Why Your Business Should Still Own A Fax Machine

    Many people and businesses think that fax machines belong in the past. Learn why your business should keep and use your office’s fax machine.

    Technology continues to develop and change for the better. Some old pieces of technology remain popular for businesses, though, including the fax machine. If your business is trying to decide whether to toss out this machine or keep it, we can help. Keep reading to learn why your business should still own and use a fax machine.

    Faxes Are Secure

    While the internet does wonders for helping us stay connected, it also creates many more opportunities for phishing and scams, as well as more innocent mistakes like sending messages to the wrong people. You don’t have to face those insecurities with a fax. For a fax, all you must know is the name of the business. Once you have that, you can securely send messages and documents exactly where they need to go. Plus, this method ensures no one else interrupts or accidentally sees the content of the message you send.

    Faxes Aren’t Internet-Dependent

    You can send digital faxes now, which many people do because of the combination of security and convenience. Unfortunately, digital faxes and many other kinds of electronic communications are dependent on a connection. That means if your Wi-Fi drops or the person you’re trying to communicate with can’t connect online, you can’t send the information you need to. Fax machines, while old-fashioned, only require electricity, so you can depend on them even if the internet isn’t working. 

    Including your fax number on your business card ensures any of your customers or clients can reach you. There are some details you shouldn’t put on a business card because they’re unnecessary, but many people find a working fax number helpful, especially in areas with unreliable connections.

    Faxes Keep Records

    Sometimes you need proof that certain information made it through. While you can find proof that an email or other form of electronic message was sent, you can’t always find proof that the person on the other end received it. If they claimed they didn’t receive it, then you’ll have to try to send everything again and hope it arrives.

    Meanwhile, faxes provide confirmation pages. You’ll always know that you successfully sent your message and that they received it. You can keep that confirmation page to maintain complete records. Many businesses appreciate this functionality because it gives them peace of mind, especially when customers need to request certain things, such as past interactions or forms.

    Your business should still own a fax machine and give out the fax number because faxes are secure, don’t depend on the internet, and help you keep complete records. While digital faxes are overtaking fax machines in popularity and provide similar benefits, you should keep your fax machine if it helps you run your business efficiently.

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