How Does Far-Infrared Therapy Work?

    What is the process of far infrared therapy? How does it work? These questions have been posed to us many times. Far Infrared treatment is simply a technique of stimulating our bodies natural healing processes through the use of Far Infrared light radiation. For example, the elimination of toxins or the regeneration of body tissues.

    FIR rays from PEMF mats or saunas elevate the body temperature and penetrate gently into our body tissues. These radiations directly heat your body without warming the air around you. It is effective against various health conditions, including Arthritis and Raynaud’s phenomenon conditions.

    Far-infrared Light

    Far-infrared Light

    Far infrared (FIR), often known as non-luminous, ranges in wavelength from 1500 nm to 0.1 mm. The skin absorbs non-luminous light with a peak of about 4000 nm. Although the FIR wavelength is too long for the eyes to see, the body perceives it as a mild radiant heat that can reach depths of up to 1.5 inches (nearly 4 cm) below the skin. FIR was proven to be useful in relieving chronic low back pain in a randomized controlled experiment.

    A second clinical prospective randomized comparative trial revealed that FIR following arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs efficiently and safely reduced postoperative pain, facilitating rehabilitation and improved ROM in the immediate aftermath of surgery. According to a comprehensive review, FIR therapy may be an effective supplemental therapy for various chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and chronic kidney disease.

    Working of Far-infrared Therapy

    Far-infrared light is emitted directly onto your body by FIR heat lamps, saunas, PEMF mats and weird personal tent-like devices. This light penetrates your skin to depths of 2 to 3 centimeters (approximately an inch). The light is absorbed by your body, which causes several physiological responses.

    Research implies that the FIR emission originates from your body and that interwoven bioceramic particles in the therapy device re-emit the energy into your body because human bodies typically have higher temperatures than the surrounding air indoors.

    Penetration and absorption of FIR

    Some radiations bounce off the skin surface. Some enter the skin, disperse, refracted, scatter, and finally absorb in tissues. Water and protein inside the body tissues strongly absorb far-infrared light rays. According to research, penetration of FIR rays depends on the structure, vascularity, pigmentation of the skin, and wavelength of the rays. The depth at which about 63% of radiation energy is absorbed is known as penetration depth.

    Factors for deep penetrations

    ·  Wavelength of FIR rays

    ·  Angle of incidence

    ·  Distance from the source of FIR

    ·  Tissue density

    Picking an FDA-cleared light therapy PEMF mat or other devices increases your chances of receiving safe and effective outcomes when choosing infrared light therapy equipment for pain. According to this designation for medical devices, the FDA has examined the product and found the producer can prove it is “substantially identical” to another legally marketed device having FDA clearance or approval. Even FSA advantages are available for light therapy equipment used to treat medical ailments and reduce discomfort.

    Pain treatment through FIR therapy

    Pain treatment through FIR therapy

    Far-infrared light therapy devices can target the majority of body parts (except for the eyes). Among the users this well-known FIR light therapy device can treat the following conditions or symptoms:

    ·  Neck stiffness and pain

    ·  Shoulder soreness, for example, by prolonged computer use

    ·  Upper back pain after a hectic day routine

    ·  Knee pain

    ·  Ankle pain, especially after running

    ·  Feet that are painful due to standing, arthritis, or other factors

    ·  Hands that are fatigued and sore from arthritis or other conditions

    In this article, we have shown promising scientific research base results about far-infrared therapy working and its benefits. This FIR therapy is regarded as safe when used as directed, but it is recommended that before starting any pain treatment program consult your doctor about your situation.

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