Best External Hard Drive for PS5: Top PlayStation 5 Storage

    Are you wondering about the best external hard drive for the PS5 right now to play PS5 games? Then you are browsing the right page. A new PS5 firmware update signifies that external storage has become even more beneficial. According to the previous update, initially, external drives were used to store PS4 games, but now PS5 comes with external drives.

    PS5 PlayStations come with the arrival of more PS5 games, huge archives of PS4 games playable, and no reminder of an official update from SSD, a high-quality external PS5 hard drive will be your best bet. They updated the PS5’s storage status. External Hard Drives PS5 can now store PS5 games. To play, you have to transfer them to the console.

    This is useful because you can easily mix and match the PS5 games you play without relying on a slow internet connection. If you have a huge collection of PS4 games, your PS5 can play them directly from the external drive, which means you can save on your PS5’s SSD for the latest titles.

    1. WD Black P50


    Capacity500GB – 4TB
    InterfaceThunderbolt 3 / USB-C
    Dimensions62mm x 118mm x 14mm
    Warranty5 Years RTB

    Reason to buy

    • Extremely sharp
    • Sturdy and Aesthetic Exterior
    • Five Years Warranty

    Reason to escape

    • More Expensive Than Most Portable SSDs
    • Larger Than Many Competitors

    WD Black P50 Specs Details

    WD Black P50

    WD Black products are extremely sturdy, and the P50 Portable SSD is no new with a metallic black top. The exterior is sturdy and resists drops and hits, so it will stand up to normal life. Beyond the exterior, you’ll discover an NVMe drive that maxes out at 2000MB/s. That speed is somewhat lesser than what the PS5 can handle, but it represents the P50 will inundate the console’s USB port and provide top speed. This also implies you can utilize this speed on devices with future-proof USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 or Thunderbolt 3 ports.

    This external hard drive has some drawbacks too. It’s bigger and heavier than most compact SSDs and more costly in comparison to others. If you are not budget conscious and looking for a great product for the PS5 and the future, the WD Black P50 would be a great option.

    2. Samsung T7


    Capacity500GB – 2TB
    InterfaceThunderbolt 3 / USB-C
    Dimensions57mm x 85mm x 8mm
    Warranty3 Years RTB

    Reason to buy

    • Smaller chassis 
    • always faster
    • cheaper than rivals

    Reason to escape

    • not the fastest way

    Samsung T7 Specs Details

    Samsung T7 External Hard Drive

    Samsung has been successful to prove itself as one of the leading modern SSD wizards. The small drive is outstanding. It comes with capacities ranging between 500GB and 2TB and has various fascinating things such as It’s no bigger than a debit card, and it’s 8mm thickness and 58g weight make it the SSD, the world’s most portable and lightest drive. If you want to utilize this item for secure undertakings with your console, it offers 256-bit AES encryption.

    The Portable Samsung T7 is fast enough to almost remove the PS5’s USB port. This speed objective isn’t essential for utilizing the PS5, but it can be a determining factor if you prefer to utilize the player with PCs and laptops as well. Also, you need to remember that the Samsung T7 has an acceptable build quality, but doesn’t offer the drop, bump, and temperature certifications of its opponents.

    The price is cheaper than most of the best PS5 external hard drives, and Samsung integrates good speed with small sizes. This is superior if you want a good product at a low rate compared to other small SSDs.

    3. Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD


    Capacity500GB – 2TB
    InterfaceThunderbolt 3 / USB-C
    Dimensions53mm x 104mm x 10mm
    Warranty5 Years RTB

    Reasons to buy

    • Customizable RGB LED
    • High Speed ​​
    • Generous Warranty

    Reason to escape

    •  Costly

    Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD Specs Details

    Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD

    The Seagate FireCuda is one of the more costly SSD alternatives, but it comes with a customizable RGB LED band that can exhibit hundreds of colors and syncs with Razer gadgets.

    However, the Seagate offers extraordinary build quality, preparing it simply to live with, although the pointed angles are disturbing. The product comes with a five-year warranty and also offers good protection. If we talk about its performance, it’s outstanding: Like the other ones, the Seagate pervades the PS5’s USB port and offers even greater speeds on gadgets with friendly USB or Thunderbolt ports.

    If you want high-speed and RGB LEDs, Seagate comes with a decent warranty. This would be an incredible and desirable option.

    4. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD


    Capacity500GB – 2TB
    InterfaceUSB 3.1 Type-C
    Speed550 MB/s
    Warranty3 Years warranty

    Reasons to buy

    • Small profile
    • Rapid transfer speeds
    • Inexpensive

    Reasons to escape

    • Not much space
    • Short cables

    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Specs Details

    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD comes with an excellent storage alternative for less than $100. Yes, you could get HDD storage by paying a less amount, but possessing an external SSD is advantageous, particularly if you intend to always transfer PS5 games back and forth — or if you intend to store PS4 games directly from the drive. This smart little external hard drive for PS5 offers 500 GB of storage. It’s admittedly not a lot of space, but it’s sufficient for nearly 10 big-budget titles, or lots more mid-budget and indie fare.

    The Final Verdict

    External storage has never been more worthwhile on the PS5, and there are tons of PS5 external hard drives you can try. This option can be intimidating, but we’ve rounded up the main options and divided them into four essential categories. All you have to do is figure out what kind of player you need and then download your favorite games.

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