How to Hide Apps on iPhone: Home Screen and Search Function

    Sometimes, you have to block apps on your iPhone from people who could be watching, or even for yourself, if you’re addicted to one particular game or check your Facebook notifications as I do. You can also block apps on your iPhone with folders for apps. Stop it entirely from iPhone Search and your iPhone’s App Store purchase history to go even further. So, let us help you out on how you can hide apps on your iPhone from the home screen as well as the search function.

    Where Do Apps Go When They Are Hidden on iPhone?

    When you remove the app off your iPhone by deleting it completely, then the app is available in the App Library at the top right page of the iPhone home screen. In the simplest case, you could use the App Library to locate the app that is missing from your iPhone or utilize Spotlight Search to find it.

    You can rest assured that when you go through the various methods described in this article to ways to hide apps from your iPhone and iPad, you’ll be able to find the app when you require it! Each section will provide more information about how to locate apps if you choose to use the hiding technique described in the section.

    How Can I Hide Apps From iPhones?

    Hide Apps From iPhones

    It doesn’t matter if you’d like to hide away an app for dating or a game you’re old to play. The procedure for how to block apps from your iPhone is easy. Follow the guide to eliminate apps from your home screen without uninstalling or removing them. If your apps take up more space than they should, here’s how to clear space on your phone.

    1. The first step is to create an organization by holding and tapping on an app, then moving it over to another app. When you are able to see that the folder has been created, you can remove the app. You can add any number of apps as you’d like. However, you can change the name by clicking the text above the folder after creating it.
    2. Then, drag the app you wish to hide in your created folder. Hold and tap your app until you can drag it to the folder exactly as you had done in the previous step to create the folder.
    3. You can drag other applications into the folder to cover more than one application.
    4. Then you need to open the folder, then hold and tap the application you wish to block. While you keep your finger in it, drag it towards the right-hand side of the directory. Creates a new page in this folder and moves your application.
    5. Follow step #4 for all applications you’d like to keep hidden. As you create pages in your folder, you’ll notice a number of dots appear on the bottom of the screen. These dots show the number of pages in your folder. You can swipe left or right to move between them.
    6. When you return to the home screen, only apps from that first screen of your folder will be displayed.

    Methods to Hide Apps with an iPhone Search option

    Hide Apps with an iPhone
    1. Firstly, open your iPhone’s settings.
    2. Then, select the “Siri & Search’ option. The webpage will show an overview of all applications.
    3. Go until you reach the App section and select the app you want to block.
    4. When you have clicked on the app, the phone will pop to offer a variety of choices. Switch off the three options available
    5. Learn from this app
    6. Show in Search
    7. Show Siri Suggestions

    Now you’ll notice that your iPhone will make it appear that the apps you’ve hidden aren’t available on your device. It won’t be possible to locate them with the search function, and there won’t be any notifications about the apps.

    How to Block Apps When Using the Latest iOS 14 Update

    Apple’s new software takes hiding applications a step further, allowing users to hide the entire page of an app to create a cleaner and simpler iPhone interface.

    • Tap and hold (or longer-press) on a blank section that is on the screen.
    • If the widgets begin to move, tap on the icons for your app at the bottom of the screen. You can see this page at the top of your display.
    • Click on the circle with the checkmark of your app you wish to block so that it’s not checked.
    • Hit the done option on the upper left-hand corner of the screen to store your modifications.

    How Can You Locate Hidden Applications on the iPhone?

    Are you looking to locate and access a hidden app for your iPhone? It’s easy to locate any app, even those saved in an app folder or the App Library, following the steps below.

    • Navigate to the iPhone’s home screen, and swipe left to activate your Search feature. On the Search bar, type your app’s name. If the icon of the app appears, tap it to open it.
    • Alternatively, you can ask Siri for the app’s opening on your behalf. Press and hold the Side button until you activate Siri’s voice command function. Siri voice command feature and then use the voice command to say Open app name. Siri will find and open the app.
    • If you cannot locate the hidden app by swiftly looking for it, then the App Library can help you find it. You can swipe left from your desktop until you see your App Library webpage. There, you’ll be able to enter the app’s name into the search bar or navigate to the category it’s in.

    Now that you know how to hide apps from an iPhone, learn how to block messages from an iPhone and view the history of your iPhone call history so that your conversations remain private.

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