The Best PS5 Controllers For Gamer in 2022

    The PS5 DualSense controllers is a more immersive gaming experience with amazing features. However, many gamers’ likes and dislikes are different. Some options depend on their preferences while gaming. Some companies make their custom versions of VS5 controllers. Moreover, we have many third-party options as an alternative. 

    Suppose you’re searching for the best and simple alternative and want your new controller to be something a little different. After that, we have the best PlayStation 5’s controllers that we will mention in the below section.  

    List of the Best or Top PS5 Controller

    In this section, you can see the content or list of this article. Here, we will mention all the PS5 Controllers of the games. Also, we suggest top choice controllers for racing games and fighter games.  

    1. Scuf Reflex Pro
    2. Aim Controllers Custom Dual Sense Controller
    3. Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3
    4. HexGaming Rival Premium Edition Dual Sense Controller
    5. Scuf Impact
    6. Thrustmaster T248
    7. Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

    1. Scuf Reflex Pro

    Scuf Reflex Pro

    Scuf users won’t be more surprised about the controller brand as it was the first official third-party PS5 controller. It is available in the market with all the bells and whistles. It is the perfect replacement for Sony’s dual sense. The basic design is amazing, with adaptive triggers an easy grip for users. Therefore, if we are talking about the overall performance, we say it is the perfect product. Moreover, this product is available in the market in various colours. 

    At the same time, Scuf is a well-reputed company in the market, and people expect this quality from Scuf. This controller comes with advanced features like extras, including interchangeable thumbsticks, and more features like four removable. It also provides remappable rear paddle buttons that help customize whatever options users want. 

    2. Aim Controllers Custom DualSense Controller

    Aim Controllers Custom DualSense Controller

    The aim defines the new and unique approach to customizing the PS5 DualSense controller. Aims technology allows you to pick every part of the controller. Also, users can fix a different look, so you get a special appearance according to your personal choice. Additionally, most options give at least primary colours to choose from, and users can easily choose them. 

    Moreover, it’s still very affordable since the changes are all visual. The downside is that the Aim Controller won’t change how the DualSense performs. If we do compare, then finding the official DualSense controller is great. But the customization options are great, making it one of the perfect PS5 controllers. 

    3. Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

    Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

    Nacon’s controller is the biggest innovation in thumbstick customization. They provide highly customised products to customers. Because it allows you to adjust amplitude that perfectly suits the game while you are playing. Moreover, it provides additional features that are interchangeable heads to get the smooth gaming experience that users want.

    Additionally, users can set map buttons to define actions and create various profiles to switch. It is available in both wired and wireless modes. You can choose according to your choice. It is a secure and reliable option to choose. Nacon Esports has an extremely actionable design with high quality. Nacon Esports Revolution is good to use for long gaming sessions of serious gaming on the PS5 console.

    4. HexGaming Rival Premium Edition DualSense Controller

    HexGaming Rival Premium Edition DualSense Controller

    Firstly, it started with the basic DualSense PS5 controller, and now, it upgrades into a more advanced control. It is superior in control and improves the quality of the product in every way. It comes with a rear paddles button that helps users fly for each game. The top trigger buttons in the controller have also been redesigned with a slimmer profile.

    Additionally, It allows users for faster activation, is very helpful for the gamers and improves their reaction time. Moreover, Dualsense controllers have “six-in-one” thumbsticks that help adjust the height and pick a thumbstick grip that makes more smooth gaming while the user plays games. 

    On the other hand, If we talk about the downside. We can see it is more expensive than the original DualSense. Therefore, it is your own decision whether you want to purchase it or not.  

    5. Scuf Impact

    Scuf Impact

    Scuf’s Impact controller also comes from Scuf. It is a well-reputed company in the gaming area. Now, we are taking on another controller. Scuf Impact controller has a bit more traditional shape and comes in the market with a whole kit of customization options.

    Additionally, It provides four removable paddles that fit into the back that are helpful in the different button mapping. Also, It provides electro-magnetic remapping for easy swaps, adjustable hair-trigger, quick shift trigger stops, and interchangeable thumbsticks to find the best and best options.

    Finally, it is the perfect combination of advanced options and personalization. You can also tweak the controller to find just the right setup. Additionally, the Scuf Impact controller supports both wired and wireless modes.

    6. Thrustmaster T248

    Thrustmaster T248

    Here, we are shifting our momentum on the racing game. Suppose the user is a fan of a racing game. If you want to get a realistic wheel and pedal, it is perfect for your gaming experience. It is the best model for the racing game experience. Additionally, it comes with advanced features, leather wrapping for a luxurious grip, and a built-in screen. This option provides more than 20 display options, and it all depends on you, how much data you want to see. 

    Moreover, It provides 25 action buttons that users can use and program. Also, it has dual-position encoders. Thrustmaster T248 has three preset modes that are helpful to the users. Users can switch between all the modes to adjust the advanced force feedback level. It can be the best controller for the racing game. If you are a huge fan of racing games, you need to try it for the best experience.

    7. Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

    Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

    In the previous section, we have discussed the gaming controller. This section is all about fighting game fans. If you are a huge fan of fighting games, then you are at the right place. Suppose you think about some revolutionary device that makes your fighting game journey smooth. Then, Victrix fight sticks are best to use. It offers users a 5-millisecond response time, which is great practice. If I’m a fan of fighting games, I go for it. 

    Additionally, It provides more options that are very useful in customization. Moreover, users can customise according to their preferences. It’s also portable and provides a traveling kit you can feel while taking the fight on the road. It helps find a local tournament. It was also included in the best PS5 controllers. Now, it depends on whether you want to go for it or not. It is the top choice of the experts of classic fighters. 

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