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    Avid iPhone user or not, you must be aware of some of the features offered by this Apple product. But you might not be mindful of your phone’s hidden features that can transform how you use your iPhone. Also, some of these features and functions can make you a power user and improve your productivity by enhancing your phone’s performance. So here’s a list of some productivity tips you must know.

    Transfer MP3 to iPhone from Mac

    MP3 might be the most popular music format, but it doesn’t play natively on iPhones. On iPhones and Macs, iTunes (or Music) has been promoting its AAC format. This format was specifically designed to become the successor of MP3. However, if you want to transfer MP3 files, there are some ways to do it.

    For those wondering how to put MP3 files on iPhone, you can transfer the files from Mac using Music or iTunes. Go to Applications, launch Music on your Mac, and connect your iPhone using a USB cable. Ensure your phone is appearing in the Music sidebar. Then, navigate the library section and choose the songs you wish to transfer. Drag and drop your selection to your phone.

    Turn Off Notifications to Reduce Distractions

    Go to the Apple Settings app on your phone and scroll through all the apps. You can choose the individual apps to turn off the notifications so you can reduce distractions. Notifications are interruptions that can hinder you from achieving your goals. Turn these off to control what you do and when you do it.

    Use the Back Tap Feature and Quit Scrolling

    If you want to use your phone and scroll through documents or websites using one hand, you can use the Back Tap feature introduced in iOS 14. The feature allows users to set up commands that can be exercised by double or triple tapping on the back of their phone. First, go to Settings > click Accessibility > click Touch. Then, scroll down to find Back Tap and tap that.

    Then, you can select an action that will be triggered when you Double or Triple Tap the back of your phone. You can choose from dozens of options, such as using the feature to scroll up and down a page.

    Undo Errors with Three Fingers

    Many iPhone users dislike Apple’s Shake to undo errors; if you belong to the same club, you can use three fingers to undo errors. So, if you have made a mistake while typing in a document or writing an email, you can swipe three fingers to the left and tap on the undo option that will appear on the screen.

    Create a Focus Mode

    The Focus feature integrated with iPhones ensures you can concentrate on the tasks without getting distracted. You can set this up to prevent notifications and alerts from bothering you while you are studying or working.

    Different Focus modes can be created for your entire day. In addition, you can schedule and automate different Focus modes so your phone knows when not to disturb you.

    To set up the Focus mode on your phone, open the Settings application > choose Focus > tap the plus button > choose the Focus mode you wish to create. If setting up a custom Focus mode, type the name you wish to use and choose the icon and color you want. Next, select the people who wish to receive notifications and tap Allow. If you do not want anyone to disturb you, tap Allow None. Next, you can choose the apps that send you notifications and disable the rest. Then, tap Done.

    Open the Control Center on your phone > tap Focus, and choose the Focus mode you want.

    Set Time Limits for the Most used Applications

    Undoubtedly, you spend more time on games, social media apps, and other applications than you should. For example, watching Instagram Reels can be fun, but it is also time-consuming. Luckily, iPhones allow users to set time limits for their applications. So you do not waste time and get your work done on time.

    You can set time limits for any application by opening Settings > selecting Screen Time > App Limits > Add Limit > choosing the category you want > selecting the application or game you want > tapping Next > choosing the time limit you want. You can even type Customize Days to decide if you require a bigger time limit for a particular day > tap Done after you finish.

    You can sync the settings across your Apple devices using the same Apple ID.

    The Bottom Line

    Augment your productivity using the iPhone and get the maximum out of your device with these tips and tricks. You can control how you use your phone and can build better habits. If you are having trouble concentrating, try these hacks right away.

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