What Is SOC In Smartphones And Best SOC For Gaming?

    A graphics processing unit is another name for this part (GPU). It is a single chip that works as both a graphics processor (GPU) and a central processing unit . It can run many different programs at the same time. You can use these chips for different things. The factory overclock is high because the SoC is for gaming in mind. The graphics card could have 1536 MB of GDDR5 RAM and support DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.1, PhysX, and NVIDIA 3D Vision. Two-way SLI, the best way to play games, is also supported.

    It’s a great choice for gamers who want to get the most out of their games because it uses less power and can be overclocked. You won’t have any trouble playing your favorite games, and you’ll be able to use all the latest GPU features. Also, playing social games has no negative effects on how well you do in school.

    What is SOC gaming ?

    What is SOC gaming ?

    System-on-a-chip is often called “SoC” for short. A “system on a chip,” or “SoC,” is a small computer with all its processing parts on a single chip. Everyone who has built a PC knows that a system-on-a-chip (SoC) has more than one central processing unit (CPU). A system-on-chip (SoC) is a single device with many different parts, like modems, memory, and CPUs, all on one chip. After that, we put the parts on the board by soldering them.

    Manufacturers can save money, energy, and storage space by putting as many features as possible on a single chip. The system-on-a-chip (SoC) in your phone is its “brain.” It takes care of everything, like ensuring the Android operating system works and figuring out when you press the power button. SoCs can talk to cameras, RAM, flash storage, and other device parts.

    When you switch to a system on a chip (SoC) gaming solution, you get a graphics processing unit that is more powerful (GPU). Due to how cheap it is, it is not hard to get. Don’t worry about complicated steps; making changes is simple. A device needs to stay cool to work at its best, and yours will do just that. System-on-a-Chip (SoC) devices are great for gaming.

    SOCs can change and do a lot of different things. Changes to the clock speed (measured in GHz), the number of cores, and the architecture can improve or hurt performance. If you use your time well, you can get more done simultaneously. When Apple says, “We’re making a bigger or better CPU,” they mean it. This is why Apple’s mobile devices have such powerful central processing unit (CPU) technology. There are some good things about these designs, but they also waste a lot of energy and don’t work well overall.

    System-on-chips for smartphones use a variety of CPU designs (SoCs). All of them use arm’s CPU architecture. Arm’s most recent APU cores are Cortex-X2 (large) and Cortex-A710 (small). The Armv9 architecture is what all three central processing units are built on. A lot of mobile phone CPUs have eight cores as well. There are powerful cores that can run programs that use a lot of resources, and there are also small, efficient cores that can make the battery last longer.

    Best SOC Features That you Need to Know

    Best SOC Features That you Need to Know

    Here are some typical parts of a smartphone’s system-on-a-chip. In the rest of this essay, I’ll discuss some of the most important ones.


    In other words, most of the code in your apps and the Android operating system are “controllers” of the SOC.

    This device is called a “GPU,” which stands for “Graphics Processing Unit”

    Performs tasks that have to do with graphics, such as seeing the user interface of an app or playing a 2D or 3D game.

    An image service provider is a company that does work with images (ISP).

    The camera on the device may be able to take pictures and videos.

    The DSP is an abbreviation for the (Digital Signal Processor)

    It can do math calculations that are more complicated than a CPU. This service does more than look at gyroscope sensor data. There is also decompression of sound files. The NPU, or Neural Processing Unit, is a part of the brain’s wiring that processes information from neurons.

    This method speeds up activities related to artificial intelligence (AI) and is used in high-end mobile devices. The only things that come to mind are offline speech recognition and camera object segmentation.

    Encoder/decoder for video

    Changing the type and format of a video file doesn’t have much of an effect on how long the battery lasts.

    Digital subscriber line modems

    Your phone can figure out what wireless signals mean because it goes through a process of conversion. It has a lot of different modems, like WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and 5G.

    Best SOC for gaming

    Best SOC for gaming

    Processors are undoubtedly one of the most important when designing a smartphone. Processor performance directly affects phone speed, game performance, user experience, and battery efficiency.

    The best SOCs for smartphone gaming are as follows:

    1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 and 8 Gen2

    Compared to the highly acclaimed Snapdragon 888, the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 & 8 Gen2 have high improvement. SD 8 Gen1 & 8 Gen2 both are using Octa-core, Kryo CPU which primary clocked on 1x 3.2GHz (Cortex-X2) and 1x 3.0GHz (Cortex-X2) respectively. Both SOC are highly performing gaming chips and best in class. SD 8 Gen 1 chip is using Adreno 730; Snapdragon Elite Gaming for graphic and SD 8 Gen2 is based on Adreno 740; Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 and 8 Gen2

    2. Apple A15 & A16 Bionic

    Apple Bionic A15 & A16 are top chips used on latest iPhone (iPhone 14 using A15 and iPhone 14 Pro & Max are running on A16 Bionic) launched in 2022, A16 Bionic chip have more efficient though.

    Best Gaming SOC Apple A16 Bionic

    3. Apple A14 Bionic

    When it comes to gaming processors for smartphones, Apple A14 Bionic and Qualcomm Snapdragon

    835 take second and third place respectively. Apple’s custom chipset has always topped the performance rankings due to Apple’s custom manufacturing and customization to the specific needs of its devices and applications.

    Apple A14 Bionic

    4. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

    According to PCMag, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 currently ranks #1 in the list of the best processors for mobile gaming in devices that are not part of the Apple ecosystem. According to Qualcomm, the chipset has been launched as the company’s clear flagship SoC for 2021. It features unique Kryo 680 cores based on ARM Cortex X1 core architecture and other features.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

    5. Samsung Exynos 2100 processor

    The Samsung Exynos 2100 processor represents a significant advance over the previous generation of processors in the Samsung Exynos series. The transition to the 5- nm technology has proven to be extremely beneficial for Samsung, as the Exynos 2100 now offers greatly improved gaming performance while being capable of high-performance activities.

    Samsung Exynos 2100 processor

    6. MediaTek Dimensity 1000+

    The main selling point of the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chipset was to prove that high-end processors with good gaming performance and 5G connectivity don’t have to be prohibitively expensive to be competitive. According to the company, that’s exactly what MediaTek has achieved with this processor, which has an eight-core configuration with powerful four cores.

    MediaTek Dimensity 1000+

    7. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+

    Compared to the highly acclaimed Snapdragon 865, the Snapdragon 865+ was a gradual improvement. As a gaming SoC, the key advances of this processor include a higher core clock speed and a 10% faster GPU clock speed, ensuring that the SoC’s overall performance and graphics performance is even faster than before.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+

    GUI: that you need to know

    Like the central processing unit (CPU), the graphics processing unit (GPU) is a piece of traditional computer hardware that may be included in a system on a chip for smartphones (CPU). Because graphics processing units (GPUs) do different things than central processing units (CPUs), they are built differently (CPUs). Graphics processing units (GPUs) can do a lot of math calculations at once, which means they can finish jobs much faster than a normal central processing unit (CPU). On a 1080p display, a program or game needs many filled pixels to work.

    Most visual operations need an endless loop so that every pixel on your screen is filled. GPUs can do multiple mathematical operations on very large data sets simultaneously. GPUs can do hundreds, thousands, or even millions of tasks simultaneously. CPUs, on the other hand, can only do one or two tasks at a time. The project’s success depends on how well the GPU works.

    GPUs from Qualcomm or Arm, like Adreno or Mali, are often used in Android SoCs (SoCs). GPU technology is getting better and more portable at the same time. Some high-end CPUs have the most powerful 3D gaming gear built in. Qualcomm doesn’t go into much detail about how Adreno works, but they do go into a lot of detail about how Mali works. Since AMD has a deal with Samsung to use its graphics technology in Samsung’s Exynos processor, it competes with Apple’s GPU.


    In many modern smartphones, you can find system-on-a-chips (SoCs) with machine learning cores, AI processors, and neural processing units. A computer chip is just for the algorithms and calculations.

    NPUs are processors, like ISPs and GPUs. Made to do better than standard CPUs at tasks that involve neural networks and machine learning. Since each NPU has its memory cache, tasks might be done more quickly.

    Many different kinds of neural networks need a lot of inputs to make one output. The multiple-accumulate operation is a standard math step. Its versatility comes from its ability to deal with data sizes from 16 bits to 4 bits (through 8 bits). CPUs are much better at math and data processing than GPUs, which are more flexible.

    System-on-a-chip (SoC) designs for mobile phones use NPUs, a new type of specialized CPU, more and more. This new technology used to only be available in expensive CPUs, but now it’s also in chipsets that cost less.

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