Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Where To Find A Twisted Stiffbone

    Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak introduces hundreds of new materials to make hundreds of new armor sets and weapons. One of the materials you’ll require time and time again is Twisted Stiffbone. You’ll find it in many armor sets for early-game and later-game equipment.

    How To Find Twisted Stiffbone In Shrine Ruins

    Players can harvest for the Twisted Stiffbone resource from the moment they unlock their Master Rank map of the Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Though you can make these resources bone piles scattered throughout this map, the most straightforward ones to access are in Areas 7 and 5, which are in Shrine Ruins.

    The players can spot The Twisted Stiffbone from an area called a bonepile. Area 7 is located atop the hill to the west in Area 7. Players have to climb it two times to climb to the top via the route leading into Area 7.

    From there, they can use the Great Wirebug found next to the bonepile to access the next bonepile using its Twisted Stiffbone. After landing, they need to find an arch made of wood. They can use a wirebug to cross the gap and head over the hook to get to Area 5. There they will find the next bonepile from which to cut Twisted Stiffbone.

    Where To Find Twisted Stiffbone In Sunbreak

    Similar to Awegite ore, the Twisted Stiffbone source is the shrines you can find, which are on Master Rank difficulty.  Most of the time, you’ll get only one to two Twisted Stiffbone within a Bone Pile. Massive Monster Bones also accompany it.

    Don’t get feel bad if you aren’t able to get Stiffbone from a single gathering. Six Bonepiles can be found inside The Shrine Ruins, and four are accessible.

    Begin by heading north, starting from Main Camp, until you reach an intersection to the left. An unguarded Bonepile is waiting for you. Afterward, go to the central mountains and proceed from east to west. Stop when you’ve reached the western region in Zone 6. At this point, you’ll have taken all of the issues of Zone 6 in the plan.

    If you’re taking part in an Expedition, It’s not a bad idea to go to the northernmost part of the Shrine Ruins and pick up the two Bonepiles in Zone 13 and Zone 11. The earlier gathering points will respawn, and you’ll be able to restart the process.

    If you’re hunting for the monster that you are gathered, the northern Bonepiles. They can put off since you’ll likely fight long enough to allow the respawning to occur naturally.

    Your Palico is also able to collect Twisted Stiffbone from around the map, particularly if you’re an aggregator. Our tests containing two Bonepiles yielded another two Stiffbones for our palico. If you stay in the Ruins longer is likely to permit the Felyne friend to collect more of your treasures.

    How To Use The Twisted Stiffbone In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    The Twisted Stiffbones are material for forging used to create and upgrade armor as well as weapons pieces during the gameplay. Following the information provided in this article, gamers can farm the Twisted Stiffbone within minutes, craft their preferred armor and weapon, and embark on exciting and thrilling hunting adventures with Monster Hunter Rise.

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