The 10 Best Waterproof Phone Cases for Underwater Photography

    Your phone’s loss or destruction might be disastrous. We save pictures of calendars, instructions, and other items from our life. If it fails, it may seem to be the end of the world in one gadget. Worse, doing it while on vacation is a disaster. You will not only be unable to record all of the beautiful moments but depending on where you are, you may be utterly isolated from the rest of the world. Waterproof Android or iPhones are very costly and it is difficult to buy these IP rating phones for everyone. So here is the solution to how you can enjoy underwater photography with your usual phone or iPhone by using a waterproof phone case. Read all the buying guides to know about the 10 best waterproof phone or iPhone cases for underwater photography.

    How Are Waterproof Phone Cases Differ From Normal Cases?

    How Are Waterproof Phone Cases Differ From Normal Cases

    Unlike standard phone covers, which employ raised bumpers to protect your phone’s display and other components if it falls over, waterproof cases cover your phone in waterproof and protective materials. It means that your phone is secure against scrapes, bumps, and scratches, but it is also safe if you drop it in the bathroom, sink, bathtub, or pool.

    The most significant thing is that certain waterproof phone case cases sink in water, so you won’t have to seek your phone like Hvaldimir, the spy whale. If you want to protect your phone from rain or dunk it in water, we have a few excellent waterproof phone cases for you. We’ve divided our choices into three categories:

    • iPhone covers that are waterproof
    • Samsung waterproof cases
    • Cases that are both universal and float

    Top 10 Best waterproof phone cases

    1. Joto Universal Waterproof Case

    Joto Universal Waterproof Cases
    Image Credit – Amazon

    The waterproof bag is a popular Amazon item with over 41,000 5-star ratings. You may insert it in any smartphone with a height of fewer than 6.69 inches (including the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20) or use it as an additional wallet to hold cash and credit cards. It has a snap-lock closing and a snap-lock for easy access. It costs $7 and is available on

    2.  Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch
    Image Credit – Amazon

    The pouch has an IPX8 certification and snaps firmly. It can reach depths of up to 100 feet. Also, it can protect against accidental falls into bodies of water and hard terrain.

    Moreover, it contains floating pockets as well as padding for added comfort. The touchscreen’s responsiveness is due to the delicate and supple Thermoplastic Polyurethane materials. It is ideal for taking shots while safeguarding your phone while on vacation. Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch costs $11.99.

    3. Spider case Waterproof iPhone Case

    Spider case Waterproof iPhone Case
    Image Credit – Amazon

    This waterproof IP68 case also protects against physical harm and has an anti-scratch back cover and sturdy gripping sides with shock-absorbing corner corners. The camera’s bezels are elevated slightly to shield it, and all controls and ports are easily accessible and easy to use.

    The casing isn’t so large that you can’t use it with a wireless charging pad, but it may mute the speaker’s sound. When making phone conversations in the water, it’s best to use wireless headphones. Spider case Waterproof iPhone Case costs $20.99.

    4. Oterkin Waterproof Case

    Oterkin Waterproof Case
    Image Credit – Amazon

    It can be immersed in more than two meters of water for more than an hour as you use the touchscreen and buttons to record images and films. The material is particularly sticky to prevent slipping in damp circumstances, and the lanyard might be beneficial for holding. It can protect from the sand found at the beach. The casing is thin enough to charge wirelessly using a Qi pad. Oterkin Waterproof Case costs $20.98.

    5. Ghostek Nautical Waterproof iPhone 13 PRO MAX Case

    Ghostek Nautical Waterproof iPhone 13 PRO MAX Case
    Image Credit – Amazon

    There are many variants of Apple’s current flagship iPhone, the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 includes the Pro and Pro Max, Pro Max, the regular iPhone 13, and the iPhone mini. Each has slightly varied dimensions, so you must choose the appropriate casing. If you’re searching for a case that will suit the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Ghostek’s case is a good option.

    It has a transparent back that allows you to view the phone’s cover and can also use with MagSafe chargers. The phone is waterproof to IP68 standards. Ghostek Nautical iPhone 13 Case is available on Amazon and has it for $39.98.

    6. Shockproof Mitywah Case

    shockproof mitywah case
    Image Credit – Amazon

    Its iPhone XR case is resistant to water, dust, snow, and shock. It’s IP68-rated and underwater, and it’s made of tough materials like aluminum, silicone, metal, and polycarbonate.

    The inside rubber is soft and absorbent, making it suitable for falls, even on concrete. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate exterior shell is resistant to liquids and external harm. A raised screen serves as a cushion to safeguard your phone if it falls to the floor. Mitywah Shockproof Case is available for $28.99.

    7. Waterproof Phone Pouch by Hiearcool

    Waterproof Phone Pouch by Hiearcool
    Image Credit – Amazon

    This case is your best bet for accommodating several phones for your family. The pouch has a seven-inch capacity and can hold a range of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google Pixel phones.

    It is IPX8-certified and waterproof to a depth of 100 feet. Its polyvinyl chloride material is transparent and sensitive to touch, and it has ample room to contain other important items like a passport or ID. The Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Bag is available for $9.99.

    8. Fre Series Life Proof iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

    Fre Series Life Proof iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
    Image Credit – Amazon

    If you’re seeking a replacement for the basic version of the iPhone 13, consider getting this LifeProof case. Moreover, it’s composed of polycarbonate and has a trendy purple design. The case has a built-in screen protector for an airtight seal. Furthermore, the casing is constructed of recyclable plastic. You can get the LifeProof iPhone 13 Case for $89.99 on amazon.

    9. Meritcase iPhone 12 Waterproof Case

    Meritcase iPhone 12 Waterproof Case
    Image Credit – Amazon

    This tough and stylish cover is ideal for iPhone 12 Pro owners. It includes a raised lip that covers the phone’s camera and a transparent, anti-scratch back panel, and integrated screen protectors, allowing customers to use their phone as they choose with plenty of protection. Moreover, it costs $17 and is available on Amazon.

    10. Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 by Eonfine

    Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 by Eonfine
    Image Credit – Amazon

    This case is exceptionally resistant to dust, water, snow, and drops, making it a great choice for Samsung customers. Even though it is incredibly protective, it has a sleek appearance and feels and allows you to access all ports. Amazon has a starting price of $20.

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