Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset: Specs, Setup & Review

    The Corsair HS70 wireless is an excellent gaming headset that delivers exceptional audio quality for attentive listening. The HS70 is a wireless version of the HS60, and otherwise, the two headsets are quite comparable to one another. The ear cups and headbands offer comfortable cushioning, contributing to the headphones’ overall high-quality construction. You may modify the sound of your headset using the Corsair iCUE program. The detachable boom microphone is of satisfactory quality.

    Unfortunately, the HS70 wireless headset cannot be used passively with an audio cord; nevertheless, the headset’s battery life is rated at 15 hours, which should be enough for you to play games for more than a single day. Their dongle has a low latency, which is a positive aspect of their product. Corsair HS70 wireless price at amazon $122.00

    Style of Corsair HS70 Headset

    The Corsair HS70 and its wired counterpart, the HS60, seem identical in appearance. The design of the HS70 gaming headset is almost similar to that of its predecessor. There is the exception of a few insignificant details, such as the addition of white stitching to the headband. They are not available in any eye-catching color combinations and do not feature RGB LED lights. They come in an all-black finish or with white highlights, and the grills on them have an upscale appearance. Metal is very helpful for the headband hinges, which have a design that is very similar to that of the HyperX Cloud II.

    Corsair HS70 Wireless Controls

    Corsair HS70 Wireless Controls

    The HS70 has a gaming control layout that is not too difficult. The absence of a button for managing calls and music won’t bother the vast majority of gamers. Moreover, they should find the volume wheel and the mic-mute control to be acceptable alternatives. Unfortunately, no LED indicates whether the mic is muted, and pressing the button to mute. The mic does not offer as much tactile sensation as pressing the button on the HS60 does.

    Comfort of Corsair HS70 

    The Corsair HS70 SE utilizes the same fabric as the HS60 for its construction, and the HS60’s cushioning can be found on both the ear cups and the headband of the HS70 SE. They feature a well-padded headband that doesn’t feel too tight on the head, and the ear cups are oversized and will comfortably fit over most people’s ears. Overall, they provide a comfortable and secure fit. The cups are adequately cushioned, albeit not quite to the same extent as the headband. Because the hinges and swiveling joints on these headphones do not have an extensive range of motion, you may still experience a little clamping feeling after wearing them.

    Breathability of Corsair HS70 Wireless

    The HS70, much like other gaming headsets, may cause your ears to get pretty heated over extended listening sessions. Hence it is not recommended for use during physical activity. They feature a closed-back over-ear construction that completely envelops the ears and prevents wind from circulating them. Unlike the Logitech G433 and the Astro A50, they do not come included with cushions that allow for more air circulation. They will not be ideal for you if you often engage in marathon gaming sessions, but they ought to be OK if you sometimes take several pauses from playing video games.

    Corsair HS70 Portability 

    In general, gaming headphones do not lend themselves well to portability, and the HS70 is no exception to this rule. The design is cumbersome, the ear cups do not swivel so that they may be laid flat. Also, the headset cannot fold up into a more portable configuration. In addition, you will constantly need a computer or gaming console to utilize them since you cannot use them without the USB dongle. On the other hand, using a gaming headset while moving about isn’t something that happens often, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Construct with Quality 

    The build quality of the Corsair HS70 SE is identical to that of the HS60. These are high-quality gaming headphones with a robust and long-lasting design. They include a sturdy and well-padded headband in addition to metal hinges that give the impression of being highly long-lasting. The ear cups are thick and feature metal grills, which provide them with the appearance of being open headphones. However, this is more of an aesthetic choice than anything else.

    Stability of Wireless Corsair HS70

    Stability of Wireless Corsair HS70

    Similar to the HS60, the HS70 is not too prone to instability. They fit rather well on the head and exert sufficient pressure to remain in position even during moderate physical activity levels. In addition, they do not have a wire. Thus there is no risk of cable and having it pull the headphones off of your head. The headphones may fall off if you tilt your head too far back. Although this is not a significant issue, mainly when used for gaming purposes.

    Noise Isolation in Corsair HS70

    The isolation performance of the Corsair HS70 is not very good. As a result of the absence of active noise cancellation (ANC), these over-ear headphones do not provide any isolation in the low-frequency band of the audio spectrum. They will allow in all of the low rumbling sounds that engines make, such as those from airplanes and buses. Also, in the mid-range, which is critical for filtering out speech, they reach a level of isolation that is just 2 dB, which is insufficient. They provide an isolation level of 30 dB, which is satisfactory in the treble band. Also, it is inhabited by sounds such as S and Ts and the noise generated by air conditioning systems.


    Excellent for playing games wirelessly. The USB dongle that comes with the Corsair HS70 allows for outstanding sound and keeps latency concerns to a minimum, making it the wireless counterpart of the HS60 headset. The HS70 has a respectable microphone, so other online gamers won’t have any problem understanding what you’re saying. They are also compatible with the iCUE software, which enables you to adjust the equalization curve (EQ) to your satisfaction and turn on or turn off the surround sound.

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    The Corsair HS70 wireless is an excellent gaming headset that delivers exceptional audio quality for attentive listening. The HS70 has a respectable microphone, so other online gamers won't have any problem understanding what you're saying.


    Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset
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