List of Best Spacebar Counter Games Which You Play Anytime

    People nowadays love to indulge themselves in playing games. Now, games can be of many types, easy as well as complex. Teens and adults play different complex games on PC. This includes shooting games, fighting games, war games, etc. There is another group of people who love games that act as stress busters, these games are very easy to play and have minimal control. In short, we can say these are very simple and fun to play. If you are one of them, then the perfect option for you will be Spacebar Game. These are perfect if you want to get quick relief from office work or homework. Let’s know more about it!

    What exactly are Spacebar Games?

    Spacebar counter games are a  type of game one can play on browsers. You don’t need to download any software or any application to play these games. All you have to do is to catch something, avoid obstacles, etc., in these games. You just need a strong network connection and a Spacebar key. You’re good to go.

    Top Space bar games to play anytime, anywhere!

    Spacebar Counter

    Jimmy Bridgestone developed Spacebar Counter Game for the web. By playing this, you can upgrade your spacebar skills. The different time intervals help you to measure your speed, which is a great way to keep upgrading yourself and uplifting your skills. It’s a very gripping game that can keep you engaged, and you may end up playing it for hours. Competition is quite common in this type of game, so you can also compete with your friends and score high.

    Flappy Birds

    Even though the game was launched in 2013, it is still one of the most popular Spacebar browser games. This arcade-style game has over 50 million downloads. Here in this game, you have to simply guide a bird through pipes without touching or hitting anything surrounding it. With progress, this game might become difficult. Not a really complex game, but this needs a lot of concentration and patience. The control interface is quite easy to use. Use the Spacebar key to make the bird fly and flap its wings.

    Space Invader

    It is game is ancient. It was released in 1978 and is popular since its release. As the name refers, the game revolves around space. In here, you have to control and operate a spaceship and save it from the aliens dropping from the top of the screen. Also, you have to shoot down the aliens in order to save your spaceship before they destroy it. The spacebar clicker plays the role of the shooter here. You’ve to use the spacebar to shoot and kill the aliens. This game holds the ability to entertain people of any age group.

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    This game is an offline google chrome game launched in 2014. It gradually became so popular that the online version was out soon. By the name you can understand that it involves a dinosaur in its gameplay. You’ve to control the dinosaur using your spacebar which will make him run through a landscape. The main sim in this game is to avoid the obstacles on the way. You can make the dinosaur jump in order to avoid obstacles. The gameplay becomes hard once you progress in playing this game.


    This game is again a space-centric game. You’ll find asteroids surrounding your spaceship and trying to create obstacles in order to destroy it. The objective of the game is to destroy the asteroids before it touches your ship. The spacebar acts as a shooter here so, in order to shoot you need to press the spacebar. Using the right and left keys, you can move around your ship.


    Atari released this Spacebar browser game in the 1980s. To this day, it is still popular among players. This is quite similar to the Asteroids game. Here, you have to kill or destroy the centipede before it finds its way down to the bottom of your screen and touches you. You can press the spacebar key to shoot and kill it. There is an additional challenge where a spider comes to eat you in order to disqualify you before the centipede can reach you to do the same. This makes the game quite challenging for the players.

    Advantages of Spacebar Browser Games

    The Spacebar games are advantageous in the following ways :

    • Minimal gameplay – The whole interface of the game is very simple and easy which makes it very satisfying and attractive.
    • A quick stress buster – Perfect to play during a quick break from work.
    • Less space-consuming – Doesn’t require a lot of space and can be played on a browser.
    • Easy to control and play – Easy control and movements using the Spacebar key.
    • Challenging with progress – The game gets interesting and difficult as you move forward successfully.


    The top Spacebar browser games are listed above. Once you start playing these, you’ll absolutely love how it works. The games are fun and easy, which also attracts people who love taking a quick break between busy schedules. Give these a try and make them your new favorites. Start playing, fall in love, and have a fun time playing with the dinos, spaceships, and birds.  

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