What Order Do The Twilight Movies Go In?

    The book’s publishing dates fall within the same time frame as the twilight movies, making it relatively easy to follow the Twilight series. You won’t have any issues at all if you remember the titles. You may choose which movie has your favorite scenes by reading the recaps provided below.

    All the Twilight movies in Order – November 21, 2008

    The first movie in the series is “Twilight.” Stewart plays a seventeen-year-old girl who moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her father and a new police chief (Billy Burke). She has similar first sentiments for Edward (Pattinson), a freshman at her new school. She is unhappy by his alternately icy and warm demeanor as she attempts to determine what he thinks of her. He acts as a vampire a short while later, but unlike her, he is far older than one hundred years. Edward and the other vampires are drawn to Bella’s blood for various reasons, one of which is their desire to consume it.

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon – November 20, 2009

     Even if the first movie’s finale was happy, it’s challenging to pick up the tale so soon after. Tragic events occur swiftly in the narrative. Jasper loses his cool and tries to drink Bella’s blood at her birthday party after she sustains a papercut. The Cullens prevented Jasper from hurting Bella, but Edward decided to end their relationship and leave town.

    She meets Lautner’s character Jacob Black at this time, who becomes her friend and aids her in accepting the death of her mother and sister. Jacob works alongside her and participates in her newly discovered dangerous acts. She still loves Edward, but as her bond with Jacob grows, she has a more profound respect for life. It makes no difference that she will never forget Edward. When Jacob falls sick one day and returns an entirely different person, things grow even more confusing. Bella relatively quickly discovers his secret—that he and other Quileute tribal members are werewolves. Although the Cullens and the tribe have a long-standing peace agreement, vampires are their natural foes.

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – June 30, 2010

    The royal family has mandated that Bella be changed into an immortal vampire due to her familiarity with vampires to keep her and Edward together. If Bella marries him, Edward has vowed to transform her into a vampire. Bella has some misgivings about being married so soon in life due to her age. Before Bella and the Cullens can take action to resolve James’ death in the first movie, Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard, who formerly played the role initially played by Rachelle Lefevre) makes a comeback with an army of newly born vampires. Rachelle Lefevre once portrayed Victoria in the show. You will get the proper idea of watching twilight movies in order.

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    During the battle, Edward, Bella, and Jacob hide away and camp in the woods to escape from Victoria’s troops. If the Quileute tribe and the Cullens cooperate, Victoria’s forces will be routed. Jacob goes on the attack as soon as he hears Edward and Bella discussing their engagement, but Bella can stop him by kissing him and realizing that she also loves him. She prefers to be around him. When Victoria is assaulted, Jacob ultimately gives up and decides to stay out of Edward and Bella’s relationship. Before the next fight, Edward and Bella tell Charlie they engaged with each other.

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – November 18, 2011

    A few months after the events of the last episode, Bella and Edward married in the opening scene of Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Although it was a pleasant surprise for Bella, Jacob’s attendance at the wedding was short-live when he learn that Bella and Edward want to marry while they were on their honeymoon, which may result in Bella’s death. This is the fourth twilight in order.

    Renesmee, the vampire-hybrid kid that Bella eventually becomes pregnant with from Edward, develops at an alarming pace and stresses Bella’s health tremendously. The Quileute and the werewolves disagree about how to best protect Bella and her unborn child from the threat they believe she represents after finding that she is pregnant, which reignites Jacob’s hatred.

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – November 16, 2012

    Bella awakens in the hospital after giving birth as the narrative finally closes. Edward has turned Bella into a vampire to protect her from the effects of childbirth. She is more prepared than anybody else to handle the challenges of the change, and she does it more gracefully than anyone else. Bella is enraged to discover that Jacob will be the father of her unborn child. Jacob, on his part, tells Charlie that he has turned into a werewolf to aid him in accepting the impossibility and Bella’s new status.


    The more you see, the more you will baffle by the facts. So watch twilight movies in order to get the most out of it.

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