Google Pixel Slate M3 Review: Is The Base Model Worth Buying?

    According to the Google notification, it decides to stop making new series of google tablets. The Google Pixel Slate is the next version of the Chrome OS. Google is launching the expensive series of tablet Google Pixel Slate M3 models. The Pixel Slate comes at a starting price of $599, to $999, With a 12.3 -inch screen with a bondable(Optional) keyboard.

    Chrome OS has been updated to solve the problem. The Google Pixel Slate combines a good screen and great sound quality. Chrome OS is growing from time to time, but some Android App still looks so good. But, this product has some bugs. We will hope the developer recognizes and fix them very soon.

    If Google fixes these small bugs, I will ensure that the Google Pixel Slate makes a very good computer in this compatible market.

    Google Pixel Slate Price and Feature

    The Google pixel base variant comes in $599 with an Intel Celeron CPU and 4GB RAM, and 32 GB of memory. Another variant is $999 with an Intel Core i5 processor along with 8GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. Apart from that, you can purchase in $199 Pixel Slate attachable keyboard, and those who prefer to handwriting and seeketh also go with a $99 Pixelbook pen.

    You can’t buy Google slate with an i5 processor with 64 GB ROM. This variant is available in the m3 CPU Variant. We will not recommend that you make the main device to Core m3. It would be best if you had minimal and mind level.

    Additionally, you can buy a Google care warranty. To pay $149, in this care warranty, you can get 24*7 technical Support with an extra year of hardware coverage. Moreover, it covers two accidental damage repairs within two year period. If you add this feature to the product, its estimated cost is $1198.

    Google Pixel Slate Design

    Pixel Slate Design

    The Google Pixel Slate’s dark midnight blue color gives it’s a classy look. Further, the Google pixel aluminum body feels strong And durable. The pixel slate bezels good awesome compared to the new iPad Pro. But the black pinstripes are not big to look historic.

    Google Pixel Slate Ports

    All are excited to see dual USB type-c ports in the pixel slate. It is a good lesson to Apple’s organization. To give the dual USB port creates the modern environment in the technology. The Google pixel slate beat the surface pro 6 with it. One frustrating trouble we will find is external device support after transferring large. It supports a multi GB file to the pixel slate and springs to crash and reboot. The screen goes black for the moment when you open the new chrome tab. But file transfer works in a manner way.

    The Google pixel slate doesn’t contain a 3.5mm audio jack. Also, it provides the USB type-c to 3.5 mm audio adapter. You can connect the Google pixel keyboard into the google pixel slate with a given pogo port.

    Google Pixel Slate Display

    The Google Pixel Slate, 12.3 inches screen, comes with awesome colors and full details. Also, the screen resolution is 3000×2000 pixels at 293 pixels per inch. The Pixel Slate screen innovate 120 % of the RGB colors range. It barely jumps over the 116% norms, and 117% rating forms the pixel book. Negligible higher rating arrived from the surface pro six and iPad pro, but Galaxy book two-screen puffs a much higher % rating.

    Google Pixel Slate Display

    The Pixel Slate is decently bright, removing up to 337 nits. Also, it smashes the 316-nit premium laptop average and reaches near the 350-nit Galaxy Book 2. We can see a brighter screen in the surface pro 6 (408 nits). The pixel slate brightness is powerful sufficiently for the worthy viewing angles. Its colors stay strong and not dim when considered at 35 degrees to the left and right. The Pixel Slate provides sound touch screen.

    Google Pixel Slate Keyboard

    Pixel Slate Keyboard

    The Google pixel slate keyboard comes with a backlight. Also, it is optional $199 extra to pay to buy it. Most people like this keyboard because it has its feature. Like that, mostly keyboards come with square-type keys, including the round shape keys. One more thing I like is negligible sound, and other keyboards make sounds.

    Google Pixel Slate Bluetooth Trouble

    Google Pixel slate supports Bluetooth 4.2. Sometimes, we found a couple of annoying issues when listing music on Pixel Slate with Bluetooth headphones and using with Bluetooth keyboard. It automatically heals. We have tried to reach out the Google to see tell these issues. But it replies to fix this issue in the next update.

    Google Pixel Slate Audio

    The sound quality is pretty much interesting. Google pixel slate is a good example of sound quality. The sound of the device is not pitching in the ear. Also, you can hear a lot of sounds from its two front-firing speakers. Moreover, the overall sound is pretty good.

    Google Pixel Slate Performance

    The Google pixel slate is launched with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8200Y processor and 8GB of RAM. This kind of feature provides this device with enough speed for good productivity. Overall performance of this device is good and 4.3 rating out of the 5.

    Google Pixel Slate Battery life

    The Google pixel slate lasts for a reliably long amount of time. Pixel slate battery life is around 10 hours. We can’t face any major issues in this section, and overall battery health is good.

    Google Pixel Slate webcam

    In that generation, no one used the tablet camera. But the google pixel slate provides the 8 MP rear camera. Also, it is a decent camera and captures the most details in the photos. Moreover, it captures very good details in the photos and night little bit of captured blue pics. Overall very things are fine.

    Google Pixel Slate Heat

    The Pixel Slate can be a normal heat after playing 15 min of HD Video. Also, the temperature is captured by the heat gun is 80 degrees. It is quite normal.


    We have discussed all the specifications in a detailed description. Overall, it is the high impacted product from Google. Google provides quality and reliable products. The Google Pixel Slate comes with the sound quality of performance, attractive display, and good battery life.

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    The Google Pixel Slate combines a good screen and great sound quality. Chrome OS is growing from time to time, but some Android App still looks so good. But, this product has some bugs. We will hope the developer recognizes and fix them very soon.


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