Best Free Games for Oculus Quest 2 in 2022

    Does Oculus Quest 2 come with games? The VR world offers a wealth of amusement, but since the technology is pricey and each game is specialized, it may be an expensive pastime at first. Although there are numerous free Oculus Quest 2 games 2022 available for free download and play, players can always check the daily offer for more affordable applications.

    Oculus Quest 2 Free Games List

    Oculus Quest 2 Free Games List

    The Silkworm

    Although this best free Oculus Quest 2  game for kids known as Silkworm, Spider-Man could be a better name given how the players would feel. In the beginning of the game, the players are put into a city and given full reign to move about, jump, and climb as they like.

    The most amazing ability is the ability to weave silk webs, which can be used to zipline around cities, push individuals in diverse directions, and produce stunning artwork. The Oculus store has a number of wonderful free grappling games, but this is a nice way to see if you’ll like the genre or suffer motion sickness from it.

    Oculus Gun Raiders

    Gun Raiders is the best free Oculus Quest 2 shooter game out there for ardent gamers. In this game, players may experiment with a range of different shooter game types, honing their abilities with various weapons and meeting new people in the process. It’s a fantastic starting point for new Oculus adventurers.

    This is a great method to experience all the Oculus has to offer without having to spend $10–30 every game, plus the fact that most public VR communities are active. It is the least priced choice, but it doesn’t make it a terrible one because of the variety of game types and movement features.

    Gods of Gravity

    Gods of Gravity

    Gods of Gravity is a terrific choice for people searching for a game that is still a lot of fun but less physically demanding. While attempting to conquer the adjacent planets and stars with the god talents they discover along the way, players must protect their home worlds.

    The game can be played alone or with several players, and is one of the few strategy games that effectively adapts to the VR reality without appearing like a needless modification. Moving from planet to planet makes it immersive, and the virtual reality aspect of the game adds to the drive to plot swiftly and well.

    Pokerstars VR

    Pokerstars VR and Poker VR are two free poker apps that can be found in the app store. Pokerstars VR is the more popular choice, although both are useful and well worth the download. One of the best free multiplayer Oculus Quest 2 games has lately created a terrific community, enabling new players to rapidly start connecting with their virtual peers.

    The props in Pokerstars VR are among the game’s greatest features. Although some individuals find them unsettling, bear in mind that having fun with VR is one of its most crucial components. Pokerstars VR is a great option for individuals who like playing poker, want to experiment with virtual reality, and want to connect with others from across the globe.

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    Ancient Dungeon

    Ancient Dungeon

    The video game business has always relied on dungeon crawlers, and VR is no exception. Even though there are a few in some open VR spaces like VRChat and the Rec Room, Ancient Dungeon is one of the greatest dungeon crawling games out there.

    It has been positively compared to the graphics and quality of the well-known PC game, Minecraft Dungeons. Oculus players should get the Beta version of the game even if the complete version is $19.99 since the randomly generated dungeons make it simple to play again.

    The use of virtual reality in infrared

    Sports games abound on the Oculus Store, but many of them are too expensive to purchase and play. The good news is that Echo VR, despite being one of the few, is now one of the top free sports games. Imagine a game of ultimate frisbee or Ender’s Game where players must navigate zero-gravity rooms in order to score goals.

    Thanks to the possibility of competing against AI or other live players, there is always an opportunity to hone your abilities and build your own Echo VR teams. This game effectively uses the VR environment to develop sports, since players are not limited by their bodies or even by gravity. One of the most interesting VR experiences is made possible by the game’s excellent VR compatibility.

    We Are One

    We Are One

    This is not your typical strategy game. We are one that necessitates meticulous preparation, accuracy in the field, and punctuality. Players may make clones of themselves that they must interact with in order to accomplish each level. They must have the capacity to collaborate with their future selves and have faith in the wisdom of their past selves.

    For those that persevere past the first learning curve, the best free Oculus Quest Game may drive players to lose track of time as they come up with complex plans that need independent thinking.


    Liminal is a brand-new Oculus Rift software that was just released by the App Lab. Users of this application get access to a variety of activities and experiences that are meant to provoke various emotions, such as relaxation, pleasure, and wonder. Every week, a select few experiences from each category are made accessible for free and allow for coin “liking.”


    You can find Free Best Oculus Quest 2 Games on the Oculus Store. There are lots of free App Lab games in several phases of improvement.

    Free VR games are simple to come by, but the quality can be a bit hit-or-miss on some. However, if you’re searching for Oculus Quest 2 games or alternatives to pricey games like Space Pirate Trainer, App Lab is the place to look.

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