How To Make An End Portal In Minecraft?

    There was no way to beat Minecraft when it first comes. You could play as long as you liked or until you died in a ravine. After a few years, Minecraft was finally finished. The developers added the Ender Dragon to the game. After beating this flying titan, you will see the credits and receive an achievement.

    You will need an End Portal to reach the Ender Dragon. The End Portal allows you to access the End, the dark dimension in which the dragon lives. You’ll need to locate an End Portal that is broken underground and fix it with Eyes of Ender if you are playing Survival or Hardcore.

    You can build one in Creative mode using materials from your unlimited inventory. We have the steps to create an End Portal in Survival mode or build one Creatively.

    To Make An End Portal, You Will Need The Following Items

    • Twelve Eyes of Ender
    • 12 End Portal Frames

    End Portal Frames can only be obtained by being in creative mode. This is because it is impossible to get this item in regular survival mode.

    How Do You Make An End Portal In Minecraft?

    • Open the inventory screen to add 12 Eyes of Ender or 12 End Portal Frames for your Hotbar.
    • Place the End Portal Frame. As shown below, there must be three blocks per side. Place them correctly, facing the middle. To ensure proper placements, stand in the middle of the Portal and create the Portal around.
    • Place Eyes of Ender into each frame-block. The Portal will activate when you insert the final one.

    How Do You Activate An End Portal In Minecraft?

    After you have created or found an End Portal, it is time to activate it. Here are the steps to activate both.

    • Collect 12 Ender Pearls. You can defeat Endermen or give Gold ingots for Piglins in The Nether. Sometimes, village Clerics will trade Ender Pearls to get Emeralds.
    • You can make 12 Blaze Powders from 6 Blaze Rods, and two Blaze Powders can be made at once. Blazes can be defeated in the Nether to obtain Blaze Rods.
    • You can make a Crafting table out of four wood planks. Once it is made, place it on the ground.
    • At least 12 Eyes of Ender can be made. Place Blaze Powder in the middle of the row and an Ender Pearl at the center of the grid to create an Eye of Ender.
    • Equip an Eye of Ender, and toss it. The Eye of Ender will then fly up into the sky and fall to the ground. Try to catch it by looking up. To find a stronghold, keep throwing until it lands in the same spot.
    • Your platform will determine how you throw the Eye of Ender.
      PC: Right-click
      Mobile App: Tap and Hold
      Xbox: Press LT
      Press L2
    • Start digging once the Eye has fallen in the same spot.
    • Look for the End Portal. You will find a room that has lava and a staircase.
    • Place Eyes of Ender into the empty frame blocks to activate the End. Portal. Eyes may be inserted into parts of the Portal’s frame.
    • To reach The End, go through the End portal and be ready to fight the Ender Dragon.


    End portals can be used to reach the End dimension of the game. They are only possible if you wish to create them in creative mode. If you want to create an end portal in regular survival mode to access the End dimension, you will need to find one within a stronghold, as described above in the guide.

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