Top 10 Torrenting Websites 2022 To Download Free Movies, TV Shows, Games, And More

    Using Google to discover a pirate site is riskier than you realize. When you search for the best torrenting websites, on Google, you almost always wind up on a bogus site with dubious links and intrusive advertisements. Finding the few decent places that are still will take a long time.

    These torrent websites have been active for a long time, have a strong reputation in the community, and do security checks on the great majority of torrents they host. However, your online security will be jeopardized if you sign up for any of these services. That is why connecting a VPN to them is critical for further protection.

    List Of Top 10 Torrenting Websites 2022 To Download Free Movies

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) may help you remain anonymous online by masking your actual IP address and encrypting your data to an almost impenetrable degree (military grade). ExpressVPN is my first pick for torrent sites because it is secure and rapidly downloads files. It also comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can test it without risking your money

    Best torrenting sites, with many seeds, often download significantly quicker than those with a limited number of sources. The number of individuals that visit a website each month might indicate its popularity. There will be more seeders and a more extensive content library if there are more users.

    The following are the top ten torrent sites for 2022. Get free movies, TV series, and games by following the list. 

    1. The Pirate Bay

    The Pirate Bay has been online for almost 16 years and is still active. In 2018, there were several significant setbacks, although 2017 was relatively peaceful.

    The site is still accessible to the public, but new users cannot register. Websites like pirate bay are still operational at their domain. However, it is uncertain how long it will remain there.

    Kickass Torrent Websites


    Even if the YTS and YIFY organizations are no longer functioning, has taken their place in recent years. The YTS logo may be seen on the website.

    This top torrenting website is for discussing recently released films that have received positive reviews throughout the globe. As a result of recent developments in the United States, YTS is currently being sued in three distinct ways. Even though the site’s owner signed a consent judgment and agreed to pay damages to a single filmmaker, the area remains operational.

    3. 1337x

    1337x remains in the top three and has not slipped out of the top 100. It distinguishes itself from the crowd since a crew of devoted authors always provides fresh stuff to it.

    This torrent site members get access to a broad variety of torrents, and the site’s official forums became online in March 2020.

    4. RARBG

    The level of RARBG has been constant since last year. Other popular URLs link to the same website, but we’ll only include the most popular one here. RARBG has been active since 2008 and has a big library of high-quality video releases.


    The well-known torrent site, formerly known as NYAA, is now known as The torrent website is thriving. It has risen one position since this time last year. This is true even though legitimate streaming services face a lot of competition from unauthorized ones.

    6. Torrentz2 

    Torrentz2 was created to replace the original Torrentz.EU website, which ceased operations in 2016. Even though it does not include pirate material, the torrent site is successful because it is a prominent meta-search engine. 


    The original EZTV TV torrent website had to shut down due to a hostile acquisition in 2015. Since then, the new owners have claimed ownership of the EZTV trademark. A year ago, the firm discovered that it had been wrongfully blocked in the Netherlands because it shared an IP address with The Pirate Bay.

    8. LimeTorrents 

    LimeTorrents has been active for over a decade and has shown to be an important element of the top torrenting websites community. It, like many other items on this list, is prohibited by ISPs all across the globe, which seems to be harming traffic overall.

    9. Fitgirl 

    Fitgirl Repacks is not your typical torrent site. It is the headquarters of operations for a nefarious organization that has created a reputation by selling cracked versions of popular games lower in size than the originals. As a result, the time it takes to download is drastically reduced. We have to include the site on our list since they host torrents elsewhere and provide magnet links.

    10. Kickass Torrent 

    kickass torrents website, a BitTorrent service in India, has a good reputation among users and the authorities. However, the fact that the site is in English may account for its global popularity. 

    How To Choose A Good Torrent Site?

    When you use torrent websites, you endanger both your computer and the machines of others. Malware might infect your computer through the advertising banners and links on these websites. Also, even if you aren’t doing anything illegal online, your ISP may still report you to the appropriate authorities. The simplest approach to keep your data private is to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to encrypt your connection.

    Because the government often closes torrent download websites for violating copyright laws, it is critical that users can trust them. If the torrent site you’re attempting to access goes down, you may still be able to access it via one of its mirrors or proxies. The speed of your connection determines how quickly you can store anything you’ve downloaded to your device.

     The ease with which you may locate the things you want is a crucial consideration, as shown by the size of the library and the variety of resources available. If the site is excellent, there should be a huge number of best movie pirating websites available for download, and each flood should have a significant number of seeders (users who upload the file).


    Websites that host torrents risk going out of business because customers download stolen or unlawfully shared information. Torrenting’s prominent names—are kickass torrents websites, websites like pirate bay, and Yes. Ag—all went out of business at the exact moment.

    Customers continued to use torrents despite being warned not to, and they are now seeking reliable torrent providers. If the top 10 torrent websites went down, another would arise immediately. We’ve compiled a list of the finest torrent sites, including the most popular ones that are still active and have enough seeders to ensure downloads are complete successfully. Use a trustworthy platform, such as one from our list of recommended torrenting sites, only after you’ve protected your connection using the best VPN.

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