Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls Issue: Best Ways To Fix It

    Making a critical phone call and then getting the error message “Cellular Network Not Available for voice call” is a frustrating experience. If you encounter this error, you’ll likely be unable to make calls. This error typically occurs during travel. In these situations, contacting your loved ones and relatives becomes impossible. No matter how great your phone is or how loaded it is with great capabilities, if you cannot connect with people, this is a huge loss.

    However, to fix cellular network not available issue, The mobile devices need to connect to the internet mobile network. If you live in an area with a very low or no cellular network zone, then you could be receiving this “Cellular Network Not Available for voice call” error.

    Why is my Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls?

    This system can cause errors that compromise mobile data. Carrier networks frequently upgrade their systems, which could include several modifications your device may require. Additionally, common glitches occur in the background.

    Therefore, basic operations such as making calls may take a while to complete. Additionally, the SIM card could be damaged or outdated, causing data unavailability and making it impossible to make calls.

    Moreover, battery issues could be why the cell network cannot make voice calls, even though this is rare. In the end, some simple tricks might be all you require to fix the cellular network not available issue and have fun making calls.

    Methods to Fix Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Call Issues

    Choose an operator from the network

    Choose an operator from the network

    As we mentioned in the beginning, the fact that you’re in a place not covered by your mobile network may be the reason why your mobile data stream is compromised. Can you disable the Network Operator’s automatic update?

    You need to navigate to Settings and manually select an operator. To avoid this issue from occurring, later on, you could alter the Network Operator settings to update it automatically whenever you want to move.

    • Click settings from the top menu on the Home page.
    • Select Wireless and Network
    • Find the Mobile Network
    • Choose a Network Operator or your preferred type of network
    • Pick the 4G or 5G option if it is available

    When you relocate, this changes your network provider and prevents the ‘cellular network is not available for calls’ issue from recurring.

    To toggle between the Airplane Mode On and Off

    To toggle between the Airplane Mode On and Off

    Turning off “Airplane Mode” after switching it off refreshes your device’s network. Follow these steps:

    • Locate the “Settings” or “Settings” option on your Phone.
    • Go to the “Network and internet” bar. If you select a different version, it may also show as “Connection and Sharing.”
    • Then, select “Airplane Mode.” Turn the bar opposite to turn on “Airplane Mode.” An “Airplane” symbol appears. You’ll see that the network is disconnected from your device.
    • You can move the bar until you have deactivated “Airplane Mode” “Airplane Mode.”

    It should be possible to bring your cellular network working again by following this method. You can also use the notification bar and toggle between “Airplane mode” or “Flight Mode.”

    Update the device

    Update the device

    Carrier networks could release updates that can result in the ‘cellular network not available for voice call’ error message, especially if your device isn’t compatible with the most recent updates.

    In this case, you’ll need to upgrade your Samsung and Motorola device to repair the mobile network that’s not working. Follow the steps below to update the Phone’s system updates

    • Click on Settings in the main menu
    • Find the tab System and locate “About Device” or “About Phone. “About device” option or “About Phone” option.
    • Locate and tap “Software update.”
    • Click “Check for Updates”
    • If there’s a more recent OS version, download it.

    The above steps will help you to fix cellular network not available issue if system updates cause it. Some phones display software updates under the System tab and assure you to see this immediately after it appears on the System tab.

    Take out the SIM Card

    Take out the SIM Card

    A mobile network must not be confused with wireless networks. Cell phone carriers are mobile sites all over the world and can offer mobile carrier signals as well as mobile networks. On the other hand, a mobile system refers to a network of communications spread across a large area that is wirelessly connected through transceivers similar to cell sites. The first step is to fix it. Your mobile Phone can send and receive messages and calls when associated with a mobile network via a SIM card.

    If you’re receiving the “cellular network not available for voice call” error message, an ideal place to begin looking to determine if you could insert and place your SIM card correctly into its slot. Modern smartphones come with a SIM tray that is accessible by pressing a small hole with a pin to remove the tray. Ensure that the SIM card is correctly placed inside the tray before pressing it back in.


    In this article, we have identified all the causes and solutions to Cellular Network Not Available for voice call issues encountered by a lot of users. If you have a question to share or make suggestions, you can make it happen by leaving your comment below.

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