How To Reopen A Closed Tab In Google Chrome?

    Like other contemporary online browsers, Chrome makes it simple to reopen closed tabs and windows. When Google Chrome 78 was launched in 2019, this option was reorganized, but it’s still simple to discover if you know where to look. Chrome saves a history of previously closed tabs so that users may easily reopen tabs they may have accidentally closed or thought they intended to keep open but later closed. So how to reopen a closed tab is important to learn. 

    This secure and beneficial function prevents you from pushing buttons by mistake. You may, however, remove a website from your list of recently closed tabs if you don’t want it there or don’t want other people using the computer to see it. There are various methods for removing the history of closed tabs in Chrome. Either clear your browser’s cache and cookies or restart Chrome twice. This topic will cover how to reopen a closed tab.

    According to Addictive Tips, closing Chrome twice a row will wipe the history of recently closed tabs. A menu will appear when you click the three dots in the top right corner. Select “Exit” from the drop-down menu. This will shut Chrome, but when you reopen it, all of the tabs you’ve closed in the past few minutes will be restored.

    Where Do You Use The “Reopen Closed Tab” Feature In Chrome?

    Knowing How to reopen closed tabs in chrome is very important if you are accidentally closed any important tab.  You may reopen a closed tab after upgrading Chrome by right-clicking a space in the tab bar and selecting “Reopen Closed Tab” from the display menu. If you closed a window rather than a tab lately, you’d get “Reopen Closed Window” instead of “Reopen Closed Tab.”

    • When you click this, the last tab you closed will reopen. You may reopen tabs in the same order as you closed them to go through your history.
    • If your Mac doesn’t support the right mouse button, you may still utilize the drop-down menu by clicking while holding down the Ctrl key.

    You could reopen a closed tab in Chrome in the past by right-clicking it in the tab bar and selecting “Reopen Closed Tab.” When you right-click on an open tab, that option is no longer available in the resulting menu. You can access it by right-clicking on an empty area.  Now you should not have any problem with the question of how to reopen all closed tabs in chrome. 

    Methods For Quickly Reopening Closed Browser Tabs

    You can also reopen a closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T on Windows or Cmd+Shift+T on Mac. If you do this after closing a window, it will open the previous window you were working in.

    This keyboard shortcut, like the “Reopen Closed Tab” button, reopens a previously closed tab. Closed tabs will reopen in the same order. They were closed if you hold down the keyboard shortcut for a time.

    How To Reopen A Closed Tab

    • You may also utilize Chrome’s menu to get a list of the most recently closed tabs and windows. It’s in the History part of the Chrome menu.
    • In the “Recently Closed” section, you can view a history of the tabs and windows you’ve closed. To reopen the document, click on the tab.
    • If you closed the tab or window and can’t recall the address, choose “History” and search through your browser’s previous visits to see if you can retrieve it.


    Chrome’s ability to reopen previously closed tabs is a terrific way to save time. People like myself, who often shut tabs by mistake, should keep this in mind. If I had this choice, I’d have to start searching for that tab from the beginning, consuming time and energy that might be better spent keeping the process operating smoothly. So, this blog post on how to reopen closed tabs in chrome is very useful.

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