Apple Watch Stuck On Apple logo – Best Ways To Fixes

    You’ll find helpful information in our article whether you’re using an older Apple Watch running watchOS 7 or a brand-new Apple Watch running the most recent watchOS 8, especially the Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo. The troubleshooting procedures have also been arranged in descending order of complexity, beginning with those that won’t lose any data and concluding with those that will reset the Apple Watch to its factory settings.

    Apple Watch Stuck On Apple Logo – Here’s How To Fix

    Put Your Apple Watch Towards The Magnetic Charging Pad First

    When an Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo, Simply putting your Apple Watch on the magnetic charger may be enough to remove the Apple logo from your display. So, give this tip a go-to check whether the smartwatch turns on properly.

    Let The Software Update Or Restoration Process Some More Time To Finish

    It’s more likely that, if you were updating the Watch’s software, it’s still loading up and won’t function until the update is complete than that the Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo. Giving the Watch ample time to download the update is necessary. However, if the Apple logo still appears after a considerable time, you may want to consider doing one of the corrective actions listed below.

    Delete All Currently Installed Software Update-Related Files

    Try wiping the update files to see if that helps. If you’ve given your Watch enough time to do the upgrade, nothing else is occurring but the Apple logo. Unbeknownst to you, the files needed to update your Apple Watch’s software are transferable. If nothing works to try to turn off the Apple Watch. Here’s how to accomplish your goals:

    If the “My Watch” section is not already displayed on your iPhone, open the “Watch” app and navigate to that area.

    • A designated tab I Wore the Apple Watch to the Watch.
    • From the current General menu, choose “Storage.”
    • The Apple Watch firmware file should be deleted from your PC.
    • To delete the update file, choose Software Update and then select Delete.

    After successfully removing the file apple restarted the apple watch, it is advisable to reinstall it on your Apple Watch. There is optimism that the situation will become better. Try another thought if the first one doesn’t work.

    Turn On Your Apple Watch By Wearing It

    Despite being overused, the question “did you try turning it off and on again?” is nevertheless helpful in many circumstances. Because of this, the investigation is no longer innovative. Try rapidly restarting the Apple Watch if it has intermittent problems, such as freezing at the Apple logo.

    Hold the side button until the Apple Watch power-off slider appears on the screen, then release the button.

    • Move your Apple Watch to the left to turn it off.
    • Restore the factory settings on your Apple Watch.
    • You may restart the Apple Watch by tapping the side button after it has stopped for a brief period.

    If your Apple Watch restarts appropriately, the problem has been resolved. It may be time to look elsewhere if the Apple logo continues appearing on your Apple Watch no matter what you do.

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    Use Find My To Reset Your Apple Watch If It Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

    The Find, My app on an iPhone can benefit more than simply locating lost or stolen items like family members and friends. Do this to resolve the issue where your Apple Watch freezes at the Apple logo and reset Apple Watch. Although this is a novel solution, many people have reported success, so why not give it a shot? I’ll explain what you should do right now

    • Open Find My on your iPhone and choose the “Devices” menu option to reach this area.
    • Look for the My app on your iPhone.

    At this point, you may need to raise the Device’s to handle to see all the connected devices. The next step is to tap the screen of your Apple Watch and choose the Play Sound option. At least try, to reset the Apple Watch.

    On Your Apple Watch, Play Audio

    Your Apple Watch will normally “unfreeze” and resume regular operation as soon as you command it to generate sounds. Try to turn off your Apple Watch. This is because each time a sound is played, the Watch’s internal speaker is turned on. But don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you; many more options are available. Keep up your study schedule.


    You may use the associated iPhone to repair a damaged Apple Watch as long as the watchOS version is at least 8.5 and the iOS version is at least 15.4. Before adding a self-repair function, Apple Watch owners had to bring their devices to an Apple service location for repairs. You can discover many troubleshooting tips online if your Apple Watch seems to be acting up. So follow the suggestions listed above when the Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo. For more information, You can visit their official website here.

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