How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone?

    If you want to speed up a slow-motion movie or raise a conventional film’s speed, it’s easy to accomplish so on your iPhone using the Photos and iMovie applications. We’ll guide you through the full speed-up procedure on how you can speed up a video on iPhone?

    To modify your slo-mo videos’ speed, you’ll utilize your iPhone’s built-in Photos app. You can use the iMovie software on your phone to enhance a standard video’s speed.

    How to Speed Up Video In the Photos App on an iPhone?

    The quickest way to adjust video speed from slo-mo to standard speed on an iPhone is to utilize the pre-installed Photos app. All the slo-mo videos you take with your iPhone are kept there. The editing tools incorporated into Photos can speed up the slo-mo recordings. To better execution, you need to follow steps in the same sequence.

    • Firstly, you need to open the Photos app.
    • Then, click on the Albums option.
    • After that, scroll down to the Media Types section and tap Slo-mo.
    • Tap the slo-mo video that you wish to speed up.
    • When the video is open, hit Edit.
    • Along the bottom is a set of vertical lines. These reflect the pace of the video at that moment in the recording. Lines that are relatively close together imply regular speed, whereas widely apart lines suggest that the segment is in slo-mo.
    • Tap the bar with the lines in it and drag your finger across the slo-mo part. Doing this will change all of the lines to the version where they are closer together, which shows that they are moving at the typical speed.
    • Tap the Done button to save the movie when you have finished adjusting the speed of the video.

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    How to Increase the Playback Speed of a Movie Using iMovie on Your iPhone?

    Movie Using iMovie on Your iPhone
    • Installing iMovie should be done immediately if it hasn’t already been done.
    • Launch the iMovie software, and when you see the Welcome page, select “Continue” from the menu.
    • To begin creating a new movie, navigate to the Projects page and touch the + symbol.
    • Select “Movie” from the drop-down menu of New Projects.
    • Once you’ve located the movie that you want to speed up, hit it to proceed. Then, at the bottom of the screen, press where it says “Create Movie”.
    • On the screen for editing videos, choose the video clip from the timeline by tapping on it. At the very bottom of the screen, you should see a selection of video editing tools.
    • Moreover, to increase your speed, select the Speed button, which resembles a speedometer.
    • Move the slider all the way to the right, towards the direction of the rabbit. The video will play up to twice as quickly as normal if you move it further than its current position. You can see how the changes you made will look by hitting the Play button that is located at the screen’s top.
    • When you are through making edits, you may exit the editing mode by tapping the “Done” button in the upper left corner of the screen.
    • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a box labeled “Share”. Tap that icon, and then decide how you want to save the finished film.

    How to Move Slow Motion Recorded Video to Regular Speed?

    Slow Motion Recorded Video iphone
    • Launch the Photos app, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and touch “Album”.
    • Select a movie from the list that you wish to speed up, then tap the “Slo-Mo” button to view the films that you have already filmed in slow motion.
    • After that, select Edit from the menu that appears at the top of the screen.
    • The video chronology will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The portion of the video that is played at a regular speed is represented by dashes that are closely spaced, whereas the portion that is played at a slower speed is represented by dashes that are wider apart. The drag bars at each end of the slow-motion segment are bigger than usual.
    • To play the video at its original pace, place your finger on the first drag bar on the left and drag it to the right. It will play the movie at its original speed until the very end of the clip. It would be best if the slow-motion segment were eliminated.
    • Finally, tap on the Done button.

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