Nvidia RTX 4090 – Release Date, Price, Specs, And Benchmark

    The new Nvidia flagship graphics card will disrupt the market for high-end gaming PCs. We have complete knowledge about the GeForce Nvidia RTX 4090 release date, specs, price and benchmark.

    The Nvidia RTX 4090, which may be introduced as the RTX 5090, possesses a formidable appearance and might disrupt the gaming PC industry. Team green continues to prioritize the GeForce RTX 3000 series. Nonetheless, it is fantastic to play the most recent Steam titles with a GPU that is twice as fast as the RTX 3090.

    Expected Release Date Nvidia RTX 4090

    Expected Release Date Nvidia RTX 4090

    The RTX 4090 release date has been widely rumored to be later in the year, but the firm has not yet issued an official release timeframe. Every two years, the business typically launches a new graphics card architecture. It is thus not unreasonable to anticipate the arrival of the RTX 4000 flagship shortly.

    Earlier this year, hardware leakers said that Nvidia Lovelace graphics cards such as the RTX 4090 would be ready by mid-July, but recent evidence reveals that may delay the RTX 4000 somewhat. A glut of RTX 3000 GPUs may force team green to postpone the launch.

    Expected Price Nvidia RTX 4090

    Nvidia has not officially announced pricing for the RTX4090, but we may make reasonable assumptions based on the current costs of GeForce graphics cards. The suggested retail price for the RTX 3090 is $1,499. The Founders Edition Lovelace flagship would likely cost at least as much as its Ampere cousin, if not more.

    GPUs from board partners like Gigabyte and Asus will be somewhat more costly but may be expected to debut at MSRP once cryptocurrency’s value recovers.

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    Specification of Nvidia RTX 4090

    Specification of Nvidia RTX 4090

    Harukaze5719 has revealed that the RTX 4090 will utilize an AD102 GPU. This graphics processing unit has up to 71 percent more CUDA Cores than the RTX 3000. Samsung presently manufactures Nvidia’s chips, but the company will allegedly transition to TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing nodes for its next-generation portfolio.

    According to a new leak by Kopite7kimi, the RTX 4090 may be more powerful. It now features 16,384 CUDA cores, as opposed to the anticipated 16,128. The GPU clock speed is up to fifty percent faster than the RTX 3090, with a base frequency of 2,235MHz and a boosted rate of 2,520MHz.

    The RTX 4090 includes a 12-pin PCIe Generation 5 power connection capable of delivering 600W using a single cable. It necessitates the usage of adapters to ensure compatibility with most PSUs, which have a 6+2 layout.

    There are also rumors that an RTX4090 Ti with 46GB of VRAM is conceivable. According to Kopite7Kimi, Nvidia is testing a “full-fat GPU” with two 16-pin power connections and a TDP of 900W. However, the leaker stated that it is uncertain whether the idea would ever become a product.

    Rumors of Nvidia RTX 4090 Benchmarking

    Nvidia RTX 4090 Benchmarking

    Nvidia has kept the RTX 4090’s specifications under wraps, but leaks have revealed the GPU’s capabilities. According to sources, it is close to Moore’s Law Is Dead. We may anticipate “at least double” performance compared to the RTX3090. To validate this, we will need to test the card.

    According to rumors, the RTX 4090 will exceed 100 teraflops, which might allow it to overtake the AMD Radeon RX7900 XT. This card will gratify anyone seeking to enhance FPS over the current-generation limit. However, such high frame rates have power consumption constraints.

    NVIDIA GeForce 4000 Series

    The release timing for the new GPU lineup from NVIDIA is still unknown. What do we know about the latest NVIDIA GPU lineup’s release date?

    According to NVIDIA’s official architectural roadmap, Ampere Next (or Ada Lovelace) is scheduled for delivery in 2022. In 2024, Due to a decline in RTX 3000 Series demand, NVIDIA has tens of thousands of GPUs for sale. Due to the company’s predicament, the release might be postponed until November or December. The original release dates are as follows:

    • RTX 4090 – September 2022 (previously August).
    • October 2022, RTX 4080 (previously September).
    • November 2022, RTX 4070 (previously Oct)
    • RTX 4060 – CES 2023, January

    Main Diffrence Between RTX 4080 vs. RTX 4090

    The RTX 4090 operates at 450W TGP and utilizes 384-bit, 24-GB, and 21-Gbps GDDR6XVRAM. Also, the RTX 4080 is anticipated to be the most powerful GPU for gaming. It will include 10,240 CUDA cores and 16 GB of 256-bit 18Gbps GDDR6 memory. It will have a 420W TGP rating.

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