How To Unlock The Flappy Bird Snapchat Filter

    Snapchat is an instant messaging social network for Android and iOS mobile phones. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown developed this app at Stanford University. You can use this app to send text, photos, and videos. The difference is that you can view this content one time as it is deleted right away.

    How Does Snapchat Work?

    Snapchat is a chat and social networking program like any other and it operates in the same way. All material will delete after viewing. This method ensures that no one can copy any photos and videos and cannot share them with anyone. This feature made the app very popular among young people who send “nudes”.

    In addition to photos and videos, Snapchat has other features like Lenses. These are fun photo filters that let you add unique effects to selfies and other images. Another feature is Geofilters. Some specific locations can use this feature.

    Users can also use “Stories”. This is an option that allows you to create a short narrative with photos and videos and is visible to all contacts in your “profile”. Just like regular messages, this content also has an expiration date. It can view multiple times before disappearing.

    So, below we will discuss a specific snap chat filter that is- Flappy Bird. So, read below to know how to Unlock Flappy Bird.

    What Is Snapchat Beta?

    A beta version of an application refers to an edition of the software that contains pieces of code that do not yet work correctly. These programs are often only used to test features that are not yet available to all users, and Snapchat has one of those.

    How To Play Flappy Bird On Snapchat

    After having returned to great success with its new filters, including the baby face one, Snapchat has implemented more new features in its app. This time, Snapchat has released more games, which can serve as a good form of entertainment with your friends.

    In addition to these games, Snapchat also hides some other classics, which are reinvented. Thanks to the capabilities of augmented virtual reality. So, check out this expert guide to learn how to play the classic Flappy Bird Game on Snapchat on Android or iPhone.

    How To Unlock The Flappy Bird Filter On Snapchat

    Just like the popular Snapchat filter, the Flappy Bird game does not appear by default on Snapchat and needs to be unlocked. Unlike other Snapchat games, you don’t have to start a conversation to play this one. Check out:

    1. Update Snapchat to the latest version via Google Play or the App Store and set up an account.
    2. Now, access this link from Chrome or Safari and click “Open Snapchat” on mobile. When Snapchat opens, tap on “Unlock for 48 hours”. If the link doesn’t work, you can take a picture of the open link on a computer using Snapchat on your cell phone to get the message that unlocks the game.
    3. With the filter already added, leave Snapchat’s rear camera active and tap the button represented by an “emoji”. Then, select the “Flappy Bird” filter.
    4. Now, locate the bird and tap the screen to make it fly away avoiding hitting the pipes.

    Ready! Now, you already know how to play Flappy Bird Fliter Snapchat. This filter is only effective for 48 hours. However, when it expires, just repeat the process demonstrated in this tutorial and you can play it again.

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