5 Reasons Why Human Translation is Better Than Machine Translation

    When you remove language barriers, you open up a world of opportunities for your business or organization. Language barriers can limit you with respect to the audience you can reach, the impact you can make, and the ultimate success of your endeavor. It might be tempting to find a shortcut or easy way around the need for legitimate translation services, but the fact remains that human translation is always a superior method of addressing language barriers.

    In this quick guide, we will review several reasons why using human translation services is better than machine, automated, or online options. Keep reading to learn more.

    Why Would I Need Translation Services?

    Translation services are often necessary for businesses or organizations that are operating on a global scale. The documents, communication, and marketing materials used by your organization should be accessible to everyone in your target audience. When you start thinking about expanding this target audience into other parts of the world or into other cultural demographics, language accessibility will play a huge part in this.

    What Is Machine Translation?

    The term machine translation refers to translation services provided through software, automated services, or online tools. Although these types of translation services do serve a purpose, it is usually in a more relaxed and casual context. These types of services do not work well in a business setting or a large-scale organization in which parties are attempting to engage in meaningful communication.

    Automated systems lack many of the necessary components that will create meaningful communication. This can be a big risk when you are attempting to interact with business or financial matters. It can also be risky because a lack of tone or cultural sensitivity can endanger relationships and future success.

    What Is Machine Translation

    Now that you better understand the need for translation services and why automated services are not the best option, let’s look at some of the reasons why human translation is better.


    The tone is a crucial element of translation. Tone is really the heart of the communication. Even if you are dealing in business, financial or legal matters, the tone or heart of the communication is essential to getting the message across. When the tone is off, it could mean the end of a business transaction or the end of a partnership.

    Tone can only be retained and communicated by human translation services. A professional translation team will provide language experts who will take your communications and materials seriously. They will apply their knowledge, not only of the language but also of the culture, to ensure that tone is always communicated properly.

    Cultural Sensitivity

    It is important to remember that any time you are dealing with a different language, you are also dealing with a different culture. Each culture has its own rules and customs of communication. It is imperative to your endeavors that these cultural details are taken into consideration when communicating.

    This is impossible when using automated translation services. You need a language expert who is also familiar with the culture of the language. These types of professionals will take the necessary time to apply their skills and knowledge to each piece of communication. When this type of attention is given to global communications, you can rest assured that communications will be rich, effective, and productive.


    Another very important reason to choose human translation services is to ensure precision. The precision of translation cannot be guaranteed with automated services. There is too wide a margin for error when you simply rely on software to do a job as sensitive as human communication.

    Precision is going to be essential in many types of communication. Legal documentation, financial dealings, and many business transactions will require precise communication. You can obtain this level of precision by working with human translators through a professional translation service.


    Speed is also a benefit of using human translators. At first, you might think that using an automated service is quicker. But in the long run, this is not the fastest option. Using an automated service almost always means going back to make corrections or clarifying misunderstandings. This can waste much valuable time.

    When you use a human translator, you can rest assured that your message is getting across correctly the first time. There will be little need to backtrack or clear up misunderstandings.

    Reduced Liability

    If you are dealing with legal documentation, legal proceedings, financial processes, or other sensitive types of communication, you want to decrease your chances of liability. If your organization fails to communicate clearly in these types of sensitive areas, you could be held liable for critical mistakes that result.

    Liability is also a consideration when you are providing materials that are intended to provide safety information or warnings. If your organization does not properly communicate this type of information and someone is injured, you could be held liable for not providing clear information. This can be avoided by using human translation services.

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