Tesla Model Pi Smartphone: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

    Tesla Inc. is an American company. It is running a business in electric vehicles and scalable clean energy-based products in Austin, Texas. Moreover, Tesla company came into existence in July 2003. It makes, sells, and provides services to electric cars. Also, it is running the business of energy generation products. This company usually provides all the innovative products that help them increase sales. The company earns profits and generates revenue by selling automobiles. Tesla is now planning to join smartphone market by lunching its first Tesla Model Pi Smartphone. We are going to discuss all expected news, price, release date and specs about Tesla Pi Smartphone.

    What about the Tesla Phone?

    What about the Tesla Phone

    The idea behind the Tesla phone is the Model Pi/P. Also, some sources try to convince people about its existence. But the company does not confirm this idea. Tesla model Pi is forecast to release the first-ever satellite phone at the Global level.

    Can Tesla Release a Tesla Phone?

    In the history of the Tesla company, they have always released something different and branded products. This company offers interesting products such as Cyber trucks, electric vehicles for small kids, and even the Tesla company designed an umbrella. Like other companies, Tesla also wants to enter into the smartphone industry. But they have not announced any date for their smartphone launch yet.

    There are some underlying reasons because of those we are putting the question in front of company whether this phone will release:

    1. Many rumors are in the mind of the people from an early 2021 YouTube video, but it can clearly say that these ideas are not real. There is no information about it from the Tesla company.
    2. Ideas that are taken into consideration are not real right now. Those ideas like Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars do not seem possible in this real world. It is possible to have these capabilities in that phone’s first model.
    3. There can be some side effects of Neuralink connectivity because of its connectivity with the brain. Moreover, it cannot be possible to convert this idea into reality.

    Moreover, these reasons are not enough to question the phone’s actual release. Tesla’s CEO comments on the future of smartphones and smartwatches that these are not possible with the Neuralink facility.

    Expected Special Features of Tesla Phone

    After considering the rumors about the Tesla smartphone, it is forecast that they can launch a gaming phone. It can also forecast that a smartphone launches with a color-changing body that changes according to the environment. The logo of Tesla company ‘T’ appears in the middle of the blue strip. Also, it is presumed that it may come with solar panels and charging with solar power. Moreover, it will be able to connect the user’s brain to the computer.

    Additionally, it may start Mars Cryptocurrency. It has the possibility of a triple rear camera setup at the back. Its main camera is 108MP. Also, a Super AMOLED display with a 4K-level 6.5 inches screen, Snapdragon 898 Processor, and 2TB storage capacity.

    Tesla Pi Camera

    Satellite internet

    it is rumored that it will work with Starlink. They try to provide this facility on their smartphones. They guarantee the people that it would provide better service on the small device. The download speed estimate is higher than 200 Mbps.

    Solar charging

    Tesla company manufactures solar panels and vehicles. They can use this feature in their phones that rely on solar power.

    Vehicle control

    Pi Vehicle control

    There is already an app for the phones to perform the car’s basic functions, i.e., lock/unlock the car. This app is normally available on all phones. If it is not present, it can be possible that Tesla would give this offer to their phone owners.


    All the phones already used at present use AI and special cameras to photograph the night sky. Rumors are also gossip about the device’s capability of astronomical objects.

    Crypto mining

    Another feature that we come to know is that it’ll mine the cryptocurrency of Mars Coin. It looks so unreasonable that this facility will be available on the phone. Tesla phones try to mine a new coin named Mars Coin.

    Neuralink support

    The idea of Neuralink came into the mind of CEO Elon Musk. They try to connect the human brain with computers and work accordingly. But this feature cannot connect the human mind with the smartphone. Tesla tried to develop the first neural implant.

    Tesla Phone Price Rumors

    Tesla Phone Price Rumors

    A phone with all the advanced technology would cost more than a few thousand dollars. The first model launched by Tesla would be provided at affordable prices when people start using this new technology. Subsequent versions will be available at lower prices. Considering all the facts, we can assume that the phone is real and provided with relatively basic features. Price estimates $800-$1,200.


    Tesla is trying to enter the Smartphone industry. Therefore, some rumors spread about the release of the phone. But the company does not confirm anything about it. Rumors about the phone are that it will come with Neuralink Support, Crypto Mining, and many more.

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