Love On The Spectrum Where Are They Now?

    Love on the spectrum is a reality television show. It is an Australian reality TV show. The show is available on a couple of OTT platforms. Further, fans can watch the show on Netflix and ABC iview. 

    Read through the article to know more about the show and the cast. 

    Premises Of Love On The Spectrum 

    As mentioned earlier in the article, love on the spectrum is a television reality show. It is an Australian reality show that airs on OTT platforms now. Further, the show was created by Cian O’Clery. It consists of two seasons and the show is famous as a dating show. Love on the spectrum cast explores the dating world. The cast on the show consists of real people suffering from Autism. 

    Furthermore, the show consists of nine episodes. Each episode runs for fifty-eight minutes and follows the cast looking for love. The show was produced by Northern Pictures company. Further, the original network that released the show was ABC TV. Also, the initial two seasons of the show aired in the years 2019 and 2021 respectively. 

    Good News To The Fans Of Love On The Spectrum 

    In case you heard the rumors of love on the spectrum in the US, then yes, it is true. The show released its new season. In other words, love on the spectrum season 3 is out. The new season is said to be aired worldwide. Also, the new season of the show was shot in the United States of America. Therefore, all fans of love on the spectrum can look forward to a new and exciting season.

    The reason for the new season of love on the spectrum is the popularity of the show. Further, the Australian version of the show was a huge hit and gained a lot of viewers. So, it is the reason why makers decided to release an American spin-off. The spin-off also follows people suffering from Autism and the challenges they face looking for love. Love on the spectrum US is a unique dating reality show that stands out among its competitors. It is very interesting and entertaining shown to watch. Finally, season 3 of the show is available on Netflix and consists of six episodes. 

    Previous Cast Of Love On The Spectrum – Where Are They Now?

    Even after the successful completion of three seasons, fans of the show are curious about the cast. Let’s know more about the cast of love on the spectrum. 

    Michael Theo

    Let’s start with one of the favorite casts on the show – Michael. He was part of the show for seasons one and two. Michael was known for his funniest moments on the show. He had a healthy sense of humor and wit on the show. Fans of the show rooted for Michael to find true love. However, it didn’t work out for him. 

    At present, he runs a podcast called Mr. A +. Also, he is working with an agent to get some acting opportunities. Finally, he is still on the hunt to find one true love. 

    Sharnae Furner And Jimmy Berresford

    Sharnae and Jimmy are the most adorable couple on the show. Their love for each other has not reduced since season one. The couple returned in season two of the show and they were part of love on the spectrum cast. Further, most of the second season followed the couple planning and organizing a wedding. The season ended on a beautiful note with them tying the knot. 

    At present Sharnae works as a check-out operator at Woolworths in Australia. On the other hand, Jimmy works as a Janitor at a school. 

    Olivia Sharpe 

    Yet another member who was part of the show is Olivia. She was one member of the show who that previous experience with the spotlight. Further, Olivia was earlier working with a theatre company. Tough through the show she was unable to find true love, but her journey of dating was fun to watch. 

    Furthermore, Olivia not much is known about her after the show ended. But during an interview, she mentioned that she continues to look for true love. Also, she is bisexual and is exploring dating of woman. 

    Kevin Wong

    The fourth cast of love on the spectrum is Kevin. Before appearing on the show, Kevin struggled with his dating life. Later on, he met Jodi on the show helped him understand things about dating. He went on a couple of dates on the show but was unable to find love. 

    However, he was a talented artist and liked making animes. His Instagram account is filled with his drawings and artistic work. Apart from this, there is no other information about his present life. 

    Mark Radburn 

    The fifth member on our list of previous cast members of the show – love on the spectrum is Mark. Mark is no longer part of social media, so it is hard to know what is his current position. However, previous Mark worked as a part-time employee in Mc Donald’s and lived in a house adjacent to his parents. 

    Further, during his appearance on the show love on the spectrum season 2, he went on a date with Chole. But the couple didn’t last long and he is yet to find love. 

    Katie And Ronan

    The last two cast members of the show live on the spectrum, Katie and Ronan. Many fans wondered if the couple is still together after the show. Good news for the fans, yes, Katie and Ronan continued to stay together even after the show. Recently, Ronan shared on Instagram wishing Katie a happy birthday with a series and photos and videos of them being together. Apart from this, the couple has maintained a very low profile on social media. In other words, there is no information about them after then that they are together even after the show.

    Bottom line 

    To sum it up, Love on the spectrum season 2 and 3 is an entertaining show. It consists of an interesting bunch of people looking to find true love. The show is Australian based that follows autistic people exploring the world of dating. Further, the latest season 3 of love of the spectrum took place in the US and was aired on Netflix. Here in this article, we have shared information about the current life of the previous cast of the show.

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