How To Change Reddit Username?

    Reddit is one of the most trendy platforms that exist on the internet. If you are trying to be a Reddit user, you might have to create your account using email-ID, which involves setting a username or via your Google Account or Apple ID. If you want to change your Reddit username, you can’t alter your existing Reddit username. The only way to change a Reddit username is to create a new account. Also, you can change the display name of your Reddit ID.

    The only way to change a Reddit username is if it was randomly assigned. When you change that preassigned username, your username is final when you place the username of your choice. You cannot change it again.

    Here is what you come to know about how to change your username on Reddit.

    Can my Reddit username be changed?

    Unfortunately, if you don’t like the username you choose while creating your account, you can not change it except in some cases. It will not allow you to change the Reddit username that is assigned. You have to create a new account to change the username. In spite, you can not sync these accounts with one another. The display name is different from the username. You can change it any time.

    Requirements for changing the username

    In this section, we discuss when we can change your Reddit username.

    1. You can change the username only when you create a new account.
    2. You have a preassigned username when you create your account.
    3. You register using a Google or Apple account that will automatically generate the username.

    How can we change the Username on Reddit on iPhone?

    Reddit on iPhone

    If you want to change your Reddit username, follow these steps.

    1. Firstly, you have to confirm your Reddit login to change your username.
    2. Next, tap on your Profile icon.
    3. Now, toggle the My Profile option. The account must be new for changing the pre-assigned username.
    4. Here, you will get a popup questioning whether you’re to change the username. Tap on the proceed.
    5. At the next step, Reddit will ask you to confirm whether you want to use your randomly generated username or change it to a new one. Then, click on Change Username.
    6. Now, type the username you want to use. This option is available only one-time. You can not make corrections later at any time. Click on the Next option in the upper right to save the new username.
    7. Lastly, Reddit will ensure that you want to use that username forever. Then click on Save Username.

    Here, you can change the username easily on the iPhone. Your new username is also renaming your profile.

    How can we alter the Username on Reddit on Android?

    username change reddit app

    If you want to modify your Reddit username, use the following steps.

    1. Firstly, open the Reddit app on your Android.
    2. Now, tap on your avatar option, then click on the My Profile icon.
    3. When you change your Reddit username, a popup message will appear to confirm your randomly provided username or change it to a new one.
    4. Here, click on Change Username.
    5. In the box, place the name you want to use. You can not make corrections later in the username.
    6. Next, toggle the Next option shown in the upper right-hand corner.
    7. Finally, tap on the Save Username option.

    Your assigned username will appear on the screen.

    How can you change your Reddit username on the Desktop?

    Change Username On Reddit, Change Your Reddit Username, Change Reddit Username

    You can easily change the preassigned username after following these steps.

    1. Firstly, launch your preferred web browser on your PC and go to the Reddit homepage.
    2. Now, tap on the dropdown arrow in the top right corner and choose the Profile option from the list of options.
    3. Then, a popup message will appear on the screen to confirm if you want to change your username. If you have to change, tap on Change Username.
    4. Here, place your new username, make sure it is between 3 and 23 characters, and toggle on Continue.
    5. Since this will be your new username forever, you can not change it later. So, Reddit will ask you if you are sure you want to keep it. If you are ready to operate this name, click on Save Username.


    Reddit does not allow you to change the username. You can only change the display name whenever you want to change it. You can change it when it is randomly set. You have to create a new account to change the username. Already existing usernames are not allowed to change.

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