Versatile Video Production Equipment You Should Know About

    Adjusting even the smallest details of a video production can yield substantial results, for better or worse. Keeping those changes for the better requires a few things, including high-quality hardware. Given the sea of options available, high-quality hardware is a broad term in video production. For instance, some pieces of gear are more versatile than others.

    If you’re looking for ways to elevate your project, look at these pieces of versatile video production equipment you should know about. Even if you’ve already heard of these devices, you may not know just how complex their benefits are for many productions. 


    Teleprompters are for more than presidential speeches, though they certainly excel in that department too. Whether you want to upload excerpts, bullet points, or the whole script, teleprompters present the perfect way to reference your talking points. With the right setup, you can reference the prompter without losing eye contact with your audience. Luckily, a good teleprompter is easy to move around the filming area, so you can find the perfect arrangement ahead of time if you plan properly. 

    In addition, some teleprompters allow for tablet integration, so you can use your iPad to create an easy-to-carry prompter kit. From business events to news broadcasts, you can use this device for many professional needs. This versatility is among the reasons a teleprompter is one of the pieces of essential gear for on-location interviews

    PTZ Cameras 

    Another piece of versatile video production equipment you should know about is a PTZ camera. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom, which describe the basic functionality of the camera. As you can see, PTZ cameras have a versatile array of movements, but that’s not the only flexibility they bring to your production. The compact size of a PTZ camera makes it easy to fit into various nooks and crannies of any shooting area, ensuring you can capture optimal coverage.

    This makes PTZ cameras ideal for event videography, but you can also use them as security cameras. Suffice it to say that these cameras can do a lot, but can they elevate your set? If you need ample coverage for your production, explore the possibilities with PTZ ASAP.

    Ring Lights 

    The ring light’s simple appearance is deceptive because it can improve your production in very precise ways. Ring lights are powerful tools for eliminating shadows and shedding even light across the subject. Plus, if your subject is a person, the ring light will create a uniquely stunning shine in their eye that can bring even more depth and detail to the image.

    What makes this tool so versatile is that it is useful across various video niches. You could be live-streaming a video game, delivering remote health-care services, hosting a news show from home, or creating a new social media post. Regardless of your task, ring lights will help you do it with distinctly stunning lighting.

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