The Rings of Power Episode 8 ‘Alloyed’ Review: Session 1 Ends with Grand Finale

    Since the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, many people have wondered who Sauron is. The Rings of Power session 1 final Episode 8 ‘Alloyed’ went on 14th October 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. The solution reveals in the last episode of the program. It wasn’t as simple as it seemed at first. The episode ends with several twists before the primary villain of the program reveals. Let’s break it down, talk about that massive cold open trick, and consider what it all implies for The Rings of Power. Here are The Rings of Power Episode 8 Review explaining the full finale episode.

    Is Sauron the one who cannot be named?

    Is Sauron the one who cannot be named?

    This is what the program’s creators want you to believe, as the episode begins with a new explanation of who the Stranger is (Daniel Weyman). We encounter him in Tolkien’s novels in Eryn Galen the Greenwood, also as the Mirkwood. He eventually meets the Dweller, who poses as Nori but is Bridie Sisson.

    As the episode’s credits roll, the three wizards inform the Stranger that they come to serve “Lord Sauron,” also famous as “the Dark Lord.” Please don’t lose hope simply because the magical weight of The Rings of Power depletes too rapidly. As the three shady cult leaders strive to prove to “Sauron” that he is not who he claims to be, both socially and magically, we begin to uncover some unsettling facts about the guy who claims to be King of the Southlands.

    The actual names of the Istari remain unknown

    The actual names of the Istari remain unknown

    One question comes out as very critical. The story’s finale — don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a minute – reveals who Sauron is, but it also seems to raise new issues. When we initially looked at the Rings of Power in detail, we said that the Stranger resembled Gandalf. But there’s a problem: in Tolkien’s account, the wizards, or Istari, didn’t fall from the sky until a thousand years into the Third Age.

    We can rule it out since the program occurred in the Second Age, between 1500 and 1701. However, in the season finale, “The Rings of Power,” additional gasoline is poured into the fire created by that issue. As the Stranger assists the Harfoots in their battle against the Dweller and her wicked friends, they discover that he is not Sauron. “He is the Other,” they add, followed by a whispered “Istari.”

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    This suggests that the events of the book will be reversed in The Rings of Power, with the first sighting of a wizard happening first. As previously said, there are several significant variations in how we think about time right now. Wizards aren’t supposed to exist until thousands of years.

     Thus Sauron’s entrance this week puts him ahead of schedule. According to the books, he should have appeared to the elves in the year 1075 of the Second Age, but he did it in our time. This is the most significant departure from what we’ve seen so far. It reveals who the Stranger is, even though the program has occasionally modified the canon and the chronology of events.

    As the program progresses, it becomes evident that they want us to comprehend this, even though the term “Gandalf” is never used. “When in doubt, Elanor Brandyfoot, always trust your nose,” the Stranger reminds his new Barfoot buddy Elanor Brandyfoot before they begin their journey to Rhûn. In “In “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Gandalf tells Merry this. The Fellowship of the Ring is a work of fiction. “Now we have cause to suspect that they want us to believe he is who he claims to be.

    Then who is Sauron, if not Halbrand?

    Then who is Sauron, if not Halbrand The Rings of Power Episode 8 Review

    We seem to have been correct in our assumptions. Halbrand was first on the list. he was famous for the play. But he was another version of Sauron. This was merely one of Sauron’s countless masks. When Halbrand and Galadriel return to the Elven country of Lindon. They discover some significant clues. Halbrand, who is now well and hopeful, goes to locate Celebrimbor so he may continue to flatter him and win him over.

    Furthermore, he “bribes” the older elf with knowledge of how to produce Mithril by convincing him to tell him about it. In reality, it seems that Annatar, the Giver of Gifts, reimagined as Halbrand. Celebrimbor’s trust in the process of forging rings skyrockets once he teaches him in a short period. Readers may have reached the same conclusion as Galadriel at this point in the book: Halbrand is Sauron.

     Galadriel at this point in the book: Halbrand is Sauron.

    He informs his traveling companion that this is correct and then offers an unexpected suggestion: Galadriel should assist him in running the land. They may be able to strike a happy medium if they work together. Galadriel would not stand for this. But she does not want to inform anybody that she let Sauron into the elves’ home and realm. As a result, she does not. Things seem to be going badly.


    The Stranger uses a map given to him by Sadoc to return to his home constellation. Following that, we followed the young Harfoots and wizards. As they sought the source of a “sweet” odor that reminded them of The Stranger.

    Galadriel spoke with Halbrand to discover that he was Sauron’s agent. Elrond rescued her from drowning, and Sauron exploited this to influence her thinking. She then constructed three additional rings. She named them after the materials they composed: the ring of fire, the circle of air, and the crew of adamant. Galadriel did wear the Adamant ring.

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