7 Free Online Courses To Supercharge Your Career Development

    When deciding on the ideal career or choosing a course to specialize in, we must consider our skills and what we like to do. However, one question that cannot be left aside at this time is whether there will be a good job offer in that area after graduating. Learning the right Online Courses for Career Development is best as it is available 24*7.

    Knowing what online certificate programs are on the rise helps a lot in choosing the professional path.

    We consulted several surveys based on the opinion of experts in some sectors of the economy and also of recruitment consultants. The result is a list of 7 courses that are on the rise at the moment and that provide opportunities for growth for its professionals.

    Systems Analysis and Development

    The Information Technology (IT) area as a whole is very promising and does not suffer so much from the uncertainties of the economy. Specialists say that the expectation is that this market has an expansion above the economic growth of the country. Among the most demanded IT professionals are the developers of systems, software and applications for mobile devices.

    Accounting Sciences

    Accounting Sciences

    In periods of an uncertain economy, one of the biggest concerns of companies is to keep financial control always up to date. Professionals trained in Accounting Sciences are in great demand, especially when it comes to managing taxes levied on economic activities.

    An accountant knows the tax legislation in depth and is able to outline strategies to improve the company’s development and make it more competitive.


    The search for profitability and profit in companies of all types is increasing. The increase in revenue is a consequence of the results obtained in sales. In this area, the demand for professionals specialized in creating good sales strategies, and promotions and maintaining efficient contact with customers is growing.

    Professionals trained in Marketing are able to identify market trends, profile consumers and create campaigns to maintain a good image of brands and products.


    The Health area usually has the most demanded professionals in the job market. The employability rate is quite high for doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc. Nursing professionals are among the most requested by health institutions. It is possible to enter this career with free professional development courses, which makes it possible to work as a nursing assistant and take on some simpler tasks.

    Graduates in Nursing can follow more complex procedures, in addition to taking on strategic and management positions.

    Environmental Engineering

    The environmental area has been among the most promising careers for some time and this scenario promises to continue. The environmental engineer is one of the most sought-after professionals in this area.

    This training allows the development of projects for the preservation of natural resources and solutions to environmental problems such as river pollution, waste disposal, etc.

    Human Resource Management

    More and more companies seek to improve their productivity by training their employees and retaining professional talent. They invest in Human Resources managers capable of developing and executing employee selection and training programs. The area is very hot for all positions, regardless of the professional’s degree of experience.


    Career Development in Biotechnology

    The Biotechnology free certificate courses by Google prepare professionals to develop and apply technologies in the areas of health, food, chemistry, agribusiness, environment, etc. The job market for biotechnologists is very hot due to the versatility of this profession. It is required in almost all beverage, food, medicine and vaccine production processes.

    The pharmaceutical and food industries are the ones that hire biotechnologists the most. Another up-and-coming area for this professional is the cosmetics industry.

    We have listed 7 important free online courses with free certificates for you. Along with these, you can also join:

    Oil and Gas Engineering

    According to surveys, the oil and gas sector should show one of the biggest growths in terms of creating new jobs. The amount of skilled labour in this area is still low, which makes it easy for recent graduates to get a job.

    Information Security

    Information Security is an area of ​​IT that deals with the integrity of information and protects it from unauthorized access. Professionals in this area need to know communication technologies and ensure that data exchange happens efficiently and securely.


    Careers related to management and businesses are often among the most promising. The Administration course is quite a generalist and trains professionals capable of working in different departments within a company. An administrator can work with finance, sales, production processes, logistics, etc.


    We would like to believe that no matter what courses you complete, the acquired skills will definitely come in handy for you, both in professional activities and in everyday life. So, choose your favorite career and take a reliable 2-week certification program online to learn successfully and move forward in your next journey securely.

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