How To Share My Screen On FaceTime On iPhone, Mac, And iPad

    How to share my screen on FaceTime? Everyone wants that they connect with their family and friend over a long distance. FaceTime has made it easier, this is the right way to enjoy yourself with your relatives. You can share your screens on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. FaceTime is a well-founded way to do voice chat on iPhones, Mac, and iPad. It is easy to faceTime if you have Apple devices.

    In the FaceTime app, you can try SharePlay to share your screen in a FaceTime call—you can send webpages, conversations, and also the apps. you can show your photo album, get feedback from others on what you’re working on, and plan a vacation, also you can see and hear the reactions of others on the call.

    Sharing your screen via FaceTime is useful when you need help troubleshooting or want to communicate with others remotely. Notifications will be hidden while you share your screen.

    How To Screen Share On FaceTime On iPhone

    Here are the steps you may take if you use an iPhone to learn more about how to use FaceTime. You need to upgrade your phone or tablet if you want to use FaceTime screen sharing but it isn’t working or you can’t find the screen sharing button.

    1. Open FaceTime on your device and tap on the new FaceTime.
    2. Now select the contact that you want to share on your screen and tap on the FaceTime button.
    3. Once the call has been connected, near the top right of the screen, tap on the screen share icon.
    4. Now tap on the Share my screen and wait till the 3 seconds countdown finishes.
    5. Then your device’s screen will be shared with the call partaker, you will have to tap on the camera to share it.
    6. Now swipe up on the screen to minimize the FaceTime call and navigate to the app you may want to share with the FaceTime callers.

    Until you stop sharing, anyone can view what’s on your screen, but they can’t do anything else with it. Others won’t be able to view any notifications that you receive while sharing your screen.

    How To Screen Share On FaceTime on Mac

    During FaceTime video chats, you may share your screen to demonstrate apps, websites, and more with sharePlay in FaceTime on macOS in Monterey. Together, you may listen to and watch each other’s emotions as you browse a new album or gain input on a project you are working on. To share a screen on FaceTime, follow these steps:

    1. To share your Mac’s screen with someone else, first open the FaceTime program on your Mac and connect the connection.
    2. Next, click the FaceTime symbol in the menu bar and choose the screen sharing option.
    3. After choosing the window and moving the mouse to it, click on Share this Window Now. Select the screen option from the FaceTime menu if you wish to share the entire Mac screen.
    4. The other FaceTime caller will now be able to view your screen or window after completing.
    5. Simply click the FaceTime icon and hit the cease screen sharing button when you are finished sharing your screen.

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    How To Share Screen On FaceTime IOS 15

    Since iOS 15 is still a work in progress, things could change by the time the latest interaction of iOS is released to everyone this fall. Here is the guide on how to share screen on FaceTime iOS 15:

    • Step 1: Open FaceTime on your iOS device.
    •  Step 2: To start the call click on the FaceTime meeting link. Then, tap on the “i” button and select the “Share Link” option. Onwards, share the meeting link with your friends. Alternatively, just type the number of a person with whom you want to share your FaceTime, and click on the start button.
    •  Step 3: Then to Share your screen, click on the share button present in the right corner of the new control panel.
    •  Step 4: Next, tap on “Share My Screen“. Screen sharing will kickstart after a quick countdown of 3 to 1.
    • Step 5: Lastly, navigate to the app you want to screen share with your friends or family over FaceTime. That’s it.

    Advantages Of Screen Share

    These are the main advantage of using the feature because screen sharing might be used differently by different people.

    1. Collaborate and work with colleagues.
    2. Watch movies with friends.
    3. To troubleshoot and help in troubleshooting.
    4. Share an image with another person.
    5. To remotely present information to other people.

    FaceTime For Android Users

    After September 2021, Android users will also be able to utilize FaceTime. But neither Microsoft Edges nor the Google Play Store offers the option to get it. The link sent to you by the individual with an Apple device is all you need to join FaceTime on an Android or Windows device. FaceTime for Android is essentially what Google Duo is.


    Ultimately, it’s our responsibility to warn the wrong things. If you have sensitive information on your screen, be wary about screen sharing because the other party might see it. When viewing a screen shared over FaceTime on an iPad or iPhone, there may be some screen resolution difficulties because of various devices. For more information visit their official website here.

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