iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date, Specs And Other Details

    If you’re considering buying one of Apple’s 2022 models in the coming year, here are a few things you’ll need to take care of before buying. iPhone 14 release date arrives. It’s still a while away from the announcement of Apple, but there are plenty of reasons to consider looking forward to an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Max. Apple is expected to launch four new iPhones this year, though it will likely eliminate its “Mini” model out of its range.

    The iPhone 14 series will reportedly include a range of improvements, including a brand upgraded processor, better cameras, a hole punch design, and much more. There’s no official iPhone 14 launch date yet, and the announcement isn’t expected for a while, but the signs suggest an announcement within and around the expected date of September.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price

    The best time to guess the date when it is that the iPhone 14 Pro Max – along with the other models of the iPhone 14 line – will be revealed is September 13. We’re not juicing that number out of thin air; instead, leakers have indicated that date explicitly.

    As of now, only one source has confirmed this, so we’d be taking it with an eye on the ball; however, no other dates are known, and September 13 could make sense, considering that in the past, Apple has launched new numbers for iPhones in the middle of September. Typically, it’s on a Tuesday, as September 13 is.

    It’s not the time you’ll get hold of the device, but it’s expected to arrive 10-days later, possibly on September 23. While the dates appear plausible, there’s a possibility they’re not, particularly since the lockdowns that have been taking place in China have delayed production by a few weeks. However, Apple is said to be working hard to return to its schedule.

    For the price, one source suggests that there could be similar pricing to those of the iPhone 13 line, which will mean a base cost of $1,099 or PS1,049 or AU$1,849 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    A different source suggests that the phone will begin with a price of $1199 (around PS955 or 1,665 Australian dollars), that is, $100 (roughly PS80 or 140 AU) over the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The price increase would be plausible considering the number of features expected to be upgraded on the phone.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Design

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Design

    The iPhone 14 Pro Max might not look exactly like the previous iPhone because Apple is said to be eliminating the notch. The image suggests the existence of a tiny camera cut-out instead of the notch, just as many Android phones do. It also has fewer camera bumps at the rear of the phone, as the phone appears to have been made thicker to achieve this.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Display

    Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max indeed sounds like it could be an essential improvement in many ways, the screen may not be the most impressive in the first place, thanks to Ross Young – a leaker with a track record of success claims that the phone will feature a 6.68-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1284 x 2778 pixels. The screen has a 120Hz refresh rate and 458 pixels/. These specs will make it similar to Apple’s 13 Pro Max display.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera

    The camera is set to get an upgrade of a significant amount on this model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Instead of the 12-megapixel primary sensor found that was on the predecessor, this model will be getting the 48MP version. It is according to a reputable analyst, Ming-Chi Wu, who has repeatedly stated this claim. A different analyst has also echoed the claim.

    We’ve not heard much about the other two devices, but they might be the same as the previous ones: an ultrawide 12MP camera and a 12MP telephoto snapper with 3-fold optical zoom.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Specs and Features

    According to a source, the iPhone 14 Pro Max could be a larger battery than its predecessor. This is an intriguing claim considering that this is the iPhone 13 Pro Max already offers a great battery endurance. We’ve also been told – by a likely source that its battery might have less powerful at 4,323mAh.

    It is lower than the 4,352mAh battery in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. There have also been talks of a port-less iPhone soon that would be able to charge wirelessly, but it’s unlikely that Apple will make that leap with an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Specs and Features

    The iPhone 14 Pro Max will likely include An A16 Bionic chipset. This is no surprise given that the current model is equipped with the A15 Bionic. How big of an upgrade this new chip be will not be as clear. Some sources suggest that it could be built using a 4nm or 3nm process, which is down to 5nm in the case of A15 Bionic The latest leak suggests the chip staying at 5nm.

    More compact numbers are preferred in this case. Moving to a lower number will usually indicate a significant boost in efficiency or power; however, even if it stays at 5nm, you’re bound to see some improvement. The RAM could remain at 6GB or increase to 8GB based on the person you inquired. However, we’ve heard about the 6GB claim several times, which makes it appear more likely shortly.

    Storage may get a significant boost, but it could top at an impressive 2TB. This is double the storage you find on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Another option, though a less likely scenario, is using an eSIM instead of the physical SIM. The iPhone currently has both, and should Apple decide to go this route, and there’ll likely be different versions compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Pro Max allows physical SIM cards, but most mobile networks don’t allow eSIMs at the moment.

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