Apple Glass: Release Date, Price, Specs, & News

    Apple Glass is totally an augmented reality device. Augmented Reality itself isn’t something new, either. Apple has a very different goal in mind with the apple glass. They want to make it part of your daily routine, so you can swipe through your messages as you eat your morning breakfast without touching your phone, combined with other Apple devices. It could offer an excellent creative outlet for productivity, like using apple glass to visualize changing your house with a new decoration style. The rumor mill on the apple glasses has been running for months so let us take a deeper look into what is Apple Glass: Release Date, Price, Specs, & News, has to offer when it finally does come out.

    Differences Between AR and VR

    Differences Between AR and VR

    The upcoming Apple Glass Sale is Apple’s latest edition of another auxiliary device to its framed Apple ecosystem. These Apple glasses pre-order will be using the up-and-coming augmented reality technology. Or Augmented Reality for short AR which should not be confused with virtual reality or VR takes digital objects and systems and merges them with the natural world surrounding its user. VR on the other hand is a totally virtual world where users can interact with the digital objects.

    Apple isn’t the first one to realize the potential of AR capable glasses, both google and Microsoft have also tried developing their own AR glasses. Google’s Glasses program was shut down back in 2015 primarily due to poor reception of the device by the public, users who didn’t like the design. They thought it was bulky and overpriced and in the end most users admitted there was no need for such a device, at least back then Microsoft hololens on the other hand it is still under development. Apple glass should not be confused with apple VR glass, which is a totally different product.

    Apple Glass: Specs and Price Details

    Apple Glass Specs and Features

    Apple Glass Specs and Features

    A complete list of potential Apple Glasses specs and features include:

    • Offers LiDAR scanner
    • A field of view of 52 degrees
    • A resolution of 47 PPI
    • Offers three hours of Apple Glass battery time
    • It’s widely speculated that Apple glasses will operate on the starboard OS or maybe glassOS.
    • Offers WiFi6e

    Apple Glasses Price

    The Apple glasses Price is $500, positioning below the other augmented reality glasses already being extended, like the Microsoft Hololens, it’s price is $3500 or Vuzix Blade, it’s price is $800.

    Apple Glasses Release Date

    I don’t have any idea whether Apple glasses will be broadcasted first or an Apple VR headset will be broadcasted first. Although the famous questionnaire is that the Apple VR headset will become known first, it looks increasingly likely that Apple Glasses release date is not fixed yet but will happen in 2022.

    Apple Glasses News and Patents

    Apple Glasses News and Patents

    The design philosophy with apple glass according to apple is that they want to bring all the information from your phone to your face specifically they are aiming for apple glass to synchronize with a wearers iPhone to display things such as texts, emails, maps, and games over the user’s field of vision, and they want all of this to fit into the Apple ecosystem. They have already set up with other Apple devices.

    Apple also has plans to support third party apps and is considering making a dedicated app store similar to how you get apps for the Apple TV and Apple Watch, but as we get more into the details about the technology behind the apple glass. It gets more exciting, one such feature of the apple glass is what can only be described as an optical sub-assembly according to a patent filed by Apple.

    They are planning to use Apple Glass as an in head-sets vision correcting system that won’t need the wearer to wear prescription glasses beneath their glass according to the patent, this optical subassembly will automatically adjust for people with poor eyesight gone will be the days when you will need to get a new prescription as devices like Apple Glass will be able to change their optical properties on the go.

    Another patent describes that apple glass will allow users to change the background of the objects. They see on the fly, similar to how you can change backgrounds on video conferencing applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. And this type of feature is to be expected from an augmented reality wearable device. 


    This is because where Apple AR glasses get into real cool futuristic suggestions and movements — where actually possession in a time when projecting images onto your vision to develop a visualization you can co-operate with are really actually occurring. It’s not a sci-fi gadget anymore.

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