What Is The Meaning Of HMU In Text, Slang & Snapchat: Its Uses

    HMU Meaning: What does HMU mean in text? Where to use HMU text meaning? What’s the history of HMU meaning? 

    You were prompted to read this post by a few questions, right? There are many slang terms on the internet that even many people are unaware of. Slangs are terms or phrases that individuals or groups of individuals use for informal communication, such as online chat. Slang is widely used today, and some are even creating their slang.

    HMU is a well-known slang term. We will explain the meaning of HMU in this post, as well as when and how to use it. Are you curious? Come after me!

    HMU Meaning In Text 

    HMU stands for Hit Me Up in text. It acts as a request for somebody to get in touch with you. These days, it’s often written without capital letters. Despite being utilized on other social media sites, this slang is most frequently used on Twitter. When contacting someone to ask a question, we commonly found this in the text.

    Although it is incorrect, the joke that HMU stands for “hold my unicorn” became famous after it was referenced in an Urban Dictionary entry from 2010. You could even argue that because user UnicornLover238 provided that definition, they have a prejudice.

    The phrase “hit me up” was originally used to request something from someone or to tell them to call.

    For instance, You can say “HMU when you’re back”. What say, let’s talk about the uses of HMU Text meaning? 

    Use Of HMU Text Meaning

    There are various circumstances where you can use HMU text meaning. Here they are with some illustrations:

    1. A suggestion that you two get together, either now or in the future. For instance, “HMU, when you’re free, let’s meet up at the café today.”

    2. Make a request, such as requesting advice or viewpoints. For instance, “We’re planning to debut a website, right? HMU with concepts”

    3. To promote conversation and applies to dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. For instance, “HMU if you enjoy relaxing and traveling.”

    4. Including your phone number or email address in the list of contact information. For instance, “Hmu on 8426XXXXX if you want to call”. 

    Using slang makes your conversation personal and friendly. It’s all upon you when and where you’re going to use it. 

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    What Is HMU Mean On Snapchat? 

    Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps nowadays. Firstly, it was used to chat and take pictures using a different filter. Its filtering feature makes it the most famous and unique app. 

    HMU meaning on Snapchat is similar to what we use on other platforms which is “hit me up” normally used to say, let’s talk or let’s catch up. The most unique thing about Snapchat is when you text someone, it will disappear after a seen.

    So if you’re texting someone personally then this could be a great way to say hit you up. You must be thinking that how this HMU meaning in text gets into existence. It’s a history behind this. HMU on the next paragraph.

    How Does HMU Originate? 

    Facebook claims that early in 2009, many had never heard of the abbreviation HMU. It was only mentioned in a few posts every day, many of which were probably errors.

    The expression “hit me up” evolved from the slang term “hit up,” which refers to someone who is requesting something. Usually, if it required money

    However, by May 2009, it had begun to expand gradually and was posting an average of 20 times per day, according to the study. “HMU surpassed 80,000 mentions per day by the end of the summer.”

    Facebook stated in 2010 that “HMU” was the term that gained the most popularity during that year in status updates, topping the trend.


    Ok, now you’ve read the article and are ready to use HMU meaning on Snapchat or everywhere you want to use it. HMU meaning is quite common nowadays and you should be familiar with this slang. Because what if someone texts you this slang and you’re like “What the HMU meaning in Text”. Hence, you got embarrassed.

    Don’t wait for such a thing to happen. Hopefully, you got all your answers for what you came here. This article contains all the things such as meaning, use, and examples too. Hope it helps!

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