Standard Poker Chip Values, Colors, And Stack Distribution For Home Games

    When arriving at a casino or a poker club, the first thing that catches your attention is the noise of the poker chips. Castles of chips all over the tables, in addition to a lot of noise from the shuffling of chips in the players’ fingers, is music inside a casino’s poker room. We notice the different poker chip colors and try to recognize its values. The poker chip colors & values are unique which are set a standard across all poker clubs or casinos.

    Whoever invented poker chips is nothing short of a genius! The chips are an illusion. This is an idea of ​​a joke or non-existence of value. This causes players to spend much more money than they would be willing to spend. Once the image of paper money is gone, leaving only fun and colorful chips.

    Chips may vary in color, material and chip values, but they hardly vary in size. We’ll cover every value, material, format and anything that influences your game when entering a casino here. Read carefully and don’t forget the most important thing: have fun!

    Chip Materials

    There are different types of chip materials available in the market. From plastic to ivory, it depends on the players and the place involved in the situation. The materials of chips on the market are:


    This is the most common material for beginner players. You can buy it in briefcases or simple boxes. These chips are lightweight and short-lived. They are easily scratched or dented.


    This is the most used material in casinos around the world when it comes to chips. Cards made with this material are usually a little heavier and much more work, usually with engravings, drawings and different color styles on the same card.

    Ivory Chips

    Used mainly between 1870 and 1910, they have already fallen into disuse, but could not fail to be mentioned due to their peculiarities. One of them is the Ivory composition, never seen before on poker chips. Another is its shape and its characteristic charm.

    Metal Chips

    Rarely found in a game of poker, they are mostly used for decoration or card weight. They are usually forged with beautiful designs, and lush engravings and may even contain precious metals such as gold or silver.

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    Poker Chip Values And Color

    In all casinos around the world, chips tend to follow a pattern of colors, values ​​and formats. However, there is no rule that addresses this. So the chip values ​​stated here may not necessarily correspond to the colors. Also, there are casinos or limits that allow cards of high value, and there are tables where it is possible to play with blocks of real money. We list below the most common values ​​in casinos, and their respective colors:

    • White- $1
    • Yellow- $2
    • Red- $5
    • Blue- $10
    • Grey- $20
    • Green- $25
    • Orange- $50
    • Black- $100
    • Pink- $250
    • Purple- $500
    • Grey- $1,000
    • Light Blue- $2,000
    • Brown- $5,000

    It is worth remembering that the chips normally used in limits with blinds up to 5/10 are red ($5), green ($25), black ($100) and purple ($500). In some casinos, the default coloring of the $1,000 chip is gold (for example, Hard Rock Casino).

    Some high-value chips may contain built-in casino chips or some mechanism that prevents someone from copying or defrauding the chips in any way. Casinos generally allow the player to take the chips home. But beware, they are worth just as much as real money.

    Tips And Trivia About Chips

    Did you know that the way you place your chips on the table and the way you handle your chips during the game reveals whether you are a recreational player or a professional? Usually recreational or beginners leave the cards separated by colors, placing them next to each other. Professionals usually leave them all shuffled with each other, separating the piles by color.

    For example, a pro would usually leave an entire stack containing 5 chips at the bottom and 25 chips at the top, while the other stack would only have 100 chips at the bottom and 500 chips at the top.

    An interesting fact in casinos is that the strategy is always to try to keep the chips with the lowest possible value, so the chip castles get bigger and bigger, giving more power and beauty to the game. For example, there are casino poker games with buy-ins of $1,000 where the biggest chips are only $100, but most are around $25. As a result, players end up with enormous castles of chips. It seems that the games there involve much more money than reality.


    Can I Take The Chips Home And Then Return To The Casino To Play With Them?

    Generally yes! This is a very common practice among professional players. They usually take home high-value chips. When you return to the casino, you don’t have to stop by the cashier every day. You can sit at the table and start playing.

    Can I Play With Cash Instead Of Chips At The Table?

    Depends. Money is usually only allowed on the table in very expensive games. Other than that, the casino only releases chips to players.

    How Can I Shuffle The Chips With My Fingers?

    This is something very common in casinos, hence the noise of chips knocking. To do this, it takes practice, but the basics are to pick up 8 chips with the same hand, put them on the table, fit 4 in two fingers and the other 4 chips in the other two fingers. Put your middle finger in the middle of them and try to lift. So just push the side chips in.

    What Is The Average Weight Of A Poker Chip?

    They usually weigh around 11.5 grams. The weight was designed to facilitate “shuffling” with the hands. The plastic chips weigh a little less, weighing up to 9 grams.

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