How To Stop Getting Spam Texts On iPhone

    Spam texts are one of the disturbing things you can get on your iPhone. These spam texts are bulky. You can find it difficult to delete these texts at times. Also, many think that it is a difficult task to stop or block one spam message. Further, it only takes a few minutes to stop these spam texts. If you are done with these messages, then here are tips on how to stop spam texts on your iPhone. 

    Why Do iPhone Users Get Spam Texts? 

    Recently, a spam text on the iPhone is a huge problem for many. Over time, it is becoming a serious concern. Further, spam may contain things that are not genuine. If you touch any link on the spam, it can take you to illegal sites. Staying away from spam messages is important. The spammers who send you these texts are clever. Their motive is to gain some crucial details from you.

    Further, stopping spam text messages is important. As most spammers show themselves as reliable. You may get a spam message from a shop or number that may look familiar. However, by doing this, they collect sensitive details about you. You can check the iMessage to see how many spam texts you receive in a day. There are iPhone users who are also Verizon subscribers who face this issue.

    Moreover, many iPhone users receive the same spam text as you do. There are quick ways to solve this problem. The only way to stay away from spam texts is to block them. If you have issues blocking, then there is a clear guide for this. First, let us see ways to stop receiving spam texts

    The best ways to prevent spam texts 

    The best ways to prevent spam texts 

    The best way to stay away from spam texts is to prevent it. If you know what exactly is the spam source then blocking is easy. You can block the spam sender directly. Plus, there are things you can change in message settings to stop spam. Further, now you can try whatever solution seems best for you from the below tips. 

    Block sender 

    Most of the time when you see a spam text you may just delete it. Simply deleting the message may not be enough. You may need to block the spam sender to receive any messages from them. Besides, the first step to blocking the spam sender is to get hold of their number. Know from which number they are sending this spam continuously. Plus, the ways to block any spam number are as follows.

    1. First, click the spam message you have received 
    2. The next step is to press on the phone number from which the message is sent. 
    3. Further, you can see the info option 
    4. There are many options in info for blocking, you need to choose ‘block the contact’
    Block Spam texts sender 

    This will block the sender and any future messages from this number. 

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    Use message filters 

    Another best thing to block any spam texts is by using message filters. These filters are a great help for you. Further, this option helps you to block messages that are not from your contact list. You can use this filter to automatically delete messages from any suspicious number.

     Also, you can set a separate message folder to save messages that are from unknown numbers. Plus, this makes it easy for you to keep any message or delete it. If you want to try out the message filters here are a few steps for you. 

    1. The first step is to open the settings option in messages. 
    2. Further, the next step is to enable the toggle button that says Filter Unknown senders 
    Use message filters 

    Report the spam 

    IMessage is the best platform. There are many settings and options for you to try with it. One such way to block spam is available on iMessage. The report option can make it an easy task. Even if you do not know how to block spam messages the report option can help. If you receive spam texts continuously from any sender the best way is to report it.

    Furthermore, you can flag the message as spam. All you need to do is long-press the message. This leaves you with three options that are deleted or reported. When you report a text as spam iMessage team will take care of this issue. Also, they will prevent or disable spam that disturbs you. 


    Sometimes you may receive bulk messages or emails as you may have a subscription. If you have any of such subscriptions, you may need to disable them. To block email text messages, you need to report it first.

     Also, if you see any option such as unsubscribe, you can try it too. Sometimes, the spam sender will provide you options such as ‘click to get no more messages’. Trying these options can help you to stay away from spam

    These are the best and quick ways to stop getting spam messages on iPhone. You can try any of the methods that may work for you.

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