The 8 Best Totally Free Nintendo Switch Games

    The Nintendo Switch is one of the all-time most well-liked home consoles. It is now the Nintendo home console with the most lifetime sales. If you have one, you most likely play it often and could use some new game concepts. For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of the top free Nintendo Switch games below.

    If you’re wondering, the answer is that you can now download and play these free games on your Nintendo Switch. The creators have kept the game’s main gameplay free to promote in-game purchases of upgrades, additional content, and other optional extras.

    8 best Nintendo free switch games

    1. Asphalt 9 Legends

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    Since there aren’t many free-to-play racing games for the Nintendo Switch, we had to include Asphalt 9 Legends to be fair to this list. This Nintendo Switch Free Game is for you if you like driving in many stunning surroundings and customizing your vehicle.

    However, there are several notable limitations in Asphalt 9: Legends’ free edition. True, you may rent a vehicle and go to other destinations for free, but some of those outings will have a time restriction. You may play in several vehicles, modifications, and settings, but you’ll need to pay money for them.

    If you like the game, take our recommendation and avoid purchasing individual tokens. Instead of worrying about microtransactions, get the Starting Racer Pack, which will offer you a tonne of blueprints, 200,000 credits, and 300 tokens—enough to get you through most of the game. If all you want to do is drive a fantastic automobile, you don’t need to make any investments.

    2. Color Zen

    Color Zen

    The term “Zen” occurs in this game’s title, given the mental condition you will be in after finishing it. Color Zen is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing video games ever created with its chillout music that has trip-hop influences and slowly mixing floating colors.

    Color Zen begins as a relatively basic experience before becoming increasingly tougher, much like most puzzle games. The game makers are hoping that if you play the free version of the game, which has dozens of them, you will like these levels and wish to play more of them. The shockingly cheap downloadable content packs (we’re talking $1 each) that provide themed levels to keep your Zen state of mind come into play at this stage.

    You shouldn’t be concerned if you like this Nintendo Switch Lite Game but wish it were even more portable since it is also accessible on Android.

    3. Fortnite


    Fortnite is, without a doubt, a craze, so it was pretty much a certainty that it would be included in our list of the top best Nintendo Switch games. Despite not having created the genre, Fortnite now monopolizes how the battle royale subgenre is defined. Its popularity has increased far beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

    We won’t get too far into the game since most players have already played it on one of the many available platforms (including Android). In all practical respects, the gameplay is similar to that of any other platform; the only difference is that it is now playable free on the Nintendo Switch.

    There aren’t any extra costs to play the game, and there have never been. The actual game may now be downloaded for free, and playing it for many hours is cost-free. But if you want to change anything about your character’s appearance, it will cost you money.

    4. Pokemon Quest

    Pokemon Quest

    Some of the best free Nintendo Switch games are Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee and the more traditional Pokémon games Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Let’s Go, Arceus. Pokémon Quest isn’t as good as those other games in many aspects, but it is one of the greatest free games on the Nintendo Switch, which is something the other games can’t claim.

    As you may expect, finding and becoming friends with numerous Pokémon is part of the Pokemon Quest. Because of its distinctive cube-art look, the game distinguishes itself from past Pokémon games despite being smaller and including microtransactions.

    Pokémon Quest is a free game to play. However, considering that a significant chunk of the game focuses on you claiming Tumblecube Island as your own, the opportunity to purchase some great trinkets to beautify your base camp could be too appealing. Pokemon Quest may be played without spending any money if you can manage to resist.

    5. Super Bomberman R Online

    Super Bomberman R Online

    In a later portion of this article, we’ll talk about Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99, two video games where you may play against 98 other people online. But you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play those games. Although they are technically free, this limitation may not be appropriate for you. Thankfully, Super Bomberman R Online is exempt from this limitation. Without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you may fight against up to 64 opponents worldwide.

    The gameplay of earlier Bomberman games is comparable to that. As you compete to beat your opponents by finishing more stages, you drop bombs, gather powerups, and try to dodge obstacles. The Switch version’s very slow loading times are its sole real flaw. But with a best free Nintendo switch game, who can argue?

    6. Super Kirby Clash

    Super Kirby Clash

    The brave Kirby is one of the most important characters in the Nintendo world, contends against countless competitors in this free game. Super Kirby Clash is a title where you can confront terrifying bosses in intense battles alone or with up to three friends. Everyone will select their edition of Kirby with several skills and abilities and then instruct for tough battles where a good strategy is important to obtain victory.

    The title is perfect if you want to play a lite game in the company of your colleagues. While the base game is free to play, some of the alternatives have to be paid for to unlock them, but nothing halts you from continuing to play in its free-to-play form.

    7. Dauntless


    If you like Monster Hunter and you can’t stop yourself to play Monster Hunter: Rise, the new chapter completely for Switch, then you can relieve the holdup by playing Dauntless. The title features mechanics similar to those of the popular series developed by Capcom, and will leave you in the shoes of an Assassin who will have to wander several flying islands in search of albatross, hazardous creatures that compel humanity.

    The gameplay is action and you have to confront monsters to get parts and develop more and more powerful armor and weapons. This title also enables you to receive your progress that has been attained on other editions of the game and also accentuates cross-play with other platforms, so you can play your Nintendo Switch game from any possible location.

    8. Brawhalla


    Even among battling game fans, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate(opens in new tab) can be divisive. The category of gravity-wrangling, weapon-raining combat might not be for you, even if you ‘enriched’ your boyhood every available quarter into Street Fighter II. And that’s where the terrific Brawhalla comes in. It’s a free, timely, beautifully-designed fighter that will convey a clear understanding of how you’ll endure Smash’s frenetic combat. But more than this, it’s an outstanding standalone scrapper in its own right.


    We attempted to make a list of free Nintendo Switch Games as varied as we could. There are games in various genres, including puzzle games, racing games, platformers, first-person shooters, and pinball simulators. The best free Switch games mentioned below will appeal to almost everyone who likes video games.

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