Millicent’s quest in Gowry’s Shack in Caelid as soon as you get the courage to go there. However, other phases need you to delve deeper into the game, so unless you’ve completed a lot of plot advancement, don’t expect to do this immediately. Here’s how to accomplish the Elden Ring Millicent quest if you’re ready to get your hands dirty.

    Elden Ring Millicent Location: Church Of The Plague

    Next, you must go to the Church of the Plague, located east of Gowry’s Shack but on the cliff’s edge. When you delivered Gowry the Unalloyed Gold Needle in the previous phase, he revealed the Sellia secret that grants you entrance to this side of the road. You may ignite the beacons in the town to obtain entry, or you can use Torrent to race from the Bestial Sanctum in the north to the spot. You may approach the sanctum via a waygate in Limgrave, next to the Third Church of Marika.

    Millicent is discovered among the Church of the Plague’s ruins. Submit the needle, then take a break at the neighbouring Site of Grace. Communicate with her until she hands up the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom talisman.

    Currently, you must return to Gowry’s Shack. Speak with Gowry, then fast travel to the nearest Site of Grace, return to his hut, or restart the game. Millicent must now be present. Communicate with her to exhaust her conversation possibilities.

    Millicent Strategy

    Similar to other NPC foes, Millicent is susceptible to leap attacks, and her strikes may be disrupted if you strike before she executes them. Aside from evacuating the swamp, the most vital aspect of this fight is maintaining a secure position. Keeping your distance from Millicent reduces the likelihood that she will land one of her whirlwind attacks, and then it is only a question of reducing her health. Millicent is often momentarily stunned by jump strikes, giving you time to flee. Just be careful not to get greedy.

    Elden Ring: Millicent Questline Guide

    The Millicent questline starts in Caelid and may be initiated by chatting with Millicent herself or Sage Gowry. It is a long quest that will take you from the Altus Plateau to the Haligtree, where the Melania boss battle takes place. This quest has several results based on your decisions, so we’ll discuss the consequences in both cases.

    Key Actions:

    • Contact Sage Gowry south of Sellia.
    • Defeat Commander O’Neil.
    • Give Sage Gowry the Unalloyed Gold Needle.
    • Bring the Gold Needle to Gowry.
    • Inject Millicent with the Gold Needle and converse with her until all.
    • Discourse has been exhausted.
    • Millicent may be reached at Gowry’s Shack.

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    Millicent Questline: Altus Plateau & The Shaded Castle

    Important Steps: 

    • Speak with Millicent at the Site of Grace at Erdtree-Gazing Hill.
    • Get the Prosthesis of the Valkyrie from Shaded Castle.
    • Give Millicent the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis on Erdtree-Gazing Hill.
    • Defeat the Apostle of Godskin at Dominula, Windmill Village.
    • Communicate with Millicent in Windmill Village.

    The next opportunity to connect with Millicent is on a concealed trail leading up to Altus Plateau. Millicent is a summonable ally for the Magma Wyrm Makar encounter in Ruin-Stricken Precipice. Following the ravine north of Liurnia of the Lakes and ascending the ladder will lead you to this spot. Involving her in this conflict is completely voluntary.

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    Meeting Millicent In Elden Ring

    Caelid is a remarkable region in Elden Ring because it is teeming with bizarre monsters that players must fight – or, more likely, be slain by. The “desert wasteland” is “marred by crimson decay, showering the surroundings in a tint of death.” It seems like a location where the player would not want to spend much time, with death and decay lurking around every corner. 

    Nonetheless, it is where players first discover the ailing Millicent after being entrusted by the mysterious Gowry to aid her. She may be discovered in the Church of the Plague, where she is guarded by creatures that worship her as a conduit for the decay they revere as a god.

    Gowry Quest Steps

    Millicent’s journey is essentially continued by Gowry’s. He will assist you in locating her when you first arrive in Sellia, and his shop’s inventory will grow as Millicent’s quest progresses. Be wary of the big dog outside Gowry’s Shack; if you bring its aggression too near, it may murder Gowry by accident.

    • Gowry may be found at his shanty south of Sellia.
    • Commander O’Neal’s Unalloyed Needle must be brought to him.
    • After giving Millicent the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis, find the Pest Threads spell added to Gowry’s store.
    • Advance Millicent’s mission to the challenge or assistance level. Gowry will beg you to murder Millicent if you speak with him.
    • Millicent’s cabin contains the Flock’s Canvas Talisman and Gowry’s Bell Bearing if you defeat and kill him.
    • If you aid Millicent, you may converse with Gowry for further conversation and then murder him for the same prizes.

    Consult Millicent In Altus Plateau

    Millicent may be found in the Site of Grace at Erdtree-Gazing Hill in Altus Plateau, slightly to the north of where you spawn. Give her the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis and conclude her conversation. You will then return to the north to beat another boss and meet with Millicent again. You can check out here for more information.

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