Top React Chart Libraries To Enhance Your Web Projects

    The internet is now part of almost every single aspect of our lives, and so are digital devices and applications. We use them to communicate, to work, and in some cases even to eat!

    This also means that data surrounds us all the time, and it has also become an important part of our existence. Data is used by everyone, but it is not understood by everyone. Web developers, Coders, IT professionals, etc, all known data as they work with it.

    But other individuals like website owners, managers, and admins, who are all part of the same industry as the former, do not understand raw data like the professionals do. This is why it is important to display data properly, and this is where React Chart Libraries come in. 

    What are React Chart Libraries?

    To be understood by those who do not possess technical knowledge, data needs to be presented in a certain way. While data is not visually appealing, it can be presented in the form of charts to make it more pleasing to look at as well as easier to understand. 

    It is usually easy for a web developer to transform data into charts, but if many different types of data are to be presented, then it is easier to use React Chart Libraries. 

    React itself is a free and open-source JavaScript Library used by web developers and React Chart  Libraries are chart libraries that allow users to visualize their data into easy, useful, and efficient charts.

    React Chart Libraries (aka React apps) visualize the data, manage the data libraries, enable users to create and design components as well as help them to maintain the data. These libraries are versatile and scalable. They are also able to work and be maintained for a long period of time.

    Usually, these chart libraries are offered by React Development Companies, who along with providing the services of these libraries, also provide web and app development services. 

    What are the Top 8 React Chart Libraries?

    1) Visx

    This is a React Chart Library that has been developed by Airbnb. Although the company does not  define it as a chart library, rather they refer to Visx as, “a collection of expressive, low-level  visualization primitives for React.”

    As a considerable and laudable achievement, Visx has earned 14.2k stars on GitHub. Furthermore,  according to GitHub, “visx combines the power of d3 to generate your visualization with the benefits  of react for updating the DOM.”

    2) BizCharts

    This is a charting and visualization library that has been developed by the tech giant Alibaba.

    There are a rare few libraries that are as comprehensive and extensive as this. Bizcharts offers visualization solutions for G2 and React-based business applications.

    It has also been upgraded to BizCharts 4.0. This upgrade brings with it a flexible graphics syntax, an interactive syntax, greater animation experience and an improved React coding ability.

    3) Recharts

    Recharts is a redefined chart library that has been made and created with React and D3. It offers native SVG support as it was built upon SVG elements coupled with a lightweight dependency on D3 submodules. Its unique offering is the fact that each component of Recharts is separated. This separation allows users to quickly write and build charts.

    It is one of the most popular React Charting Libraries and it has acquired 17k+ stars on GitHub.

    4) Nivo

    This charting library is built on top of D3 and React. It is one of the very few libraries that along with providing client-side rendering services also provides server-side rendering services. 

    It has 10.5k+ starts and counting on GitHub. Nivo also offers the capability to generate charts using  HTML, SVG, and Canvas.

    Nivo provides a wide selection of customizable charts. A good amount of these charts are also responsive by default.

    5) react-chartjs-2

    React-chartjs-2 is a React wrapper for the JavaScript charting library Chart.js. If users are familiar with  the Chart.js library, then using react-chartjs-2 will be easy and understanding it will be easy as well.

    react-chartjs-2 provides rendering services on the client side only. It supports animation and also  provides responsive charts by default. 

    Although react-chartjs-2 does not have documentation of its own, being familiar with the  documentation of Chart.js is enough. 

    At the time of writing, react-chartjs-2 has 727,046 weekly downloads on npm.

    6) Victory

    Victory is maintained by designers and developers who are part of a software development company called Formidable. According to its website, Victory is, “an  opinionated, but fully overridable, ecosystem of composable React components for building  interactive data visualizations.”

    It has been built on React and D3 and is used for React and React Native. A merit of this component ecosystem is that it uses the same API for all applications. This identical API allows visualization of cross-platform charting i.e., it can chart data for both iOS and Android. 

    7) react-vis

    react-vis is a charting library that has been created by Uber Open Source developers.

    It has been created with React and D3 and it is known as one of the easiest charting libraries which makes it ideal for beginners. 

    This charting library is a collection of React components that aids users to visualize data in many different formats ranging from charts like bar, line, area, radar, and pie and donut to formats like heatmaps, sunbursts, tree maps, scatterplots, and more.

    A huge advantage for beginners is that this library does not require its users to have a great degree of knowledge about data visualization libraries. 

    8) eCharts for react

    eCharts for react is a React wrapper for Apache Echarts.

    eCharts is useful and suited for commercial presentations. It is written in JavaScript and it utilizes the  ZRender rendering engine, which supports Canvas and SVG. 

    This react wrapper provides improved data appearance, responsive design, and enhanced visualization.

    It has around 3.8k stars on GitHub at the time of writing. 


    In drawing to a close, these are the top 8 React Chart Libraries one can use to improve and aid in web projects. Being some of the most popular and most used libraries, these chart libraries can help web developers and IT professionals visualize their data in aesthetically appealing formats.

    Such data is not only easy to understand, but also efficient and organized. This will help to develop refined strategies and make enhanced business decisions. If you are planning to integrate these features into your project, hire React developer to give your ideas shape.

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